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For Students, Why the Question is More Important Than the Answer

For Students, Why the Question is More Important Than the Answer
Thinkstock In a traditional classroom, the teacher is the center of attention, the owner of knowledge and information. Teachers often ask questions of their students to gauge comprehension, but it’s a passive model that relies on students to absorb information they need to reproduce on tests. What would happen if the roles were flipped and students asked the questions? That’s the premise of the Right Question Institute and a new book by its co-directors Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana. The book, Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions, documents a step-by-step process to help students formulate and prioritize questions about nearly everything. Coming up with the right question involves vigorously thinking through the problem, investigating it from various angles, turning closed questions into open-ended ones and prioritizing which are the most important questions to get at the heart of the matter. “We’ve been underestimating how well our kids can think.”

Magisto for Chrome - Magical Video Editing Magisto is a video editing service whose mobile apps I've featured in the past. This morning I tried tried their free Chrome App. The Magisto Chrome App makes it easy to stitch together video clips and pictures to create short videos. The Magisto Chrome App allows you to quickly drag videos and images from your desktop to your Magisto account. From the videos you upload, Magisto will select the best portions to remix and blend with images. On the Magisto website you can create albums of your videos. Applications for Education The Magisto Chrome App is a good option for teachers who would like a simple video creation tool that offers a little bit more than Animoto in terms of sharing and length of videos that their students can create.

Ten Most Popular Educational YouTube Videos in 2013 Uncategorized Check out YouTube’s top trending educational videos in 2013. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Related Explore: video, videos, YouTube Medium: A powerful web tool you're going to be using next year Apps Web Tools Medium: A powerful web tool you’re going to be using next year Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email I like to write. [quote_right]I’d say Medium will be a popular tool for teachers and students alike next year. What Is Medium, on the other hand, encourages you to write until your hands bleed. There is a community aspect, of course. If you’re like me, all the noise of the web can distract you to the point of not accomplishing anything. That’s why it’s perfect for the classroom and for education in general. How To Use Medium In The Classroom Medium could be a powerful ally for any student in need of breaking through writer’s block. The formatting tools available on Medium I have just stumbled across Medium and am only getting started with it now. Medium is still in the very early stages right now. This post was actually written on Medium.

How to Make Posts Sticky in WordPress, Kidblog, and Edublogs When you're using blogs in your classroom there may be some posts that you want to keep at the top of the page rather than letting them get pushed down by new entries. For example, if you're students are contributing to a group blog, you might want to keep the instructions post pinned to the top of the list of posts. Or you might want to keep a reminder about an upcoming due date posted at the top of the page. These kinds of posts are called "sticky" posts and they're easy to create on, Kidblog, Edublogs, or any other blog running on the software. To create a sticky post in any of the aforementioned services follow these steps. 1. To make an existing post a sticky post follow these steps. 1.

7 Ways to Create and Deliver Online Quizzes Creating and delivering quizzes and tests online offers a number of advantages over paper-based quizzes and tests. Many online quiz services allow you to create quizzes that give your students instant feedback. Some of the services provide the option to include picture and video prompts in your quizzes. And all of these services save you the hassle of printing your quizzes. Here are seven ways that you can create and deliver quizzes online. Blubbr is a neat quiz creation service that you can use to create video-based quizzes. Zoho Survey is a feature-packed tool for creating online quizzes and surveys. Quizdini is a free tool for creating online quizzes. ImageQuiz is a free service that allows you to create quizzes based on any images that you own or find online. Socrative is a free quiz/ survey tool that I've been using a lot over the last couple of years. Infuse Learning is similar in concept to Socrative with a couple of differences worth noting.

25 Sites For Creating Interesting Quote Images If you’ve used Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or just about any other social network then you’ve probably seen some interesting quotes presented in the form of a splashy and colorful image. You may have thought “I wish I had the time and graphic design expertise to create something nifty like that! My students and friends would love it.” Well, the long wait is over. Below is a useful list of more than two dozen (and growing) sites that let you easily create interesting quote images. For example, you can have students find a favorite quote, create an innovative image out of that quote, and then stand up and explain why that quote matters to them. An example I made on PicMonkey for this post: However you use your quotes, check out this fabulous list from Denise Wakeman and try out some of them for yourself.

What Is A Flipped Classroom? Flipped classrooms are becoming more and more common, both for in-person classes and in online learning settings. It’s a great way to shake things up, bring more personalized attention to your classroom, and put some of your technology to use. Flipped classrooms are one of the more popular trends we’ve seen since Edudemic was created, and it is certainly one of the most long- lasting. Other things have come and gone in the past few years, but flipped classrooms are getting even more and more popular. If you’re new to flipped classrooms or have known about the concept for awhile but haven’t made the plunge, the handy infographic below takes a look at some of the basics of flipped classrooms: what are some of the advantages, why and how they work, and how both teachers and students are responding to the flipped classroom model. What Is A Flipped Classroom Thus, teachers have class time to work on activities, problems, workshops, labs, and provide students with individual attention.

Tracking Polar Bears on Google Maps - And Polar Bear Lesson Plans Bear Tracker is a feature of the Polar Bears International website. The Bear Tracker plots the travels of collared polar bears in Hudson Bay and the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. You can view the travel paths of one or all of the bears on each map. Applications for Education While not specifically tied to the Bear Tracker, Polar Bears International has some lesson plans for teaching about climate change, ecotourism, and conservation. H/T to Google Maps Mania. Read Write Think Timeline - A Timeline Tool for Almost All Devices Read Write Think offers a bunch of great web, iOS, and Android applications for students. One of those that I recently learned about from David Kapuler is Read Write Think's Timeline creator. RWT Timline is available as a web app (Flash required), as an Android app, and as an iPad app. To create a timeline with RWT Timeline students first tap or click along a blank line to add an event. Applications for Education The Android and iPad versions of RWT Timeline support multiple user profiles making it a great choice for classrooms that have more students than tablets. The aspect of RWT Timeline that I appreciate the most is the flexibility of date formats.

50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Languages Learning another language is important. And even in the United States (where learning non-native language has typically been lagging a bit behind many other countries), nearly all students are studying another language. Languages are a part of everyday life – whether you speak one or more, they are one of the main keys of communication. Other than being able to speak a language (or not being able to speak it) there are a lot of fun facts about languages more generally There are about 7,000 languages in the world.There are 50,000 characters in the Chinese language. Tech with Jen: Interactive Reading Notebooks Interactive Reading Notebooks seem to be all of the rage. Its no wonder because Common Core State Standards require students to read, examine, and discuss a variety of texts. The reading notebook is a tool to aide comprehension, write about thinking, and provide evidence from text. So, we as teachers, should provide students with many opportunities to examine and discuss them. However, I worry sometimes there is too much emphasis on always having students WRITE about their thinking. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in the reciprocal nature of reading and writing. First, begin by aiding comprehension through the use of graphic organizers. Once students have created their page, I like to have students share. Click on the link to see a presentation I did for the Schools Without Walls Conference that has several student examples. Be sure to open the link from a device. What do you think about this idea?

Nature Sound Map - Listen to the Sounds of Nature All Over the World Nature Sound Map provides a wonderful way to explore the soundscape of the natural world. On the Nature Sound Map you will find placemarks containing recordings of nature. The recordings have been added to the project by professional sound recordists. Applications for Education In science courses the sound map offers a nice way for students to hear the sounds of animals that they're learning about in different regions of the world. H/T to Google Maps Mania.