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20+ of the Best Online Teacher Communities Are you looking for inspiration on lesson plans, activity ideas or school resources to share with your class? #PlanningShoutout is where you can find ideas and inspiration from countless teachers, many of whom are sharing online and virtual teaching resources to use during this period of school closures. Of course if you have some useful resources to share, you can do so via this hashtag. Use of capital punishment by country The following is a summary of the use of capital punishment by country. Capital punishment in the world (by country not by population)[edit] Capital punishment has been used in almost every part of the world, but in the last few decades many countries have abolished it.

untitled The website located at and the mobile application called “Flipgrid” (the "App" and, together with the website, the "Site") and the services offered through the Site (the "Services") are copyrighted works belonging to Vidku, Inc. ("Flipgrid", "us", "our", and "we"). Certain features of the Site or Services may be subject to additional guidelines, terms, or rules, which will be posted on the Site or Services in connection with such features.

WISE Home Page Java UpdateJan 15, 2014 On January 14, 2014, a new version of Java was released. Please update your computer to this version to continue using simulations and probes in WISE. Wardman - Making the News: A Motivating Writing Skills Project for ESL Students The Internet TESL Journal Clare Wardmanc.wardman1 {at} St John University (York, UK) Rationale Many ESL students, children and adults alike, dislike or even dread writing tasks in the ESL classroom, finding them boring or difficult (Winer,1992: Cimcoz, 1999). This can lead teachers to avoid all but the shortest of writing tasks in the classroom, for fear of not being able to motivate or support their students highly enough. 10 Free Resources for Flipping Your Classroom Thanks to the folks over at Khan Academy, alternative modes of delivering classroom instruction are all the rage. We’ve got face to face models, labs, rotations, online-only, self-blend, and of course, flipped. While there are numerous ways to implement a flipped classroom, the basic components include some form of prerecorded lectures that are then followed by in-class work. Flipped classrooms are heralded for many reasons. For one thing, students can learn at their own pace when they’re watching lectures at home.

The Death Penalty Worldwide According to Amnesty International, 140 countries have abolished the death penalty. In 2012, only one country, Latvia, abolished the death penalty for all crimes. In 2013, 22 countries around the world were known to have carried out executions and at least 57 to have imposed death sentences. See also U.S. Figures. TabPilot Tablet Manager The menu item for View & Lock has been renamed to View & Control, as we'll be adding more functionality to this area. View & Control and Status have been pulled out from the Manage menu and now reside in the bottom section of the menu with the blue border. This keeps these important items always visible. It also groups items together in the blue box that have "instant" effect on the tablets, including activating profiles.

The Differentiator Try Respondo! → ← Back to Features Eyejot is the most feature-packed video mail platform available today – for both desktop & laptop web/browser clients and mobile devices, like the Apple iPhone. An Android version will be available soon. One account gives you access to the Eyejot video mail platform through any of our available clients (desktop or mobile). Glossary of Online Learning Terms ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING: When learners participate in an online learning course at different times, it is known as asynchronous learning. This might also be called eLearning or web-based training (WBT). Asynchronous learning allows learners to go through a course at their own pace and on their own schedule. AUDIO CONFERENCING: Audio conferencing refers to a connection between three or more locations that involves a voice-only connection.

edweb If it is important to library media professionals, we’ve got it covered. LMC @ the Forefront webinars are heading to edWeb, where education professionals go to connect with peers and learn best practices in their fields. Our popular live, web-delivered professional development workshops offer real-time, real-world insight and thought-leadership in the library media profession…and now they’re free through edWeb. You won’t find better value…take advantage now by joining the edWeb Community. LMC@ the Forefront is a free online collaborative community where school librarians, district librarians, and school library LMS students can collaborate on all aspects of being a K-12 library media professional. Our PLC offers school librarians a place to explore together the challenges, opportunities and resources that make school libraries vibrant, vital research and learning environments.

48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers A good majority of northern hemisphere and international schools are winding down the 2011-12 school year, and doors will be closing as the students and teachers take off on their summer adventures. Here is a list of great sites for kids and teachers to keep you happily productive and learning this summer. These are in no way in any order of personal preference or coolness. Happy summer!