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PANTONE Color, products and guides for accurate color communication.

FASHION, HOME + INTERIORSColor System 2,310 market-driven colors for fashion, textiles, home and interior design let you Make it Brilliant. Shop Fashion, Home + Interiors >

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MODEL-MORPHOSIS - T Magazine Blog The photographer Greg Kessler captures behind-the-scenes beauty transformations during Spring 2015 Fashion Week in Paris. Here, the model Taya Ermoshkina before (left) and after (right) makeup by Pat McGrath and hair by Guido Palau. See more Model-Morphosis features Complete Coverage: Spring 2015 Fashion Week The photographer Greg Kessler captures behind-the-scenes beauty transformations during Spring 2015 Fashion Week in Paris. Here, the model Andreea Diaconu before (left) and after (right) makeup by Pat McGrath and hair by Eugene Souleiman. My TEDx Talk : Kelli Anderson My TEDx Talk Posted by Kelli on Monday, February 13, 2012 · 56 Comments I’m happy to report that my TEDx talk from last year is up. Lawrence High School Graphic Design I Shortcuts-Week 3 Make sure these shortcuts are included on your notecards. ■ Marquee tool: M

Digital Graphic Design (Paperback) Description Comprehensive, cross-platform, DIY guide to the creation of a wide range of graphic effects: from the scanning and manipulation of photographs to exciting 3D graphics and the creative use of typography. Benefit from a design professional's experience, not the software vendors! Part one leads you through a summary of the rapid advances in graphic design software and hardware now available to the PC or Mac user, followed by a structured overview of the rich array of resources to the digital designer in the form of drawing, painting and 3D applications, clipart, photolibraries, scanned images, digital photographs and new Internet sources. Part Two is structured in the form of a series of Workshop sessions. Each session explains in simple language the methods and techniques used to create the wide variety of over 300 graphic design examples included in the book.

“Anny”, personal, 2014 “Halo creative collection”, Hairhouse Warehouse, 2014 WAD magazine cover rework for 10th anniversary exhibition, 2010 Piece from series to New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition, 2011 Assignments: Personal Prefs Palette II Objective: Create a small abstract design/painting using your preferred palette of colors. The Design You may devise an abstract color composition, an expressive self-portrait, or an interior. Feel free to propose alternative formats to the instructor for consideration. Final Project Assignment Here are some links that have to-go-box templates. For this project one of your die lines must be a custom design you create, not from a template. You still may need to rework some of the die-line templates and adjust them for this project. Some of the links contain jpg or gif files, if you choose these ones you must redraw them and set them up in Adobe Illustrator. Use layers to isolate your die line, marks, and artwork. Remember to use a custom spot color for your die line.

Shout works Shout (aka Alessandro Gottardo) / Skype: alessandro.gottardo Prev 1 2 3 4 5 ... Next Top page Copyright © Shout, all rights reserved. Web design by Franco Cervi, engineering and hosting by Mitric. 23 examples of student package design work TweetTweet Image and presentation matters more then ever for products. The way they are presented decides if the product will be picked from the shelfs of the supermarkets, and because competition is high, they also have to differentiate and attract ones eyes.But this post is about the quality and diversity of package design, especially because it is done by students. You can’t deny that, when you eat something, presentation has a big impact on your mood. Package design has evolved from that, it doesn’t just limit itself only on presentation, but also on differentiation.The easier to see the product, to attract our attention, the faster they will be purchased. All the time when I would have seen a nice package design, I would ask myself what agency designed it.

Starving Artist Recipes I used to live in Seattle and one of the big things I miss about that city is Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie restaurant. It is seriously intense, with their stone-encased applewood burning ovens, exclusive charcuterie, and artisan cheeses. But my fav is their Yukon Gold Potato with Rosemary and Pecorino Romano Pizza. While flights from LA to Seattle aren’t super expensive, making this pizza (or as close to it as possible) is a better alternative. Lovely Package Design Projects Once again I made a selection of package designs but this time I went a little deeper and got a lovely selection of great package design projects, so you can get a lot of views of each project and also find out more each design. For more stuff you can look up on I also found some from Furry Utopia