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Organize the Web in your way

Organize the Web in your way

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Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Software Keywords scrapbook max,digital scrapbooking software,digital scrapbook software,scrapbooking software,scrapbook software,scrapbook program,scrapbooking program,digital scrapbooking,scrapbook,scrapbooking,scrap book software 45 Character Description Create Audio for your site with a Free mp3 player Create an Audio Message for your Website in 3 Easy Steps. No audio software or player downloads needed! You're 3 easy steps away from adding audio to your website.

5 Task Apps for Visual Thinkers Most productivity tools and reviews focus on very linear, left-brained thinking. What if you’re a visual thinker and looking for a tool that suits your needs? Pen and paper, a massive whiteboard, or post-it notes can work for the right-brainers out there, but they’re also not necessarily very practical in this digital age, where you might need to access your tasks on the go, keep notes and track progress on them, or share them with someone else. Features to look for: If you’re looking at trying a digital app to help manage your to do list, and you’ve struggled with productivity tools in the past, here’s a few features that you might want to look for before you try yet another app:

Jing - Capture d'images et de vidéos How Jing saved me 20 hours and 10 gallons of gas this week I specialize in online marketing for home builders and we frequently work with sales teams to migrate their registration cards to an online CRM model. Since our clients are in diverse locations, I needed a way to train agents on the technology without spending a lot of time on the road. The task seemed impossible, until I found Jing. The challenge for us–and anyone involved in New Home Sales and Marketing Management–is always how to focus time at each community to effectively coach, encourage, and inspire sales teams. Free High Resolution Vintage World War II Envelope Covers - The F/Stop Spot Note: Be sure to check out our other digital freebies. Whether you are creating a website or working on a scrapbooking project, vintage envelopes can add a classic flare to any design. These envelopes were sent and received during World War II and are authentic in every way! Each cover has been carefully scanned and retouched in Photoshop. This collection includes a variety of six envelopes (front and back) from the 1940s.

Welcome - All your online visits organized, archived and searchable Whenever you search the Web, Peerbelt looks for related pages in your browsing library Peerbelt organizes the top items from your browsing library according to relevance. A click on the logo brings you to your visual library screen so you can review more than just the top few entries. The history link pins the visit in your library, so you can explore items from a similar time. Ditching Evernote? Check Out 5 Free Web Clipping Alternatives Perish the thought. Why would you ditch Evernote? The one de facto tool that can take care of capturing, annotating, tagging, and organizing all the information that’s out there. If I am sounding too gung ho about this software, I am definitely not alone. Evernote has lots of uses to crow about. But then the web space of web clipping tools and information managers is not Evernote’s alone.

SMASH Books: The Un-scrapbook I have been scrapbooking since about 1994. During this time, I have heard my fair share of people tell me that they want to scrapbook, but “don’t have time.” Or “aren’t creative Cybia : Utility Apps Utility Software Click on the links below to view more information. Typefacer automatically displays all your installed fonts so you can quickly preview the different typefaces available. Ideal if you are looking for a suitable font style for your project. Another handy tool. FREEWAREView product details | Download 5 Best Free Personal Wiki Software Here are 5 free personal wiki software that let you create your own desktop wiki, and keep notes. 1. Linked Notes

Features WireBooster is a most effective downloading optimization tool designed to work with all major BitTorrent clients. Very resourceful in terms of functionality, it was developed for getting the highest speeds out of your torrent downloads. WireBooster’s support for file sharing clients includes: Ares, Bearshare, Azureus, BearFlix, BitComet, BitTorrent, DC++, Emule, Edonkey, FrostWire, Imesh, Kazaa, LimeWire, Morpheus, Shareaza, uTorrent, Warez, WinMx. While requiring the lowest CPU usage, WireBooster harnesses powerful features able to skyrocket the performance of your file sharing application almost instantly!

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Personal Wikis Personal wikis were a big fad for productivity geeks for a while, but that seems to have toned down a lot through 2008. Wikis are still incredibly useful, and can make you more productive. You can think of a personal wiki like a bit of a catch-all binder. Whether you want to manage personal information, use it as a freelance web-worker, or to manage your corporate work, this article will introduce you to a few of the options out there and kickstart you with some ideas for getting productive using your wiki. Personal Wikis You Can Use This is by no means a comprehensive list, so if you have a favorite wiki, let us know about in the comments section.

Free Layout and Design Software Online Lucidpress removes the learning curve of traditional layout and design software. Nothing to install Say goodbye to the hassle of using desktop software. No more worrying about updates or sending files back-and-forth between your work and home computers. Lucidpress always online and just a click away. Drag and drop