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FAQ: OCW Scholar Legal Executive - Wills & Probate job with Casey Associates | 3198668 A well-established medium sized Surrey practice with a strong reputation for private client work. A modern and well supported working environment and a culture of encouraging career development. Responsibilities Responsible for preparing Wills, LPAs and lighter probate applications for clients, with minimal secretarial support Assisting other members of the Probate department as required Assisting with marketing of the department Maximising cross-selling opportunities, particularly with regard to financial planning and conveyancing Helping to retain and develop clients and introduce clients to the practice Contributing to the improvement of standard procedures and use of IT within department Directly report to the head of Probate This position is full-time Applicant must be prepared to undertake home visits The position lends itself to a certain degree of home working Pay structure is flexible Objectives c. 800 annual chargeable hours Annual billing – c.£110,000

Energy Courses Following on the heels of the GDPR - and almost slipping under the radar - the European Parliament today approves proposal for an EU PNR Directive. | Valerie Surgenor Solar cell research There are currently many research groups active in the field of photovoltaics in universities and research institutions around the world. This research can be divided into three areas: making current technology solar cells cheaper and/or more efficient to effectively compete with other energy sources; developing new technologies based on new solar cell architectural designs; and developing new materials to serve as light absorbers and charge carriers. Silicon processing[edit] One way of reducing the cost is to develop cheaper methods of obtaining silicon that is sufficiently pure. Silicon is a very common element, but is normally bound in silica, or silica sand. The current industrial production of silicon is via the reaction between carbon (charcoal) and silica at a temperature around 1700 °C. Nanocrystalline solar cells[edit] Thin-film processing[edit] One particularly promising technology is crystalline silicon thin films on glass substrates. [edit] Polymer processing[edit]

The "Green Peril": Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat by Leon T. Hadar Leon T. Hadar, a former bureau chief for the Jerusalem Post, is an adjunct scholar of the Cato Institute. Executive Summary Now that the Cold War is becoming a memory, America's foreign policy establishment has begun searching for new enemies. George Will even suggested that the 1,000-year battle between Christendom and Islam might be breaking out once more when he asked, "Could it be that 20 years from now we will be saying, not that they're at the gates of Vienna again, but that, in fact, the birth of Mohammed is at least as important as the birth of Christ, that Islamic vitality could be one of the big stories of the next generations?" © 1992 The Cato InstitutePlease send comments to webmaster

NoSQL "Structured storage" redirects here. For the Microsoft technology also known as structured storage, see COM Structured Storage. A NoSQL (often interpreted as Not Only SQL[1][2]) database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. Motivations for this approach include simplicity of design, horizontal scaling and finer control over availability. The data structure (e.g. key-value, graph, or document) differs from the RDBMS, and therefore some operations are faster in NoSQL and some in RDBMS. There are differences though, and the particular suitability of a given NoSQL DB depends on the problem it must solve (e.g. does the solution use graph algorithms?). History[edit] There have been various approaches to classify NoSQL databases, each with different categories and subcategories. A more detailed classification is the following, by Stephen Yen:[9] Performance[edit] Examples[edit] Graph[edit]

Programme des contrôles 2016 : quelles thématiques prioritaires ? | CNIL En 2016, la CNIL réalisera entre 400 et 450 contrôles sur place, sur audition, sur pièces et en ligne. Les contrôles liés aux thématiques du programme annuel représenteront 25% de l’activité totale. Des contrôles seront en outre diligentés pour instruire les plaintes reçues par la CNIL (20%). Les thématiques retenues pour le programme annuel 2016 relèvent tant du secteur public que privé. Les thématiques retenues pour l’année 2016 sont les suivantes : Le SNIIRAM : Le Système national d’information inter-régimes de l'assurance maladie (SNIIRAM) a été créé en 1999 et contient aujourd’hui plusieurs dizaines de millions d’enregistrements issus des demandes de remboursements de frais de santé (feuilles de soins, factures de cliniques, etc.). Enfin, l’année 2016 sera de nouveau l’occasion pour la CNIL de coopérer avec les autres autorités de protection des données, au travers du quatrième volet du Sweep Day sur le thème des objets connectés.

Got SPAM? I don’t, thanks to GFI Max MailEdge | retrohack Security is all about adding on layers, like an onion, or an ogre, to establish what is called a defence in depth approach. The more layers of security a bad guy must penetrate, the less likely he will succeed, the more likely you will detect him, and unless you are the specific target of the attack, they may just move on to easier pickings. Email is often what I like to call a drive-by shooting victim…spam, phishing attacks, and malware are not so much targeted at your company as they are at your users inboxes. In is not personal; they just happened to leave their email.addr out somewhere that got noticed. Exchange systems have a lot of options for screening incoming mail. Forefront for Exchange can be implemented at the edge transport role, Forefront TMG has some layered protections, and even Outlook contributes to the goal of keeping users spam free. Setting it up Reduce the TTL on your MX records to a value that allows you to revert quickly; 300 works well. User Self Service Setup

Which data protection and consumer law applies to Amazon? Comments on the VKI v Amazon judgment Lorna Woods, Professor of Internet Law, University of Essex The recent CJEU judgment in VKI v Amazon concerns jurisdiction both in the context of conflict of laws (applicable consumer laws) and the Data Protection Directive. Essentially, the Court of Justice had to decide which Member State’s data protection law should apply where goods are sold across national borders but within the EU. In this, it forms part of a stream of case law (both decided and pending), dealing with the powers of states (and their institutions) to protect those within their boundaries notwithstanding the digital internal market. Facts The case concerned Amazon, a well-known large company engaged in on-line selling. Questions Referred Judgment The ECJ dealt with the questions on Rome I and II together. Article 4(3) of the Rome II Regulation states that the law of another country applies if it is clear that the tort is manifestly more closely connected with it. Comment Photo credit:

Anonym surfen | link to other sites anonymously In order to produce a single anonymous link, enter the URL you want to link to and then click on "Generate URL". If you want to anonymize all the external links on your board or homepage, we can generate a script for you to deal with this automatically for all your pages. Enter the Sites for which links shall not be redirected to (e.g. your own) and click on "Generate script". The advantages of anonymizing your external links with Webmasters can use this tool to prevent their site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer. Detailed instructions for the anonymizing script Once the script is embedded in a website, it redirects all the links via - except for the sites that were excluded when generating the script. only disguises what page a visitor comes from.