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QDA Miner Lite - Free Qualitative Data Analysis Software

QDA Miner Lite - Free Qualitative Data Analysis Software

CAQDAS (New Media Methods @ Loughborough University) Although it is true that all CAQDAS programs fulfill similar tasks (Lewins & Silver 2004: 3ff; Weitzman and Miles 1995), at the same time there are some substantial differences between the different packages (Heimgartner 2005; Lewins & Silver 2004; Lewis 2004). These are not simple differences of taste. As I have demonstrated elsewhere (Koenig 2004), specific methodologies might require a specific CAQDAS, which may not always be the program most widely available. Elsewhere I have followed others (e.g.; Lewins & Silver 2004: 3), who argue that CAQDAS cannot decide about a methodological approach. After reviewing technical and ergonomic features of the softwares, their suitability for different forms of textual and multimedia data, this comparison follows the conceptualization of the main CAQDAS functions, as they have been identified by Weitzman and Miles (1995): Searches, coding strategies, and theory visualization networks. Technical Data Ergonomics Textual Data Multimedia Data Searches

methods in social research Social Research Methods and Program Evaluation Resources Basic guides These have very plain and clear descriptions of what evaluation is. Useful to introduce people to evaluation. Organizations Methods - books, manuals, guides to research methods and evaluation Approaches to evaluation , evaluator competencies, politics of evaluation and logic models. Survey methods Sites specifically about sampling Methods - Qualitative Policy Analysis Research about research methods Journals, individual papers, conferences, etc. General methods, and links that don't fit elsewhere Links to links Sites like this one, that link to resources for evaluation and research methods. Gao books on survey design, statistics, content analysis, other methods topics. Statistics, design Data Issues. Free software for statistics, and a few office suite packages Presenting results, statistical data and preparing research reports subject areas you need to know social psychology, organizations, other Featured sites

Software - Resource Library - HIV/AIDS CDC EZ-Text CDC EZ-Text is a software program developed to assist researchers create, manage, and analyze semi-structured qualitative databases. Researchers can design a series of data entry templates tailored to their questionnaire. These questionnaires are usually administered during face-to-face interviews with a sample of respondents. A response to a question may be entered into EZ-Text either as a verbatim transcript (e.g., from a tape recording), or a summary generated from the interviewer's notes. Download copies of the EZ-Text software and user documentation free of charge. If you have further questions or problems, please send an email message to: Epi Info Epi Info™ is a public domain suite of interoperable software tools designed for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers.

A.A.P.P.Q and C-I-SAID I have been retired for more than 10 years but I still get e-mails about C-I-SAID and the A.A.P.PQ. C-I-Said is a legacy product and may not work on modern operating systems. It is freeware and no longer supported. Download A.A.P.P.Q - Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Pereception Questionairre. A.A.P.P.Q. and associated questionairres seem to be still in use. Download AAPPQ.Zip I also have hard copies of the original articles. The Key References to the AAPPQ are Cartwright, A. (1981) Are Different Therapeutic Perspectives Important in the Treatment of Alcoholism, British Journal of Addiction 76, pp. 347-361. Cartwright, A. & Gorman, D. (1993) Processes Involved In Changing The Attitudes Of Clinicians Toward Working With Drinking Clients, Psychotherapy Research, 3(2), pp. 95-104. Implications of using the composite and short versions of the AAPPQ. You can view the reprints of these articles by downloading AAPPQ Key Papers.pdf Download AAPPQ Key Papers.pdf The following paper is also available.

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