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Color Space

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Help - sRGB versus Adobe RGB (1998) The box of crayons you're given for displaying photos on the web is called sRGB.

help - sRGB versus Adobe RGB (1998)

There are other color spaces, such as Adobe RGB (1998), but no Windows-based browser can display them correctly. The Macintosh browsers Safari and Internet Explorer can, but only under conditions not normally found in everyday browsing. To your right you see the same photo displayed in sRGB (above) and Adobe 98 (below). You'll notice the Adobe version is washed out. There is no way around this problem other than to convert your photo to sRGB. HTML Colors. Web Color Chart - Hexadecimal - by VisiBone. Your free online color matching toolbox. Help - sRGB versus Adobe RGB (1998) List of HTML Web Page Color Names wi. Another HTML color chart?

List of HTML Web Page Color Names wi

Aren't there enough of these on the web already? Well, I've never found a color chart that displays colors the way I like. While the practice certainly is debatable, I prefer to use color names in my style sheets instead of hex codes.