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Speak more. Give your students online voice based assignments.

Speak more. Give your students online voice based assignments.
Create online assignments that make engaging and assessing spoken performance as natural as giving out a worksheet. Make oral exams that take a fraction of the time to administer and assess. Perfect for IB and AP preparation. Offer targeted feedback to individual responses to maximize student improvement. Incorporate video and images to create media and culture-rich exercises. Archive all your assignments and students' responses to reuse next time and track individual improvement.

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50 Great Language Learning Podcasts We all know that it is important to learn a foreign language, so let’s take a look at some resources that will help you learn and practice. Of course, textbooks and word drills are important as you learn, but even more valuable is practice listening and speaking the language. These language podcasts will help you hone your listening skills and increase your proficiency in no time! Lamar University Online Practicing Teacher Leadership Duration: 5 weeks | Credit Hours: 3 | $250.00 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee. Interactive presentations I’ve just been looking at a really interesting on line tool called Voicethread. What's Voicethread?Voice thread enables users to create online presentations using their own images.

English terms the language police want barred from French The Local The French language police have long been fighting an uphill battle to stem the invasion of English words into the language of Moliere. But with "stop", "weekend", "cool" and many, many others words now at home in the Gallic language it appears the French resistance has all been in vain. Nevertheless a team of people at the Minister of Culture in Paris are keeping up the fight. They are charged with finding French alternatives to any new English word of phrase that rears its head in French. Staff at the ministry have helped The Local devise this list of the ten latest rogue words to invade French and have suggested Gallic alternatives. How to Create a Course Podcast with Dropbox This will be the first of a series of posts where I will share step-by-step tips for some customized online course development practices that I’ve recently attempted and found to be successful in my own online courses. Many of these tips will specifically deal with building a course in Blackboard, but the principles can certainly be applied to course design within other learning management systems. For years, I’ve been a big fan of podcasts and have found them to be a fantastic tools for professional development as well as for fostering “presence” in my blended and online courses. As an auditory learner myself, I prefer to learn through audio in conjunction with text and have for years looked for ways to incorporate audio into my teaching.

You Asked, We Listened: Spanish Resources Are Here! As the educator community manager here at Common Sense Media, I often field requests from educators who would like to see our materials in Spanish. I am excited to announce today that we have added Spanish versions of our family tip sheets, videos, and most recently, student-facing lesson materials. Here's a roundup of all of the materials we now offer in Spanish: NEW: Student-Facing Lesson Materials. Found on the right-hand side of each lesson page in our curriculum under the Materiales en español heading.

Browse collection: fra Language: fra Some proverbs, conversation sentences, idioms… Alphabetical Index Using VST Instruments VST Instruments can create a huge variety of sounds from the comfort of your MIDI + Audio sequencer, but can also be a source of confusion for many computer users. Martin Walker answers the most common questions, and provides advice about automation, timing, and sound quality. A couple of years ago musicians would have laughed if you had told them that classic synths would be successfully re-created in software form and sold at a fraction of the original price. They would have been even less likely to believe that you might have half a dozen or more of them neatly integrated into your favourite MIDI + Audio sequencer to be summoned at will. Yet VST Instruments do exactly this -- and with the likes of the Minimoog, TB303, TR808, Prophet Five, PPG Wave and Mellotron already available, it's hardly surprising that they're proving extremely popular.

The 16 Best Resources for Teaching a Foreign Language According to infoplease, there are more than 6,500 languages spoken in the world, each with its own unique culture and way of thinking and communicating. As globalization barrels forward, learning a foreign language becomes ever more important and beneficial for students. However, learning another language is difficult; if you are a foreign language teacher, how can you make the process easier and more enjoyable for your students?

Online Music 90+ Essential Music and Audio Websites.url Online music has always been popular, and now social networks, peer recommendations and personalized radio stations are helping fans find bands faster than ever before. Here are more than 90 sites for musicians, fans, and everyone who enjoys music. Internet Radio Last.FM - one of the most popular music communities around, with personalized radio stations, a stunning array of social networking features, RSS support and lots more.Slacker - personalized Internet radio which offers a desktop version of the application and a hardware portable music player. Available only in the United States.ShoutCast - A large directory of Internet radio stations, categorized by genre. Streams work in Winamp.Live365 - A directory of web-based Internet radio stations - expect popups.Yahoo!

World Language: 5 Ways to get your Students TalkingThe Educator’s Room 2. Google Voice – Time is the enemy of all teachers, but especially for a World Language teacher. There simply isn’t enough time to listen to every student, every day and give detailed feedback. If your school has a Bring Your Own Device policy, you can have every student in your class complete an oral... 2. Google Voice – Time is the enemy of all teachers, but especially for a World Language teacher.