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Learn Spanish

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Ser vs. Estar One of the most stressful parts of learning Spanish for many language learners, other than the subjunctive and para vs. por, is knowing the difference between ser and estar. But it doesn´t have to be stressful! While both of these verbs mean "to be" and are used all the time in daily communication, the following simple rules should help you to differentiate between the two. If you have any doubts on how to conjugate either verb (because they can be a little irregular), check out the verb conjugator. Uses of Ser Gender of Nouns Home / Grammar / Gender of Nouns Part I Notes: The written lesson is below.Links to quizzes, tests, etc. are to the left. A noun is a word used to denote a person, place, thing, or idea. Person: John, girl, dentistPlace: garden, university, VenezuelaThing: book, car, tomatoIdea: liberty, despair, intelligence In Spanish, all nouns are either masculine or feminine.

Learn Spanish: Differences In Por and Para Video The differences between por and para in Spanish can be difficult to master, since they can be very nuanced. Here are some tips on the differences between por and para in Spanish.See Transcript Hola, I'm Milo for and today we're talking about the differences between por and para in Spanish. "For" in English actually has many meanings. In Spanish, they separate them a little with por and para. The usage can be subtly different, so it will take practice to get them down. What is italki Apps, flashcards, and books are all useful, but do they really prepare you to SPEAK a foreign language? With italki, you can get access to the best tool for foreign language learning -- a personal foreign language teacher. Studies have shown that taking 1-on-1 classes with a personal teacher is the fastest way to learn a language. You can use italki to:

My Favorite Spanish Words Ed M Wood When I left university I felt like I was bursting through a set of saloon swing doors, arms loaded with qualifications about to hold up the professional world until they handed over the job of my dreams. I think many graduates feel like this, and this misplaced confidence compounds the disappointment when the professional world shrugs its collective shoulders. My reaction to this disappointment was to turn my back on the opportunity vacuum and stock up on soft skills. 10 Benefits of Learning a Second Language Benefits of learning a second language include brain growth, staving off dementia, boosting memory, improving attention and more… “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charlemagne People used to think that learning two languages created confusion in the mind. Far better, it was thought, to get one right than bother with two.

Direct Commands in Spanish — The Imperative Mood By Gerald Erichsen Updated April 24, 2016. The imperative form of verbs, used for giving commands, is one of the more unusual verb forms in Spanish. As a distinctive conjugation, it exists only with tú and vosotros, that is, in the familiar second person.

The Best Spanish Movies with Subtitles to Help You Learn Watching movies to improve your Spanish Who said learning a language had to be tedious and boring? Watching movies in their original version is a fun and effective way to improve your Spanish (especially your oral comprehension). For beginner Spanish learners, I recommend watching movies with English subtitles. For more advanced learners, it’s better to watch them with Spanish subtitles. Eventually, you’ll be able watch Spanish movies without any subtitles at all, which is even more effective!

The Essential Guide to Speaking Spanish Like a True Mexican Looking to have a huge head start when you travel to Mexico? Want to impress the locals with your Spanish? Whether you want to better understand what’s going on around you or show off your language skills, one thing is true: Wild Cat Episode 1 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Venezuela A young woman loses her innocence after a wealthy ranch heir marries her and then leaves her, but will her jealous vengeance transform her into a wild animal? Rosaura Rios (Marlene Favela) carries the burden of supporting her poor family by working on the wealthy Arismendi’s family ranch by day and as a bartender by night. When she saves Luis Mario Arismendi (Mario Cimarro) from a plane crash, she falls in love with him, and they marry.

10 Best Podcasts for Language Learning In the last couple months, I’ve posted links to free language courses and the best YouTube channels for language learning. Here’s my final collection of links: The ten best language instruction podcasts. With the free courses, the YouTube channels, and now these podcasts, you have mountains of material to go through–and you don’t have to pay a penny. You literally have no excuse not to get going on learning a language. I love podcasts for three reasons:They’re verbal. If you’ve read my book Language Master Key, then you’ll know how important I think the verbal component of language is.

I believe Duolingo offers a Spanish-English program. It is a different format, but I actually prefer it (it is completely free, for a start, and much more collaborative and interactive). by k.h.r. Dec 23

I like this site. Has anyone found a similar site that teaches English with this format? by mrspagel Oct 31

You know you wanted to be my ~ * PEARLTREE * ~ friend. aha by uhhjustin Jun 3

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