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Logistics Supply Chain

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Dachser sees increase in Asia Pacific market. Germany-headquartered global logistics player Dachser recorded strong growth in ocean and air freight across Asia-Pacific in 2014. Dachser’s Asia-Pacific network expansion fuelled a 20% increase in ocean freight to 203,900 teu, and a combined 7.8% increase in air and ocean shipments to 355,600. Edoardo Podestá, managing director of Dachser Air and Sea Logistics Asia-Pacific, told The Loadstar that despite the general slowdown in economic growth across the region last year, Dachser was able to increase volumes by consolidating local network operations.

“It was a combination of taking full ownership of joint-venture companies in Asia and organic growth. Our ambitious strategy means that we have expanded our network all over the world. “We have also seen opportunities to expand our business in flat markets both through increasing market share and strategic acquisition.” Revenue totalled €336m, up 1.85% on 2013, while three new offices were opened in Asia, expanding the network to 61 locations. [WHITE PAPER] 4 Strategic Considerations when Considering Offshoring. All over the world, heading offshore to outsource production has become something that it is had been accepted as the norm. Offshoring does indeed make sense for many companies, especially those that want to establish a global footprint.

Too many, however, outsource production for the wrong reasons. Lured by the promise of cheaper labor (which is starting to not be the case), companies are blind to the tactical costs of manufacturing overseas. While they may save money on unskilled labor and by achieving economies of scale, they ultimately will pay more because of longer lead times, increased inventories, the need for more management resources for planning and logistics, and constraints on their ability to respond quickly to changing demand.

White Paper: Hidden Risks and Costs in an Offshore Supply Chain There are many risks when it comes to selecting OEM suppliers. Understanding them is essential to running a successful business. Know the pain points Research first Prevent problems. The World’s Worst Infrastructure, 2012-13 [Infographic] Jump to navigation JOC › International Trade News › Infrastructure News The World’s Worst Infrastructure, 2012-13 [Infographic] The ranking of 148 nations by the World Economic Forum reflects how critical infrastructure is for ensuring the effective functioning of an economy.

International Trade News›Infrastructure News For the full story: Log In, Register for Free or Subscribe Log In Forgot your password? Sign Up Not registered with Register Or, for unlimited access to timely news and analysis: Are you missing freight...? - hofmannalbrecht - Gmail. Should we look to the German education system for inspiration? | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional. I had the joy of listening to choral music by the great Tudor composers Thomas Tallis and William Byrd last weekend.

What made this experience of the Elizabethan Renaissance so special was the location: the performance was in a church in Leipzig, Germany. The cultural vitality of Leipzig is a hallmark of its greatness. Even the post-war German Democratic Republic, toppled by popular revolution in 1989, couldn't muzzle the creative life of this historic city. Yet, while revelling in the history of Leipzig, it is the future beckoning the inhabitants of the city and its environs which I found most compelling. A tour of the award winning 'state of the art' BMW plant, built outside Leipzig, is an education in future thinking.

The principles underpinning the production line of Henry Ford's Model T are recalibrated to create a very modern working environment. Why does this matter? Inevitably the Saxon education system is not nirvana. My brief sojourn in Leipzig was interesting on many levels. Should we look to the German education system for inspiration? | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional. Fokus Supply Chain: Tailored, Intelligent, Financial und Tax optimized. Inclusive Service und Innovation. - hofmannalbrecht - Gmail. Country Guides — HSBC Global Connections. Digital networking. Advance information. Well prepared. - hofmannalbrecht - Gmail. The Urge to Merge Domestic and International Transportation Ops. The Urge to Merge Domestic and International Transportation Ops By: SupplyChainBrain | April 29, 2013 Surveys of multinational companies conducted by American Shipper indicate a growing trend to meld domestic and international transportation management, says publisher Jim Blaeser.

Issues driving this trend are part circumstance and part desire, he says. In terms of circumstance, “the shippers we study certainly are being forced to do more with less,” he says, including reductions in head count. At the same time, companies want the efficiencies they can gain by managing domestic and international transportation in concert. Shippers increasingly feel that managing these two sectors as separate silos leaves a lot of money on the table, Blaeser says. “They believe that combining all their freight will allow them to bring more critical mass to the supply chain and reap more value from moving shipments with fewer resources.” Large retailers are leading the trend, Blaeser says. Best open source HRM and ERP solutions. Takeaway: There’s a reason why enterprise companies “get” Linux and open source. It’s not just because of the security and reliability — it’s for the software.

