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Backstitching Time with Cosmic String, Alaska Science Forum June 24, 1992 Backstitching Time with Cosmic String Article #1089 by Carla Helfferich This article is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community. Carla Helfferich is a science writer at the Institute. Cosmology is physics on the grandest scale, the study of inconceivably vast distances and unbelievably long durations. Consider, for example, a topic now challenging cosmologists: the theoretical possibility of traveling backward through time. Imagine that sheet, the fabric of spacetime, as the surface of a trampoline. Reversing time leads to all manner of paradoxes and problems; the idea has produced many enjoyable pages of science fiction, but most physicists loathe it. However, Einstein also had been untroubled by another theoretical entity, the cosmic string. Princeton physicist J. For those of you now shouting, "Warp eight, Mr. That interesting possibility wasn't enough for Gott.

Appdim These profiles refer to other realms outside of the mainstream Earth of Marvel Comics (also sometimes referred to as Earth-Prime, Earth-616). They include alternate realities and timelines, alien worlds, pocket realms, etc. Alternate Earths has/have a separate page. Dimensions (with descriptions) Note: In addition, at the bottom, there's a link to some of the past eras of the Marvel Universe (just started it) Aegis (Microverse planet) - by Grendel Prime Amalgam Universe (Earth-9602) - by Skullogeist Amazar (destroyed by Lore) Ankh Dimension (Zodiac Cartel) Arakne (Knights of Pendragon story) Avalon (home of Celtic Gods, etc) - by William & Snood Baloney-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U Bast (Microverse realm, Iron Man story) Bermuda Triangle (Skull the Slayer) Bewilderness (realm of Psyphon) Biphasia (encountered by Werewolf) Black Sea Dimension (Namor story) Boreas (Iceworld of Ikthalon) Borders of the Land of the Dead (Defenders story) - by Chadman Brilliant City (X-Man story) Court of Anubis

Boundary Institute - Home Page CRI/Voice, Institute - The Voice, Main Menu The Sound of Science fUSION Anomalog. powerlines… Posted April 9th, 2014 by Categories: animated gif, powerline, spiders the gig… Posted April 9th, 2014 by Categories: bear, cellist, cello, concert, gig, show training… Posted April 9th, 2014 by Categories: animated gif, trains both tasty meals, depending on the culture… Posted April 8th, 2014 by Categories: animated gif, bacon, cultural differences, dogs, flesh, ham, meat, nonvegetarian, parkour, pigs, pork, slaughter sentience… Posted April 8th, 2014 by Categories: butter, comic, ingredients, sentience foot loop… Posted April 8th, 2014 by Categories: loop, running [insert bacon joke here...] Posted April 8th, 2014 by Categories: bacon, cultural differences, dogs, flesh, meat, nonvegetarian, pigs, pork, slaughter today’s special accurate… Posted April 8th, 2014 by Categories: accuracy, bacteria, bar & grill, carcass, comic, flesh, heated, meal, meat, menu, nonvegetarian, rice, slaughter, special, today swans… Posted April 7th, 2014 by Categories: hat, michael gira, swans cubes…

Kirlian Photography - Building your own equipment What is Kirlian Photography? Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. Kirlian photography is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina who began their work with high voltage photography in 1939. Kirlian collaborated with his wife for over 30 years developing equipment and studying electro-photography. Kirlian's work was first made known to the general public in this country by a book published in 1970 by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder titled "Psychic discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain". Although Kirlian wasn't the first to study electro-photography. The process is simple. The Kirlian process, being a contact print process, doesn't require the use of a camera or lens. Figure 1 I was first introduced to Kirlian photography, by the book titled "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder in the early 1970's. There are Kirlian devices being sold on the internet today.

A Gateway to Ancient Rome William Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, an encyclopedic work containing a lot of good basic information (and references to primary sources), was published in 1875: it is thus an educational resource in the public domain. I've been putting a large selection of articles from it online, often as background material for other webpages. It is illustrated with its own woodcuts and some additional photographs of my own. Chariots and carriages, the theatre, circus and amphitheatre, roads, bridges, aqueducts, obelisks, timepieces, organs, hair curlers; marriage & children, slaves, dance, salt mines, and an awful lot more; among which special sections on law, religion, warfare, daily life, and clothing.

DIY Homemade Kirlian Photographs A kirlian photo is a photograph of electrical corona produced around objects under the influence of high voltages. There are two common methods for producing kirlian photos. One is a little tricky, but the other method is quite simple if you have access to a few basic bits of equipment. You can see how to make a high voltage power supply supply on the DIY ignition coil driver page and others. If you are less familiar with building electronic circuits you can use our power pulse modulator to drive a hv spark coil as a high voltage source. The electrode plate can be made yourself or purchased from a supplier of ITO coated glass. Sponsored by Diamond Coatings WARNING: High Voltage is used in this project! Kirlian Photos Using Transparent Electrodes This method allows you to photograph or view electric field around object wit the naked eye. The image above shows one of our Plasma Photo Plates resting on some high voltage insulators. Filling the Electrode Plates Attaching a Sample Taking the shots

UK | Magazine | How do you skim a stone 51 times? Russell "Rock Bottom" Byars has skimmed his way into the record books, throwing a stone that skipped an amazing 51 times. How does he do it? Most of us have tried stone skimming - a game sometimes known as Ducks and Drakes - on the beach or by a river. We might have been pleased with several consecutive bounces... but 51 times seems impossible. That's what 43-year-old engineer Russell Byars managed on the Allegheny River, near Pittsburgh, in the US. Speaking to the BBC, he promises that by following the rules, even the most novice skimmer could achieve an impressive 15-20 bounces or more. "I always pick out a spot ahead of me on the water where I want the first bounce to be. But he confesses himself baffled by some aspects of his throwing technique. "I have to be honest with you though - I don't really know how I do that." Some of the mystery can be explained by the science - of which there is a surprising amount - into the art of stone skimming. Water drag Optimum angle "That's it," he says.