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Project Pegasus - Home

Project Pegasus - Home
Greetings! You have reached the official website of Project Pegasus. This is the web portal to receive news and information about Andrew D. Basiago’s quest to lobby the US government to disclose its teleportation secret so that teleportation can be adopted on a global basis to help humanity achieve planetary sustainability in the 21st century. For his revelations about the existence of time travel and life on Mars, Andy has been identified as a "planetary-level whistle blower" by the Web Bot project of futurists Clif High and George Ure. The Web Bot analyzes the content of the World Wide Web and uses Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis (ALTA) to predict future global trends.

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Two Astonishing Cases Of Men Who Say They Traveled Through Time - If a person told you he has visited the past or future, you would probably not believe him. If the same person revealed to you that he is a regular time traveler, you would most likely never talk to him again. The subject of time travel is considered to be just as fascinating as contradicting. "How can we solve time travel paradoxes? Is faster than light travel really possible?" These are just some of the scientists have been asking themselves while scratching their heads. The Island of Stability Does a solitary island of stable elements exist at the remotest corner of the periodic table? | iStockphoto/Thinkstock This week’s Fw:Thinking video was about materials with special properties: graphene, carbyne, etc., which are so strong that they could be used to make practically indestructible objects. But I wanted to talk about another kind of material that might have unknown special properties: specifically, superheavy elements within what’s called the “island of stability.”

Welcome to The United Coalition! The International Parliament Welcome! Welcome to The United Coalition! Thank you for allowing us to use your name in the Parliament. Your name will be edited into the international, national, state or county level of the Parliament’s web site as elected or self-appointed.

Panel Convenes in Washington to Discuss Aliens Every day this week, the former legislators presided over panels made up of academics and — former, of course — government and military officials, who were there to discuss their research or their own eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrials who presumably would have occupied them. “Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet,” said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008. Mr. Gravel and his fellow panelists were assembled by the Paradigm Research Group, which says it is committed to ending the government’s “truth embargo” on the existence of extraterrestrial life. The lawmakers were there in hopes that their presence and political credibility would be enough to persuade Congress to take the issue seriously.

DARPA - PROJECT PEGASUS Web Bot: Andrew Basiago is predicted "planetary level" whistleblower for Mars life and time travel By Alfred Labremont Webre November 9, 2009 A September 15, 2009 report using Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) of data collected by the Web Bot predicts that “It is very likely that the ‘whistleblower’ who had been described in previous ALTA reports (see 1309) as emerging out of the period of the [coagulation] of the [government/officialdom of the USofA due to financial structure collapse] is a person by the name of [Andrew D. Basiago].”

Meta Research Bulletin of 6/15/94 The Speed of Gravity – What the Experiments Say Tom Van Flandern Meta Research The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, is a man on a mission. But it's a mission that frightens the US intelligence establishment to its core.With 18 years experience working across the US intelligence community, followed by 20 more years in commercial intelligence and training, Steele's exemplary career has spanned almost all areas of both the clandestine world. Steele started off as a Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer. After four years on active duty, he joined the CIA for about a decade before co-founding the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, where he was deputy director.

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