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English Vocabulary Games with Pictures (Word-to-Picture / Picture-to-Word)

English Vocabulary Games with Pictures (Word-to-Picture / Picture-to-Word)
<HR NOSHADE SIZE=99><h2>This quiz requires a JavaScript enabled browser.<BR>You either have JavaScript turned off or are using a browser that doesn't support JavaScript.</h2><HR NOSHADE SIZE=99> About the Games There are 7 games on each set of 9 words.Choose the games that you enjoy or do all of them to reinforce learning. The Games This is part of Interesting Things for ESL Students. Copyright © 2004-2005, 2009 by Charles Kelly The JavaScript code was written by Regine B-D and was modified by Charles Kelly.Used with Permission. <center><a href="/copyright.html"></a></center><br />

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Confusing Words and Homonyms Letter A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z Many words in English sound or look alike, causing confusion and not a few headaches. This section lists some of these words, and other troublemakers. a.m., p.m. 25 Online Games for English Language Learners GameZone: Dozens of simple, straightforward games about grammar, spelling, and vocabulary reach out to English language learners at all levels. Keep in mind, however, that this site is based in the U.K. and follows a different set of linguistic rules than American series of vocabulary and games runs the gamut from elementary to high school levels of proficiency. Each is recommended for both native speakers as well as students learning English as a second or third (or more) language.Power Words:PBS’ WordGirl and her simian sidekick Captain Huggy Face do battle against Fair City’s most sinister citizens, but it’s up to players to determine the course of the action. Picking the wrong words means letting the villains follow through with their sneaky plots.LearnEnglish Kids:The British Council presents a suite of super cool games covering different elements of the English language.

Printable worksheets (verb be) THE VERB TO BEprintable worksheets nouns In this unit you will learn about nouns, a very important part of English grammar. Choose the topic you want to learn, study the grammar explanations, do some exercises, then take online tests and print out our worksheets.

Standard Business Questions - Standard Questions asked about Business and Variations There are a number of standard business questions used when making general inquires into the nature of a company. The following dialogue covers a number of standard business questions. The reference section then provides variations and related business questions for a number of the standard business questions used in the dialogue. Business Reporter: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.

Friendship Vocabulary spouse- husband or wife bond- connection, something that makes two things stick together Reading Comprehension - Free Worksheets Home- English- Math - Reading - Research - Keys - Newsworthy - Links - Contact Reading Comprehension, Volume 5: Number 32, Word Meanings From Context Family Members Games Practice family member vocabulary and talking about your family in English. Fun games for kids and activities for reading, writing, listening and speaking. All of the games have sound, so you can listen and check your understanding, practice conversation, or just listen and repeat. There are 10+ activities with for this family member vocabulary game, providing a lot of practice for ESL students or just use them as games for children to learn how to spell family member vocab. to practice spelling, conversation, questions and listening.

Vocabulary Useful for Writing Business Letters By Kenneth Beare This sheet focuses on core vocabulary and phrases used when writing business letters or e-mails in English. This business writing reference can be used in English for specific purposes classes as a starting point for students who need to use English on an everyday basis for written business communications. Teachers are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in very specific trade sectors. Using an English/English Dictionary Vocabulary wide choice- lots of different ones to choose from bilingual- two languages 20 Startups Changing The Way We Learn New Languages Languages tend to stay the same, but the way we learn them is in a state of constant change. With new technology, great ideas, online courses, and an increasingly connected world, there are more new ways to learn a language today than ever before. For this, we can thank startups who are working hard to bring new and creative ways to get connected, practice language, and get access to language learning resources. Read on as we explore 20 startups who are making an impact on the way we learn new languages. VerblingVerbling has been described as the "chat roulette of language learning," allowing language learners to find someone to have one-on-one language exchanges with via online teleconference.

mazes with content squares, maze with text or images, printable mazes, print mazes, maze to print Tools for Educators offers , and other worksheet makers for teachers to make classroom handouts, math mazes, lesson plan worksheets and a printable maze for classes The Maze Game Maker

Business English vocabulary reference lists for ESP (English for Special Purposes) classes and students, including over 2,500 key words and phrases for a variety of industries. Business English vocabulary reference lists for ESP (English for Special Purposes) classes and students. Vocabulary for advertising, banking and stocks, bookkeeping and financial administration, business and commercial letters, human resources, insturance, legal, logistics, marketing, production and manufacturing and sales and aquisitions. Food Service VocabularyList of 170 essential words for the food service industry for English language learners Standard Business QuestionsThis interview focuses on asking standard business questions in English. Each of the standard business questions then has a number of variations as well as related questions in the reference section.

50 Apps for the Foreign Language Classroom I enjoy discussing iPad and other edtech resources with my colleague and friend Sylvia Duckworth almost every week through Twitter. Sylvia is a leader in the French teaching community in Canada, and has created an enormous amount of resources for language teachers to use. I asked her if she wanted to collaborate on this post, and she quickly agreed to do so.

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