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Paint Colors Archives. Color Palettes Archives. Spring Green, Teal, and Bubblegum Color Palette Bright green looks so lovely when it’s paired with a bubblegum pink and dark teal.

Tangerine, Pink Lace, and Raspberry Red Color Palette Ice cream and sherbet makes for a pretty (delicious) palette. Image by Design Love Fest Cobalt, Mustard, and Carnation Color Palette This bold, retro inspired color palette is oh-so-perfect for so many things! Gold, Peach, and Hot Pink Color Palette This color palette reminds me of the perfect summer sunset. Turquoise, Mint, and Pink Color Palette These dreamy colors are just perfect for a garden party. (Left to right – 1.

House Beautiful 2. The Decorista 3. Bossacafez 4. Dottie Angel 5. Nest Design Studio {blog}/Alice Lane 6. Color Combinations August 7, 2010 Advertisements Like this: Like Loading...

Various Color Combinations August 7, 2010 Advertisements Like this: Like Loading...

Decorology. How to Decorate. How to Start Decorating. Decorating 101 Archives. How to Decorate: Decorating 101. Welcome!

How to Decorate: Decorating 101

I'm so glad you are here! Sign up here to have your blog posts delivered right to your inbox to stay in touch. Do you need tips for how to decorate, no matter what your style or budget is? Do you need some fresh inspiration for ways to decorate your home? Serenity Now: IKEA Shopping Inspiration. It's been awhile since I had the pleasure of a girls' shopping trip to all know I love to blog about our IKEA fun.

Serenity Now: IKEA Shopping Inspiration

Today I'll share some pictures of the rooms and products we liked the most. It's so much more fun to see the showrooms, as opposed to the flat photo layouts in the catalogs. Serenity Now: IKEA Decorating Inspiration (Our Shopping Fun) You should know by now that IKEA is one of my favorite places on earth to browse and find ideas for my home.

Serenity Now: IKEA Decorating Inspiration (Our Shopping Fun)

Last week, I shared Home Organizing Ideas from a recent IKEA shopping trip. Today, I wanted to show you a bunch more fabulous IKEA decor and design ideas. I can't think of many things more fun than heading up to IKEA with one of my best people, my friend Christy. We like to pretend that we are Swedish models, Ilsa and Olga; picking out things for our fabulous New York City apartments. We had most of our kids in tow this time, which sort of spoils the fantasy of being young single models, but thanks to the "Smaland" (kids area), we had a bit of free time to roam and take inspiration pics. I featured most of the pictures in the organizing ideas post, but I have some new ones today. Living Areas: Serenity Now: IKEA Shopping and Home Decor, Fall 2012.

The girls and I headed up to the Woodbridge IKEA yesterday so I could take a peek at the new Fall items I spied in the catalog (and so they could play in the Smaland).

Serenity Now: IKEA Shopping and Home Decor, Fall 2012

We didn't have a lot of time to browse, but I was excited to see new room designs and new pieces everywhere! Please bear with the iPhone pics, but I just had to show you some of the awesomeness I spotted on our little IKEA shopping trip. (Not a sponsored post...I just love some cute Swedish stuff) One very positive thing I noted in the new catalog and also in the showroom was that the IKEA designers not only offer ideas on ways to "hack" their pieces, but there also seemed to be more accessorizing than usual. I noticed more of the smaller, inexpensive "extras" from the marketplace scattered about the showroom. Serenity Now: IKEA Spring Decorating Ideas {Shopping Inspiration, April 2014} It has been a long time since I took you all on a little tour of our Woodbridge IKEA showrooms.

Serenity Now: IKEA Spring Decorating Ideas {Shopping Inspiration, April 2014}

Our IKEA is less than half an hour away, so even if I don't have a big ticket item on my list, it's close enough that I can go up to browse and find some decorating ideas for the next season. IKEA didn't disappoint during our recent trip. The showrooms and marketplace were full of new pieces! I thought I'd share some of the best IKEA decorating tips and ideas from my recent trip. Please forgive the grainy, darker iPhone photos. Serenity Now: 10 Inspiring "How to Decorate" Blog Posts and Series. I'm taking a little blogging break today to get parts of my house under control.

Serenity Now: 10 Inspiring "How to Decorate" Blog Posts and Series

It's been too many days of chaos with a baby dragging on my leg because he has a bad cold...doesn't make for getting stuff done around the homestead. I don't know whats been up with me lately! Really . I'm sure we've all seen the paint dipped trend before, whether it be those paint dipped shoes or those adorable kitchen appliances, but for some reason it has just hit me now that I love it! :) All I want to do is pull out all of my paints and sit in a bucket of prettiness. Is that weird. I thrive on changing up the decor in my house. I do it as often as I can, whether it's rearranging furniture, moving around accessories, adding color to walls, you get the picture.

I've been stuck in rental H@&* for too long! We have one year left here and I'm DREAMING of our new place...our OWN place and I can't wait! One of my favorite new trends in decorating is the combo of Yellow and Gray! I'm more of a fan of the muted yellows, but any shade of gray will do, I think the soft yellow goes great with a light gray all the way to a dark charcoal. It’s in the details. Pops of Pink for your Friday. Spring is coming. Decorating with bright colors can bring the sunshine into your home and lift your mood. You can perk up any room by adding a single pillow, rug or lamp. To get ideas on decorating with yellow, browse these fresh picks below and start the Spring season off with a happy hue.

Shop the Look: Yellow | Decorating with Bright Colors 1. Add bright pops of color to your home decor with pretty pinks and complimentary lime greens. Finish the look with fresh pink flowers in single vases. Get preppy with Pink. Pretty Pinks + Links. Teal, the color of the week is romantic, smooth and refreshing. Teal can have many hues, as it is between blue and green in color. It can be fresh and vivid, especially when paired with the right colors. I love a white and teal palette that’s crisp and sea-inspired. Another winning combination in my book is teal and silver with pops of pink as seen in House Beautiful below. Color of the Week | Teal + Links House Beautiful Living Room in Bold color, Teal and Chocolate Felted Stones on Etsy, Wear Sequins to Breakfast Pencils, Martha Stewart Collection Dinnerware, Coral Sea Melamine Collection, Teal and White via Apartment Therapy, Beautiful family room via Four Generations One Roof Even though the color is called Sky Dive by Benjamin Moore, it reminds me of the crystal blue green sea as seen from above.

Related: Teal Nautical Crab print. Other Color of the Week posts: Hey there! Do you like the things in your house to be lively, with many prints and colors? If yes, you are at the right place, because here you will have the chance to see some pretty amazing patterned interiors. Spring is already here and that means fresh and colorful home designs, In this article you are going to take a look at some Pastel Interior Designs That Will Melt Your Heart. They are truly inspiring, and you would love to copy the looks. There is nothing more cure, calming and relaxing than pastels, so you should seriously take them in consideration for implementing them in your interiors. The photos below will make you want to incorporate them as soon as possible, and the spring is just the right time to do that.

Pastels will make the ambiance enjoyable and relaxing and super welcoming. Searching for calming and relaxing look into your room? Using calming colors such as blue in your home tends to bring about an atmosphere of serenity. Keep in mind that blue is associated with the intellectual as well as trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, reflection, and calm. It can also have negative associations, though, such as aloofness or coldness. RED!!! …The never ending topic of decorating conversations.