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Similar Page Checker - Duplicate content checker

Similar Page Checker - Duplicate content checker
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Redirect Checker Many directories make redirects to external sites. As search engines are still mislead by some types of redirects, webmasters need to know which type of redirection is used to their site. This information is also useful to directory owners as they are not always aware of the techniques used to count the clicks to external sites. With this tool, you check a redirect in seconds, even if you are not a HTTP-header guru ! Which redirection ? The fast and easy redirect checker This tool provides a simple and precise answer to a question, often asked by SEO’s, directory owners and webmasters. It also detects frames (FRAME tag) within the page pointed to by the tested link.

Plagiarism Checker | Unique algorithm to detect plagiarism | 68 Online SEO Tools and Resources A compiled list of online Search Engine Optimization tools to help you check your current web site. They are free, in most of the cases you do not need to create an account in order to access them and we use them often. Feel free to check and use them. Please note that this is not a definitive list. If you know other great free online SEO tools not listed here, it'd be great if you could send us a notification with the URL. Keyword research tool Keyword research and, ultimately, keyword selection are extremely important parts of the overall SEO process. If you want your web site to be high ranked in search engines, then use these tools to find out the words that searchers use to get to a website like yours, and place them in the appropriate places. Keyword density These tools helps you achieve the ideal keyword density (how many times a keyword is used on a page divided by the number of words on that page) for a set of key terms. Competition Analysis Search engine keyword position tool

Strawberryjam Find Subdomains :: Online Penetration Testing Tools | Ethical Hacking Tools About this tool 'Find Subdomains' allows you to discover subdomains of your target domain and increase your attack surface. Finding subdomains is useful in a penetration test because they point to different applications and indicate different external network ranges used by the target company. For instance, points to IP and points to IP Now you know two different ip ranges possibly owned by your target and you can extend the attack surface. Furthermore, subdomains sometimes host 'non-public' applications (e.g. test, development, restricted) which are usually less secure than the public applications so they can be the primary attack targets. Parameters Domain name: is the target domain (ex.,, etc) Include subdomain details: this option instructs the tool to do DNS resolution for each subdomain discovered and whois queries in order to determine the network owners of the ip addresses How it works

Vérifier et trouver le contenu plagié ou dupliqué (Duplicate Content) A quoi sert cet outil ? L'outil ci-dessus vous permet de vérifier qu'un texte ou qu'une page de votre ne site n'a pas été copiée par quelqu'un d'autre et indexée sur le web. Vous saurez donc qui vous à plagié !. Comment fonctionne cet outil ? Soit vous entrez un texte dans le premier champ, soit vous entrez l'url de la page à analyser dans le second champ. Spécifications Vous pouvez insérer n'importe quels caractères dans le champ de texte, tout est codé au format utf-8. Bon référencement et attrapez les tous !

Search Marketing: Search Term Research Looking to do search term research? Below are articles covering the topic. But first, here are some tools you might want to consider: Free Tools Google AdWords Keyword Tool: Enter a search term or terms, and you’ll be shown other keywords related to that term. You can then sort keywords in terms of search volume popularity. Google Trends: Got some terms in mind and wondering how they’ve been trending, such as becoming more or less popular? Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool: Enter a term and get a list of 100 terms related to (and including it), ranked by daily popularity. Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool: As with Worktracker above, enter a term and get back a list of 100 terms related to and including it. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: Taps into the Yahoo tool above and provides links and information to many of the other tools also listed above, so that you can get more information directly from them. Other Tools Oct 18, 2013 at 8:55am ET by Kathy Nielsen

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