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Japanese food! Authentic, mostly healthy Japanese recipes for everyone

Japanese food! Authentic, mostly healthy Japanese recipes for everyone
[Update] As of March 2014, Kinou Nani Tabeta?, re-titled What Did You Eat Yesterday? is now being released in English by Vertical! Volume 1 is available now. I am re-featuring this review that I wrote in December 2010 to commemorate this happy news.

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[Review] The Ancient Magus’ Bride Strange and beautiful … steeped in fairy tales, danger, romance, and magic…. The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a tapestry of wonders both beautiful and melancholy. Chise, a girl from Japan, finds herself being sold in a mysterious auction and purchased by the mage Elias who has an animal skull for a head. she who eats a cup of first-flash green tea from yame, fukuoka prefecture, and some fresh local strawberries to accompany me as i sit down and open a (cook)book or two that arrived a few days earlier, thinking about my next trip. this is how i would like to spend this entire weekend. in reality, there won't be much time that i can spend this way, between work and other errands to do. but i still like to take some time to slow down a bit, appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the lush mountain scenery outside our windows, and breathe in some fresh green air. and enjoy freshly-brewed coffee (or tea) and some nibbles. small pleasures. hope you all have a wonderful weekend! -cx So what are we celebrating with these yummy healthy Turkish Carrot Truffles. Two reasons to celebrate. First of all my fractured bone has healed completely. I have to take some care and physiotherapy. And second reason is that one of our favorite cousin is visiting us after a very long time.

Eikasia Welcome! Eikasia is an online fiction novel free to read. To view what official e-books are available for purchase, please visit my author profile at Amazon or Smashwords. Incomplete drafts can be viewed on Google Drive. Desserts for Breakfast Every now and then on rare occasion, I remember to step back and snap a shot of my photography setup. Here's the one I used for the fig, mascarpone, and pistachio tart from a few posts back, for those interested parties. [click on photo above for a larger image.] I know not much has been going on in this little corner of the blogosphere this week. But! In addition to the feature in N.E.E.T. magazine, I've also been illustrated (by illustrator Amanda Waggoner), along with a few other wonderful bloggers, in a super-fun fall food feature in the second issue of Styled Magazine--check it out here!

How to Make Earl Grey Salted Caramels, Step-by-Step Recipe - Home - Oh, How Civilized My sister suggested a tea infused candy for a post, so Queenie (my cooking/baking guru) and I came up with Earl Grey Salted Caramels. After four attempts and modifications, Queenie created this recipe which is AMAZING. They're soft, chewy, and the best part is that they don't feel like they're going to pull out your fillings. The Earl Grey flavor really comes through without being overpowering.

Chatoyant College, Book 13: The Teeth - Prologue: Failure All of his attempts so far had ended in failure. He knew that there must be a way. He was sure he could find it. When everything was so broken, when life had changed so much from one simple decision, how could he not be able to return things to the way they were? He had the power. He knew it. Brownies for Dolce & Gabbana : Cafe Fernando – Food Blog - brownie - dolce & gabbana - swide - Brownies October 30th, 2010 | Category: Brownies, Chocolate I have to admit, I was a bit lost when Dolce & Gabbana requested me to create a recipe for their digital magazine, Swide. As soon as I read that email, I wished I were Pierre Hermé. He’d know exactly what to do.

Creamy Roasted Carrot Soup « Food-Fitness-FreshAir Transportation problems. Life problems. January problems. This is the story of my winter every year. Japanese tea ceremony video - Watch Japanese tea ceremony - Kyūgetsu Watch Tyas Sōsen execute a full service of thick tea in the warrior style Enshū school of tea ceremony. Click the Japanese tea ceremony video presented below. Sōsen employs the daisu grand-sideboard in a large reception room for the preparation of a bowl of tea. The service presented here is the basic winter service of thick tea. Joy the Baker — I feel like I’m grasping tight to the things around me these days. I’m probably the first to shrug off the change of season, the change of moving cities, and the change of traveling a ton as no big deal…. but it all adds up to matter and I have to admit I feel a little crazy in the brain. This season I’ve started a new workout routine. Since I’ve moved away from my beloved SoulCycle in California, I’ve started practicing Bikram Yoga in New Orleans. I’m terrible. Who knew bending could be so dang challenging?

10 Cold Vegetarian Soup Recipes For Summer's Hottest Days If -- like most residents of the U.S. -- you're in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave, then these chilled summer soups are just the menu items you need to stay out of the kitchen. Plus, they are all meat-free. From fruit-based soups that require zero cooking to more complicated vegetable options that you can make ahead and freeze, turn to these cold dishes to stay cool all summer. And don't miss the dessert half of this series: 10 Cold Dessert Recipes for Summer's Hottest Days Vichyssoise is a classic cold soup -- and it doesn't get much more classic than Julia Child's recipe, made with just a few natural ingredients: potatoes, leeks, heavy cream, vegetable stock, and chives. The soup is a bit more labor intensive than some of the others here -- you have to simmer the potatoes for as long as 50 minutes, then blend them, then strain through cheesecloth -- but the end result is worth it.