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Spanish Lesson Plans and Units, worksheets, resources, activities

Spanish Lesson Plans and Units, worksheets, resources, activities

Graphic Organizers | spanishplans The following graphic organizers are a great way to help students understand the subject pronouns and verb conjugation. The Hand Graphic Organizer1. Have students trace their right hand (or their left hand palm up). The idea is make sure the thumb is on the left. 2. 3. 4. 5. Make a bulletin board of these… Bulletin Board of VerbHands For more graphic organizers for your Spanish class, including verb graphic organizers for conjugations, and for a FREE verb chart document…….. Flat Notecard Chart 1. Flip Chart Notecard 1. 4. 5. Graphic Organizer Conjugation Sheet A full page verb chart where students conjugate various verbs. Click image to download For related products: -Teaching Subject Pronouns (5 pages) -Teaching Subject Pronouns with Pictures -Subject Pronouns Practice on Powerpoint - Conjugating AR Verbs - Stem Change Verb Packet Like this: Like Loading... Spanish Teacher in Chicago.

Spanish Yesterday I did a new lesson with my 7th graders that reinforced everything I've always felt about integrating culture into language study. It was one of those lessons where you just WISH the principal would pop in to see how things are going. (Of course, they never pop in THEN, they pop in right when you're troubleshooting a technology problem and some kid needs a band-aid and another kid needs you to sign his pre-arranged absence note and give him the work for the next 3 days because he's going to Disney World and...) AND it was one of those lessons in BOTH periods, which is even better because it's much more likely that it's really appealing to a wide range of kids, and not one of those things that works like magic with one group and the next group acts like they're about to fall asleep. What was this magical lesson, you ask? It was one of my favorite kinds of lessons -- a made-from-scratch lesson that integrates culture into language practice.

El Mundo de Birch - home Spark Enthusiasm - Teacher Resources "El sabio puede cambiar de opinión. El necio, nunca." - Immanuel Kant {*style:<b><u>SPANISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES </u></b>*} Teachers - Please use the following resources to enlighten your students about the beautiful countries where Spanish is spoken!