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Free tools for working with digital colors

Simply put, ColorExplorer is an online toolbox for working with color palettes. Being a little more elaborate, the current site is the result of evolvement on my acclaimed ColorMatch 5K project dating back as far as 2001. With ColorExplorer you can quickly and easily create, manage and evaluate color palettes for use in graphic design, web designs, layouts, and much more. Yes, it is absolutely free to use all the features found on the site. You don't have to register if you don't want to. Registering for a free user profile, however, will give you a few extras (e.g. better and safer palette control/access).

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15 Useful Color Mixers For Effective Designing I wanted to create this list, because there are times when I struggle choosing my design colors - for me it’s not always easy task to just play with the colors and choose the right ones – of course, there are few favorite colors for everybody, but finding new great color combinations are not so easy task. That’s why there a lot of helpful resources to ease this task, and I am here to show You those! Hopefully this will help You to create new designs and the process will become a little easier. 1. Colourlovers

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #90 Subscribe D-Lists Design + Developer Resource A lire - Top 50 Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials from 2011 We all know that Photoshop is the best computer software program for editing digital photos and images.But it is also excellent for web designers.Most of the web designers use Photoshop to design web layouts. Today we have compiled really high quality photoshop layout tutorials from 2011.I’m sure that you will learn many new photoshop techniques from these tutorials. Create an Elegant Photography Web Layout in Photoshop View Tutorial Introducing Our DELUXE EDITION Digital Art Effects – BeFunky Blog We here at BeFunky HQ have been passionate about creating the best, most unique artistic effects (and making them simple to use!) since the dawn of our time. We started in 2007 with an innovative effect called the Cartoonizer, and since it’s launch we’ve been dedicated to building a dynamic library of Photo To Art effects that are completely exclusive to BeFunky – you can’t find anything like them anywhere else. Get excited, because we just remastered your favorite Artsy effects and created a whole new collection – our brand new DELUXE EDITION Digital Art Effects!

Unlock Creativity Organizations struggling to fulfill their creative potential should reframe the questions they ask about their business, marketplace, and customers, according to the founders of Beautiful Mind, a London-based innovation consultancy launched this month to help U.K. and global brand owners do just that. Beautiful Mind describes itself as a "neuro design lab" with neuroscientists working alongside designers. It was cofounded by Stuart Youngs, creative director of London-based design and branding agency Purpose and neuroscientist Beau Lotto, a professor at University College London, where he runs Lottolab--a cross between an art studio and science lab, to further his investigation of human perception. "While collaboration between the worlds of neuroscience and design is not new, what we want to create is something permanent that will bring the two together, not just on ad hoc projects but through a lasting platform," Youngs explains. [Images: Flickr users Microlito, and Jean-Pierre Dalbéra]

Best Color Tools For Web Designers Determining the core color for a web project could be easy but finding the right alternatives to match the core can sometimes be difficult. That’s where the color tools play its roles. Color tools help you determine matching color or even suggest sets of matching color palette when you are totally clueless. Amongst are some of the best color tools web service on the internet any web designers should bookmark, or at least know. Full list after jump. Adobe Kuler A lire - Designing Websites to Increase Traffic and Conversion Generating traffic and turning it into conversions is at the forefront of a businesses' online marketing strategy. In an era where they may fight for clicks and spend an insurmountable amount of time getting their websites to the top of search pages, it’s important to evaluate just what turns a visitor into a customer. In this article I will disseminate the qualities that make a website bridge the gap between being visited frequently and one that makes the most out of the traffic that comes its way – ones that turn visitors into customers. Besides a stunning design, there are many factors that determine whether a customer sticks around. Afterall, a customer can leave an online store faster than its physical counterpart. Businesses should focus on the needs of the customers through analyzing the following areas as part of their online marketing strategy.

The Creativity Club There are two black sheep in Sir John Hegarty’s office in Soho, London. One of them is literal – a stuffed animal inspired by BBH’s first ad for Levi’s, which gave birth to a corporate logo and a typically catchy slogan: ‘When the world zigs, zag.’ The other sits at a desk scattered with the detritus of a 40-year career (framed images from successful ads; D&AD Yellow Pencil; CLIO award bedecked with multicolored wristbands), sporting a trademark checked suit and wry smile. The Art of Color Coordination Colors affect us in countless ways—mentally and physically, consciously and subconsciously. Psychologists have suggested that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a product or service. Good color choices should never be neglected in web design. A bad color combination can have the same negative effect as poor copy and slow load times. In this infographic, we will briefly discuss color coordination and how you can use this to your advantage when designing your site. Special thanks to @speckyboy, @smashingmag and @onextrapixel.

Live Model Books Pose Tool A Pose is usually a collection of photos of a model in one position. For example, a nude model standing in the contrapposto position or the T-pose will be photographed from 24 different angles (once every 15-degrees as the model is rotated). Those 24 art reference photos are collected into one "Pose." When the project first started, we imagined our customers as sculptors. They would be looking for anatomy reference photos and also traditional male and female nude artist's model photos but they would need to see all around the figure to create a complete sculpture.

A lire - 10 Examples of Beautiful CSS Typography and how they did it... « Web Design Marketing Podcast & Blog Lately I have been very interested in how far we can take Typography only using CSS. Sure you can use images or sIFR to produce some very beautiful typography, but there is something unique and special about using only CSS. It is incredibly useful too, if you know the extent you can take CSS you end up with much more flexible websites— especially ones driven by a CMS.

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