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Water insecurity / supply

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The big picture / learning journey for EQ1 of water helps with the @PearsonGeog focus on discursive issues/ answering enquiry qus AO3 lang. Climate Change Poses a Threat to Our Oceans. We cannot protect our share of the ocean with walls; instead, we must cooperate in a spirit of solidarity.

Climate Change Poses a Threat to Our Oceans

In 2016, the First Global Integrated Marine Assessment, also known as the World Ocean Assessment I, was published. The introduction of the report is fascinating. *****3 reasons to quench your fears about global water supplies. In the midst of ever-gloomier predictions about global water scarcity, I firmly believe there is cause for optimism.

*****3 reasons to quench your fears about global water supplies

By forging partnerships and acting together, governments, businesses and civil society can make powerful progress towards building a water-sufficient world for our children. 1. GSA News Releases - Contact. Boulder, Colorado, USA: The heart of the United States is a highly productive agricultural region.

GSA News Releases - Contact

This "breadbasket" underpins much of U.S. society, but it also relies almost entirely on a complex network of diminishing groundwater resources. In a short and provocative article, for GSA Today, Susan Stover and Rex Buchanan ask a simple question: "How long can the High Plains aquifer last? " This is a crucial question -- one that should force people across multiple disciplines and across multiple political divides to unite. The authors note examples for hope with good management, but this may take extraordinary efforts in a presently highly divided country. The article should get people, from all walks of life, collectively talking on a major issue. ARTICLEThe High Plains Aquifer: Can We Make It Last?

GSA Today articles are open access online; for a print copy, please contact Kea Giles. *****Highlighting risks of hydropower dams in Mekong Delta for #COP21 delegates. Access to clean water & sanitation around the world mapped #GIS HT @DrDCWahl. ***** Making dirty water drinkable: @IOM_Somalia is using Polyglu to treat drinking #water and help Somalis affected by the recent #drought. Follow a gallon of water from Lake Mead to a Las Vegas tap – Las Vegas Review-Journal. Water trickles from a job site and gathers along the curb to evaporate in a new gated neighborhood under construction at the Las Vegas Valley’s western edge.

Follow a gallon of water from Lake Mead to a Las Vegas tap – Las Vegas Review-Journal

There is barely enough liquid running down this Far Hills street to wash a load of laundry, but it’s hard not to feel its loss when you consider how far it came. *****This amazing 'edible water bottle' could put an end to plastic packaging. *****Earth, Then and Now: Dramatic Changes in Our Planet Revealed by Incredible NASA Images. If you compare some of the photographs which can be found on NASA’s website, you can really see how human beings have changed the appearance of our world over the years.

*****Earth, Then and Now: Dramatic Changes in Our Planet Revealed by Incredible NASA Images

The time difference between these images ranges from five to 100 years. Incredible stuff. Pedersen Glacier, Alaska. Summer, 1917 — summer, 2005. Aral Sea, Central Asia. Lake Oroville, California. *****Exporting water: Groundwater depletion embedded in international food trade #watersecurity exporting water in food. *****Fashion industry/cotton linked to dried up Aral Sea basin #unsustainable. The Colorado Where the Water Goes Thirty-six million people in 7 states #watersecurity #ecosystem.

*****Exporting water: Globally, 11% of non-renewable groundwater drawn for irrigation produces crops traded on the international market. Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water. Image copyright Uni Manchester.

Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Mapping Great Lakes Pollution – The Map Room. The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936. Very pointless but very intriguing #map shows rain per person across Europe. Very pointless but very intriguing #map shows rain per person across Europe. Groundwater supplies low after dry winter. In the UK, about one third of the water that comes out of our taps is sourced from groundwater.

Groundwater supplies low after dry winter

The south of the country is particularly dependent on this underground store of water, with Cambridge Water and Cholderton Water relying entirely on the water found in the chalk and sandstone rock formations of the south-east. After a dry winter, groundwater levels are lower than normal for the time of year, and scientists from the British Geological Survey are keeping a close eye on the situation. Although February produced an average dose of rainfall for the south of England, it wasn’t enough to make up for the deficit resulting from a dry spell stretching all the way back to last summer. Met Office data reveals that, in the six months up to January 2017, much of the country was parched, with less than 70% of average rainfall falling across southern regions.

#Water use by category from 1980 to 2050 Households (blue) Agriculture (green) Industry (pink) (German report) *****Climate change: Bolivia's second largest lake dries up, in pictures. *****'Parched' Chinese city plans to pump water from Lake Baikal via 1,000km pipeline. China is reportedly considering plans to build a 1,000km (620 mile) pipeline to pump water all the way from Siberia to its drought-stricken northwest.

*****'Parched' Chinese city plans to pump water from Lake Baikal via 1,000km pipeline

According to reports in the Chinese media, urban planners in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, have drawn up proposals to pipe water into the chronically parched region from Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest freshwater lake on earth. Li Luoli, an academic who is one of the plan’s cheerleaders, claimed the mega-project - roughly the equivalent of pumping water from Lake Como to London - was both theoretically feasible and “certainly beneficial” to China. “Once the technical issues are resolved, diplomats should sit down and talk to each other about how each party would benefit from such international cooperation,” said Li, the vice president of the China Society of Economic Reform, a state-run think tank.

The drastic plan underscores the severity of the water crisis facing Beijing. Additional reporting by Wang Zhen. 11 March 1864. The 'Great Sheffield Flood' occured, after a dam burst, killing 238 people and destroying 600 houses.

