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Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese
Ok, I'm not going to go into all the reasons why Japanese is such a fun and rewarding language to learn because you're already here and interested in learning it. If you're still undecided or afraid that it's too hard, don't be! It can be one of the easier languages to learn in ways that will surprise you. So here's what you need to do to teach yourself Japanese and how to do it by using this site. Learn Hiragana (the Japanese "alphabet")Learn vocabulary (with Kanji) and grammarPractice listening, speaking, reading, and writingLearn Katakana (the "alphabet" for foreign words)Learn how to use various tools such as online dictionariesRepeat steps 2 and 3 with progressively more advanced topics The ABCs of Japanese

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Common Kanji Vocabulary Lists · Tangorin Japanese Dictionary The Jōyō Kanji 常用漢字表 The jōyō kanji is the guide to kanji characters announced officially by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Current jōyō kanji are those on a list of 1,945 characters issued on October 10, 1981. It is a slightly modified version of the tōyō kanji, which was the initial list of secondary school-level kanji standardized after World War II. (source: Wikipedia) JLPT Kanji 日本語能力試験漢字 French Tutorials Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation with MP3s and Exercises Useful information Recordings of mp3s were done by a native speaker of French from Haute-Savoie. Feel free to download them for your own personal use or in other non-commercial educational settings. I encourage French teachers to use them in classes too! If you use Mozilla Firefox, I highly recommend the DownThemAll add-on to make downloading much faster and easier.

PixelProspector - the indie goldmine On the 30th July 2014 the site got updated, restrutured and redesigned… however the update is still not finished and thus this new Indie Resources overview page is partly incomplete. In case you are missing something you can still check out the outdated old Indie Resources page until the update is complete. Thank you for your understanding. (Game Making Tools, Game Design, Postmortems, Programming, Project Management…) (Create/Download Graphics, Hire Graphic Designer…) (Create/Download Sound + Music, Hire Sound Designer/Musician/Voice Actor…) Win a Year of Free Study in Fukuoka, Japan This is what you've been waiting for! After 10 years of operation, GenkiJACS’ Fukuoka branch has finally received Japanese government accreditation to provide student visas for eligible students, who can study in Fukuoka for up to one year starting from April 2016. To celebrate becoming the newest government-accredited Japanese language school, we are offering one year of free tuition at our Fukuoka school to one lucky student!

Kanji lists ordered by JLPT-level, Grade or Frequency of use - Skip to main content. 漢字 Navigation: Home | Learning the Kanji | Downloads | Kanji Lists Kanji Lists: Japanese Stories Go to Tom Ray's home page. Go to the Tierra home page. I have translated these texts as my own way of studying Japanese. I have made them available on my web page primarily for other people studying Japanese (and also for Japanese people studying English), but also for those in the West who may not be familiar with these stories. However, these stories have, of course, already been translated.

Top 49 Learn French Sites « Learn French Fast Blog The internet is a amazing tool for learning French. But with so many sites to sift through, it can be tough to find the best learn French sites. That’s why I created the Top French Site Award to honour the cream of the crop on the internet. Below is the list of winners, I’ve split the list into topics to make it easier to sort through. Did I miss a worthy site? Leave your comments and let me know.

CSS Tutorial - Learn CSS Codes and Layouts CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a stylesheet language that acts as the presentation layer for markup languages such as HTML and XHTML. The presence of CSS allows us to separate the layout component from the information component. In essence, the HTML document becomes the information component, while the CSS Style Sheet becomes the layout component.

Genki – Home GENKI is a highly acclaimed series of integrated resources for learning elementary Japanese through a well-balanced approach to all four language skill areas—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Used in many Japanese language courses around the world. More Self-study Room offers a variety of online materials to support your learning with Genki textbooks. - Hiragana & Katakana - Kanji - Grammar/Conversation - Vocabulary 100 top resources to learn Japanese 741 Flares6250116×741 Flares We find ourselves often giving recommendations of products to learn Japanese with, and we thought it’d be useful to compile a list for your reference. We have included a number of our own products, only where we are convinced that they are deserving of their place in the list, and we have included paid and free study resources without discrimination. The list is broken up by category and each item is clearly marked as to what JLPT level it targets.

rikaichan About Rikaichan is a popup Japanese-English/German/French/Russian dictionary tool for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. Features

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