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The Future of Urban Agriculture and Farming

The Future of Urban Agriculture and Farming

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O'Hare Airport Debuts Aeroponic Vegetable Garden No more complaining about the poor quality of airport food--at least not in Chicago's biggest travel hub. The opening of the first in-airport vertical garden at O'Hare will supply the international airport's restaurants with swiss chard, red habanero peppers and 42 other types of herbs and vegetables grown right between terminals 2 and 3. The garden relies on a technique called aeroponics where water and a mineral solution are used as a base instead of soil, allowing plants to thrive in smaller, more contained environments. In this case, cylindrical, 8-foot-tall white towers save space and allow for water to be easily circulated. "It uses and recycles water.

This Week in Virology - The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century Product Description "The vertical farm is a world-changing innovation whose time has come. Dickson Despommier's visionary book provides a blueprint for securing the world's food supply and at the same time solving one of the gravest environmental crises facing us today."--Sting Perceptions are not reality: what the world gets wrong The latest Ipsos Perils of Perception survey highlights how wrong the public across 40 countries are about key global issues and features of the population in their country. The key patterns are: Most countries think their population is much more Muslim than it actually is – and that the Muslim population is increasing at an incredible rate All countries think their population is less happy than they actually say they are Most countries are more tolerant on homosexuality, abortion and pre-marital sex than they think they are And nearly all countries think wealth is more evenly distributed than it actually is. In Great Britain we get some things very wrong – but some things right… Current Muslim population: we hugely overestimate the proportion of Muslims in the British population – we think that 1 in 6 Britons are Muslim, when actually fewer than 1 in 20 are.

GrowWise Center - Philips Horticulture In the morning, an international media event was held for journalists and influencers in greenhouse farming, sustainability, lighting and general interest. They toured the research facility and visited the greenhouse of Wim Peters Kwekerij. In the afternoon, Frans van Houten, Philips CEO, Udo van Slooten, Global Director, Philips Horticulture LED Solutions, Gus van der Feltz, Global Director, Philips city farming Solutions, and Rob van Gijzel, Mayor of Eindhoven addressed the guests at the official opening of the horticultural research facility. They sketched the changing world and the role horticulture is playing. Frans van Houten also unveiled the “GrowWise” brand which is the official new name for Philips activities in the city farming business.

In Newark, a Vertical Indoor Farm Helps Anchor an Area’s Revival Photo NEWARK — Schools, sports arenas and apartment buildings have sprouted in recent years in this troubled city as part of efforts to revitalize it. Now, it’s kale’s turn to take root in a most unusual spot. A former Grammer, Dempsey and Hudson steel plant in the Ironbound section of Newark is being razed by the RBH Group to make way for a giant custom-built complex for its sole tenant, AeroFarms, a company producing herbs and vegetables in an indoor, vertical environment. Instrumental in reviving parts of Newark, the RBH Group sees the venture as a way to create jobs, clear a shabby block and supply a healthy, locally grown food source. The complex, a group of metal-block, low-slung buildings, some connected, some not, also has prominent backers.

Progressive Plant Growing is a Blooming Business Progressive Plant Growing is a Blooming Business Soil. Water. Say that plants don't need them and people may think you've traded your cow -- and your good sense -- for a handful of beans. WHAT IS VERTICAL FARMING?WHAT IS HYDROPONICS?WHAT ARE MICRO NUTRIENTS?ADVANTAGES OF VERTICAL FARMING? FOR PRELIMS AND MAINS GS PAP III Ø Yes it's vertical because you are trying to grow more crops on a smaller land area and this usually means going upwards into buildings Ø It normally means that, instead of having a single layer of crops over a large land area, you have stacks of crops going upwards Ø It's also associated with city farming and urban farming Ø Who is "Dickson Despommier"? Ø Who is William Frederick Gericke?

Architects & Engineers Investigating the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11 - Evidence On September 11, 2001, the three worst structural failures in modern history took place when World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7 suffered complete and rapid destruction. In the aftermath of the tragedy, most members of the architecture and engineering community, as well as the general public, assumed that the buildings’ destruction had occurred as a result of the airplane impacts and fires. This view was reinforced by subsequent federal investigations, culminating in FEMA’s 2002 Building Performance Study and in the 2005 and 2008 reports by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Since 9/11, however, independent researchers around the world have assembled a large body of evidence that overwhelmingly refutes the notion that airplane impacts and fires caused the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Articles by AE911Truth The following articles discuss and analyze the evidence for explosive controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7.