Oroville Dam

Indian traders boycott Coca-Cola for 'straining water resources' More than a million traders in India are boycotting fizzy drinks including Coca-Cola and Pepsi after claims from from two Indian trade associations that foreign firms are exploiting the country’s water resources.

Indian traders boycott Coca-Cola for 'straining water resources'

Traders in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which has a population bigger than the UK, will replace big brands with locally produced soft drinks. “These foreign companies are using up scarce water resources of the state,” said K Mohan, secretary of the Vanigar Sangam, one of the associations supporting the boycott. Concerns about excessive water usage by companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo were heightened after low rainfall during the last monsoon.

In January, Tamil Nadu’s interim chief minister O Panneerselvam declared the state “drought-hit” and asked the central government for funds to help farmers. Keeping an eye on groundwater levels — UK groundwater in February 2017. BGS scientists analyse groundwater levels across the UK each month.

Keeping an eye on groundwater levels — UK groundwater in February 2017

The variation in levels gives us insight into how much water is stored in aquifers, and can give advance warning of drought or flood. At the end of January 2017, groundwater levels were low across much of the UK, as shown in Figure 1. Groundwater levels usually rise during the winter months, but it was unusually dry over the preceding six months and the onset of groundwater recharge was significantly delayed across much of the UK. South and south-east England, where the public water supply is particularly dependent upon groundwater sources, were most affected. These low levels might have signified the onset of a groundwater drought, "the sustained and extensive occurrence of below average availability of groundwater".

Normanton Church overlooks a watery horizon, where once sat two valleys of farmland, woods, and a small village. Water, water everywhere, so why don't we pay it more attention? *****Giant nets harvest fog in Morocco. Northern California levees straining under massive water flows. *****Hydrological Outlook: SE England #riverflow & groundwater likely normal to below normal over next 1-3 months. In Age of Extreme Weather, Industrial Farming Threatens Us All. Extreme weather is damaging to crop production and threatens food safety worldwide, according to a new study published in Nature on Wednesday. And the most developed nations like the U.S., which rely heavily on industrial monocultures for food production, are particularly vulnerable. The study, which evaluated cereal production losses due to extreme weather in 177 countries from 1964-2007, found that "droughts and extreme heat significantly reduced national cereal production by 9–10%....Furthermore, the results highlight ~7% greater production damage from more recent droughts and 8–11% more damage in developed countries than in developing ones.

" "That was a surprise to us," Navin Ramankutty, an agricultural geographer at the University of British Columbia and co-author of the study, told Mother Jones on Wednesday. As Ramankutty explained to CBC News, Tapping the Freshwater Ocean Under the Sea. Statoil, an oil and gas company based in Norway, has looked at fresh water for oil extraction, but isn’t rushing to develop it. According to Ola Anders Skauby, a company representative, any techniques they leverage need to be proven and cost efficient.

“The use of fresh water has been considered at Statoil, but currently there are no significant activities using fresh water due to uncertain improved recovery potential and costs,” Skauby says. Unchartered Territory If offshore fresh water becomes a viable resource, either for drinking or for improved oil recovery, legal disputes over rights to access and extraction will likely become an issue. So far, the situation has been relatively simple: each of the aquifers found to date is tied to a single nation. How much water does it take to make your favourite Christmas meals? Offgrid water banking a Commons Currency from Transition Town Bolton @TTBolton Water as Commons. ***Desalination’s Future in California Is Clouded by Cost and Controversy.

Audio Player. ***Why houses in Bermuda have white stepped roofs. Image copyright Alamy The North Atlantic island of Bermuda has no fresh-water springs, rivers or lakes. So how did humans ever settle there? The secret is in the design of their houses, and particularly the white stepped roof which is still in use 400 years after it was first introduced. A British visitor to Bermuda will feel instantly at home, even if the weather is far warmer and sunnier than anything imaginable on the British Isles.

Many of the island's 60,000 residents live in limestone cottages painted in pastel colours of a design familiar from British towns or villages. ***US water use by region and time (Interactive map) In the map below, State size (area) is scaled proportionally to State freshwater use. U.S. freshwater withdrawals, 1950-present How and where Americans use water has changed with our population growth and many technological, environmental, and regulatory drivers. The USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program has documented how and where we use water for the last 65 years.

Above, State size (area) is scaled proportionally to total State freshwater use and freshwater use by category. National water use for each year and by category are shown as bars above the timeline. What is hydrodiplomacy? And how does it HT @RebeccaCarrotte #watersecurity. Map of Earth’s hidden groundwater reserves shows we’re using them too quickly. An international team of hydrologists has come up with the best estimate yet for Earth’s total supply of groundwater, saying that nearly 23 million cubic kilometres of groundwater is contained in hidden reserves under the surface of the planet.

*China: south-to-north water diversion project. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - sprawl v L Mead (Timelapse – Google Earth Engine) Timelapse is optimized for interactive exploration on desktop browsers. Wales to get new powers over water, UK Government says. "In California, our population is disconnected from where our food & water come from." - @NewshaAjami #SEJ2016 #CAWater #CADrought. Every Last Drop: Interactive Water Saving.

Florida sinkhole causes huge waste water leak into aquifer. The desert city – Abu Dhabi – Urban Vignettes. 9 remarkable facts about water. Without water, there would be no life on Earth. Tech fix timelapse: Saudi Arabia irrigation 1984 - 2012 #GeographyTeacher.