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YouTube: SPACE (Official) YouTube: NASA. YouTube: SpaceX. YouTube: Роскосмос ТВ. Новостная интернет-программа «Космическая среда» Телестудии Роскосмоса.

YouTube: Роскосмос ТВ

Выпуск 270. В программе от 12 февраля 2020 года:- Послеполётная конференция командира корабля «Союз МС-13».- Запуск аппаратов OneWeb с Байконура.- «Физика плазмы в Солнечной системе»: конференция в ИКИ РАН.- Зонд Solar Orbiter передал первый сигнал из космоса. - Роскосмос и DLR. - Подготовка индийских космонавтов.- Одной строкой: Олег Скрипочка – командир МКС, Новый SIRIUS, «Электро-Л» сделал первый снимок, Снимки тёмной материи, Иран не вывел спутник. - Хронограф: 20 лет успешной работы «Фрегата».- Астрофотография недели: На орбите Полярного сияния, Млечный путь над Йеллоустоном, Вулкан Фудзи и туманности.

Присылайте ваши фотографии и вопросы о космосе Show less Новостная интернет-программа «Космическая среда» Телестудии Роскосмоса. Выпуск 270. Присылайте ваши фотографии и вопросы о космосе Show less. YouTube: European Space Agency, ESA. Alpha Centauri. YouTube: Space Room. Astroromantik. Sixty Symbols. Space and Astronomy. KOSMO. PBS Space Time. Have you ever asked “what is beyond the edge of the universe?”

PBS Space Time

And have you ever been told that an infinite universe that has no edge? You were told wrong. In a sense. We can define a boundary to an infinite universe, at least mathematically. And it turns out that boundary may be as real or even more real than the universe it contains. Sign Up on Patreon to get access to the Space Time Discord! Sign up for the mailing list to get episode notifications and hear special announcements! Check out the Space Time Merch #infinitity #edgeoftheuniverse #spacetime Learn More About Dark Energy Here: Hosted by Matt O'DowdWritten by Matt O'DowdGraphics by Aaron HalevyDirecting by Andrew Kornhaber Our universe may be infinite.

Special thanks to our Patreon Big Bang, Quasar and Hypernova Supporters: Big Bang:Anton LifshitscoolascatsDavid NicklasFabrice EapJuan BenetJustin LloydTim Davis Quasar:James FlowersMark RosenthalTambe BarsbayVinnie Falco Thanks to our Patreon Gamma Ray Burst Supporters: Perpetual Ocean by NASA. Экскурсия по МКС от астронавта NASA (русский перевод) Forest of Science. Вояджер не Покинул Солнечную Систему | Вояджер-2: первые данные из Межзвездного пространства Вояджер-1.

Forest of Science

Вояджер-2. Вояджер покинул солнечную систему? Путешествие Вояджера. Гелиосфера. Межзвездная среда. Сегодня речь пойдет о таких космических аппаратах как Вояджер-1 и Вояджер-2, и буквально на днях вышла серия статей, где подтвердились данные о том, что теперь и зонд вояджер-2 вышел в межзвездную среду.Вояджеры, их называют еще близнецами Все началось с того, что ученые рассчитали, что в период с 1976 по 1979 год была уникальная возможность, которая возникает лишь раз в 176 лет! High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment. SETI@home. How Many People Are In Space Right Now? Your Age on Other Worlds. Want to melt those years away?

Your Age on Other Worlds

Travel to an outer planet! <div class="js-required"><hr> This Page requires a Javascript capable browser <hr></div> World History Maps & Timelines. Online Model of Solar System. A global map of weather. ISS Virtual Tour 1.0. Experience Curiosity (Simulator) The Very Latest SOHO Images. Pulsar Sounds (Jodrell Bank Observatory) A pulsar is a highly magnetised neutron star, with a radius of 10-15 km, having somewhat greater mass than the Sun which has a radius of approximately 1 million km.

Pulsar Sounds (Jodrell Bank Observatory)

Radiation is beamed out along the magnetic poles and pulses of radiation are received as the beam crosses the Earth, in the same manner as the beam from a lighthouse causes flashes. Being enormous cosmic flywheels with a tick attached, they make some of the best clocks known to mankind. The Hubble Heritage Project Website. World Magnetic Model Calculator. Use the tool below to compute values for the geomagnetic field and secular variation for a given set of coordinates and date.

World Magnetic Model Calculator

This calculator uses the World Magnetic Model as released in Dec 2019. Choose the geodetic latitude and longitude either by entering the coordinates into the form below (decimal degrees may be entered into the 'degrees' field, and degrees S or W should be entered with a negative sign), or by simply clicking the location on the map. The altitude and date may be set using the appropriate form fields. Clicking on the 'Show result on map' button will display the values for the chosen coordinates in a pop-up window. These results may be saved by clicking on the 'Save' button allowing you to compare values from a number of locations. As this is based on a web service you can also obtain results in XML format using an HTTP GET request modifying the query string parameters as appropriate. The Large Hadron Collider. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

The Large Hadron Collider

It first started up on 10 September 2008, and remains the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator complex. The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way. Inside the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide.

The beams travel in opposite directions in separate beam pipes – two tubes kept at ultrahigh vacuum. They are guided around the accelerator ring by a strong magnetic field maintained by superconducting electromagnets. Thousands of magnets of different varieties and sizes are used to direct the beams around the accelerator. HyperPhysics.