Check out this list of best in breed tools for HRM and ERP. It’s been often mentioned that enterprise-level companies have fully embraced open source. From the reliable, secure Linux operating system, to the unsurpassed LAMP platform, open source has quite a lot to offer the larger business systems. One area where open source has been solid for years is the HRM/ERP (Human Resource Management and Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Any company looking for such tools will have either looked at open source solutions or chosen an open source solution to empower their human resource and other departments. If you’ve not taken a look at one of the many open source HRM or ERP solutions, I’ve brought together a list of the best of the best. Orange HRM is one of the most powerful of the open source HRM tools. And much more. What is supply chain. Orwellian Logic and Port Policy. Analytics – Conversations: Social Sentiment Index – United States.

Gutachten/Forschungsberichte. Containers. Seacurus Launches Marine Insurance Coverage for Unpaid Crew Wages. Marine insurance intermediary Seacurus has launched a new insurance policy to indemnify seafarers in the event of the financial default of their employers and includes recompense in respect of unpaid crew wages. The policy will enable all employers of seafarers to meet their regulatory obligations under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), which goes into effect August 20, 2013. The new policy, CrewSEACURE, provides up to $10 million of cover in the event of an employer’s financial default. It includes personal accident protection and covers medical expenses as well as subsistence and repatriation costs.

It will also respond to the non-payment of seafarers’ wages, for a period of up to six months. CrewSEACURE is underwritten by A-rated global insurers in the Lloyd’s and Co. markets in London. It offers independent 24/7 claims service managed by Thomas Miller Claims, a worldwide maritime ‘people claims’ service provider. “The shipping industry faces economic challenges. Convert: Pacific Time to GMT. Interactive maps and visualizations | StatSilk. Welcome | Flat World Knowledge. ICAO, TIACA to Enhance Their Cooperation in Air Cargo. ICAO, TIACA to Enhance Their Cooperation in Air Cargo By: TIACA | April 23, 2013 The declaration was officially signed in Dallas at TIACA’s 2013 Executive Summit by the association’s chairman, Michael Steen, and by ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin.

Under the terms of the agreement, ICAO and TIACA will work more closely on air cargo and mail security and facilitation, accelerating the evolution from paper-based to electronic processes, environmental stewardship, the liberalization of market access for air cargo services, and air cargo safety. Steen said, “This is another highly significant breakthrough in the new era of collaboration between our industry and leading regulatory bodies.

Benjamin added: “ICAO has been grateful for the input and advice received by TIACA as we have begun to develop closer ties with the air cargo sector. ICAO and TIACA have agreed to “consult, confer and cooperate on a continuous basis, over an above attendance at formal meetings. Source: TIACA. On-demand webinars | hybris. The Supply Chain's Next Stop Is Full-Service Security Screening. The Supply Chain's Next Stop Is Full-Service Security Screening By: Andrew Goldsmith, Vice President, Marketing Rapiscan Systems | April 03, 2013 If we learned nothing else from the Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010, we learned how a seemingly isolated event can – and did – have a drastic effect on worldwide logistics.

When the volcano began spewing ash and consequentially grounding planes from scheduled transport, it not only affected shippers in Iceland but those in Western Europe with aftershocks felt around the globe, as goods typically shipped by plane had to find alternate means of transportation or were delayed in their sending. The fallout included European car manufacturers suspending production, Kenyan shippers throwing away upwards of 10 million flowers and hundreds of tons of perishable produce and an overall massive loss of money and time for countless corporations. More than a Metal Detector: Today’s Security Checkpoint Is Outsourcing the Answer? In a word, yes. Enterprise Innovation Through the Reverse Supply Chain. Enterprise Innovation Through the Reverse Supply Chain By: Bill Angrick, Chairman & CEO, Liquidity Services Inc. | April 01, 2013 The forward supply chain has been a popular topic in recent years, particularly within the realm of tapping technology to advance the full effort of enterprise operations.

Companies have taken action to incorporate automated techniques and enhance sustainability planning in the traditional supply chain. The opportunity ripe for harvest now lies within the reverse supply chain. Redefining Innovation in the Reverse Supply Chain The driving focus from management in most organizations is to hone in on core competencies for the business. The leading asset management tools will have the ability for authorized platform managers to decide how long an asset can sit idle at a location before being sent into a “redeploy” mode where other locations in the company who may have a particular need, can request that asset.

Improving Financial Recovery Conclusion.