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Application Performance Management & Monitoring

Application Performance Management & Monitoring
Data helps me generate more revenue. $57,980 AverageLifetimeValue 30% Revenue Growthin Asia 1,200 New Customers 40% Free TrialConversion Data helps me build better software.

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Piston On June 12, 2015 Cisco acquired Piston Cloud Computing, a privately held San Francisco based Openstack product company. Piston provides software that enables streamlined operational deployment of large scale distributed systems. Piston's enterprise grade software helps customers automate orchestration and deployment of underlying distributed systems for running applications on OpenStack.

Play Framework History[edit] Play was created by software developer Guillaume Bort, while working at Zenexity.[3] Although the early releases are no longer available online, there is evidence of Play existing as far back as May 2007.[4] In 2007 pre-release versions of the project were available to download from Zenexity's website.[5] Play 1.1 was released in November 2010 after a move from Launchpad to GitHub. It included a migration from Apache MINA to JBoss Netty, Scala support, native GlassFish container, an asynchronous web services library, OAuth support, HTTPS support and other features.[8] Play 1.2 was released in April 2011. It included dependency management with Apache Ivy, support for WebSocket, integrated database migration (reversion is not implemented yet[9]), a switch to the H2 database and other features.[10]

10 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2015 Dennis Mitzner lives in Tel Aviv where he does content strategy, writes about start-ups, technology trends and politics. You can find him on Twitter. The Israeli start-up scene is saturated with newcomers fighting for a spot in the limelight. The following 10 companies have passed some key hurdles and challenges that make them an interesting watch for investors and consumers around the world. 50 Strategies to Drive Website Traffic You have an awesome business idea. People who hear about it are super excited for you and about it. The problem, and it's one that every young business has, is that no one's paying much attention. If driving website traffic is an issue at your company, you're in the right place. This article gives you 50 strategies your business can use to drive traffic to your website.

CloudFlare What this plugin can do for you One-click WordPress-optimized settings The easiest way to setup Cloudflare for your WordPress site. Web application firewall (WAF) rulesets Hosted Status Pages for Your Company - Tour Automatically Display The Status Of Your Infrastructure Providers Now you can show the status of services that your product is built on. Simply add a Shared Component for each of those vendors, and we'll automatically update its status and when we detect that they are up, down, or in a degraded state. There are currently almost 50 services that we have status information for. Some of this data comes from them being customers and we're scraping the custom status pages of the others. ò Here's How It Works Our business relies heavily on GitHub being up.

XQuare Bridge: extending relational databases with XQuery and XML-relational mapping Introduction The new generation of Enterprise Application Integration tools, B-to-B e-commerce platforms, Web Services, Workflow Messaging Systems and document management tools all generate and exchange information in XML format. Establishing data exchange between these platforms and an existing relational database is difficult due to the differences in the structure and type of the data involved. DevDocs/HTML HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is the most basic building block of a webpage and used for creating and visually representing a webpage. It determines the content of a webpage, but not its functionality. HTML adds "markup" to standard English text. Hyper Text refers to links that connect Web pages to one another, making the World Wide Web what it is today.

planme - reinventing social Hi, we're planme. Nice to meet you. We're new around here and want to shake things up a bit. That's why we're reinventing social - and we want you to join the party. planme is a new, innovative mobile app that allows you to create, manage and update your social life in real-time. Download it now!

About - Clouds Evolved Clouds Evolved began 2 years ago as an initial plan to organize the web, so that users can have an alternative to unguided web surfing. Today it has become an online collection & amazing conglomerate of unique web displays, functionality as well as powerful networking, beginning with with sites like ' Cloud Tops ' , ' Cloud Explorer ' , & multiple social platforms. This site is designed to effectively communicate, help assist its users based on specific interests they already have, and to distribute to its communities pertinent info, web resources, entertainment, tooling, useful knowledge, business apps, web design tooling, computing knowledge, online education, pro business networking , & the latest breakthroughs in our powerful web based & mobile technologies as well as the latest updates. All those interested in affiliate connections can contact us on this website using the contact button made available or by joining our community here.

Packetbeat - Application Monitoring - Open Source Use Beats & X-Pack to monitor infrastructure. Watch Video New Filebeat modules are here. Getting started with the Elastic Stack has never been so easy. Ultra-mobile PC An ultra-mobile PC[1] (ultra-mobile personal computer or UMPC) is a small form factor version of a pen computer, a class of laptop whose specifications were launched by Microsoft and Intel in spring 2006. Sony had already made a first attempt in this direction in 2004 with its Vaio U series, which was however only sold in Asia. UMPCs are smaller than subnotebooks, have a TFT display measuring (diagonally) about 12.7 to 17.8 cm (5 to 7 inch screen), are operated like tablet PCs using a touchscreen or a stylus, and can also have a physical keyboard.

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