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A Science Odyssey Access Instructions | Technical Notes and Help | Web Site Credits | D WGBH | PBS Online | Search | Printable Version | Feedback | Shop Backstitching Time with Cosmic String, Alaska Science Forum June 24, 1992 Backstitching Time with Cosmic String Article #1089 by Carla Helfferich This article is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community. Carla Helfferich is a science writer at the Institute. Cosmology is physics on the grandest scale, the study of inconceivably vast distances and unbelievably long durations. Consider, for example, a topic now challenging cosmologists: the theoretical possibility of traveling backward through time. Imagine that sheet, the fabric of spacetime, as the surface of a trampoline. Reversing time leads to all manner of paradoxes and problems; the idea has produced many enjoyable pages of science fiction, but most physicists loathe it. However, Einstein also had been untroubled by another theoretical entity, the cosmic string. Princeton physicist J. For those of you now shouting, "Warp eight, Mr. That interesting possibility wasn't enough for Gott.

Human's Playground: Genetic Engineering - Biology As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone for being a part of the ThinkQuest global community: Students - For your limitless creativity and innovation, which inspires us all. Teachers - For your passion in guiding students on their quest. Partners - For your unwavering support and evangelism. Parents - For supporting the use of technology not only as an instrument of learning, but as a means of creating knowledge. We encourage everyone to continue to “Think, Create and Collaborate,” unleashing the power of technology to teach, share, and inspire. Best wishes, The Oracle Education Foundation

Boundary Institute - Home Page Math in Daily Life When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or decorate your home, you're using math principles. People have been using these same principles for thousands of years, across countries and continents. Whether you're sailing a boat off the coast of Japan or building a house in Peru, you're using math to get things done. How can math be so universal? First, human beings didn't invent math concepts; we discovered them. Join us as we explore how math can help us in our daily lives. Ready to get started? The Sound of Science Scientist Solutions Kirlian Photography - Building your own equipment What is Kirlian Photography? Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. Kirlian photography is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina who began their work with high voltage photography in 1939. Kirlian collaborated with his wife for over 30 years developing equipment and studying electro-photography. Kirlian's work was first made known to the general public in this country by a book published in 1970 by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder titled "Psychic discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain". Although Kirlian wasn't the first to study electro-photography. The process is simple. The Kirlian process, being a contact print process, doesn't require the use of a camera or lens. Figure 1 I was first introduced to Kirlian photography, by the book titled "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder in the early 1970's. There are Kirlian devices being sold on the internet today.

Science Clarified DIY Homemade Kirlian Photographs A kirlian photo is a photograph of electrical corona produced around objects under the influence of high voltages. There are two common methods for producing kirlian photos. One is a little tricky, but the other method is quite simple if you have access to a few basic bits of equipment. You can see how to make a high voltage power supply supply on the DIY ignition coil driver page and others. If you are less familiar with building electronic circuits you can use our power pulse modulator to drive a hv spark coil as a high voltage source. The electrode plate can be made yourself or purchased from a supplier of ITO coated glass. Sponsored by Diamond Coatings WARNING: High Voltage is used in this project! Kirlian Photos Using Transparent Electrodes This method allows you to photograph or view electric field around object wit the naked eye. The image above shows one of our Plasma Photo Plates resting on some high voltage insulators. Filling the Electrode Plates Attaching a Sample Taking the shots