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Spanish Songs: Music for Learning the Spanish Language

Spanish Songs: Music for Learning the Spanish Language
These Spanish lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use begining spanish songs to teach the alphabet, animal names, numbers and counting, colors and shapes, parts of the body, time, days, months, seasons, food, jobs, family, and traditional rhymes. Spanish Action Songs Salto, salto, salto(Jump, Jump, Jump) – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín Songs that Teach the Alphabet in Spanish Alfabeto Lento and Alfabeto Rapido – Early Spanish Adventures El alfabeto – Jim Nailon's Canciones de me clase ¿Saben los sonidos de las letras? – Jim Rule Spanish Songs for Teaching About Animals ¿Conoces estos sonidos? – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín El gallo (The Rooster) – Spanish Language Leaders! – Spanish Language Leaders! – Spanish Language Leaders! – Spanish Language Leaders! – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín Jungle Safari Animales – Early Spanish Adventures Las mascotas (The Pets) – Spanish Language Leaders! – Jim Nailon Los Animales II - plural – Jim Nailon La ranita – Jim Rule Mi pez (My Fish) Related:  SpanishSpanish language learning

The Quick and Easy Guide to Teaching with Spanish Songs | FluentU Spanish Educator Blog You’re all ready for class, which starts in just a few minutes. Prepositions are on today’s agenda, oh goody! Your students start to trickle in to the room, chatting with one another. But then, above the buzz, you hear someone utter those dreaded words: “Are we doing anything fun today?” Is there any other profession where you are not only responsible for a specific, projected outcome, but also under the emotional obligation to make it fun and entertaining? I guess that’s why we love our jobs. Indeed, we language teachers are charged with the creative task of making the mundane and everyday tasks into fun, memorable, relevant and authentic activities. Singing and music are known for their positive emotional effects on humans. So here’s a complete guide to help you begin implementing a singing curriculum that should turn your students’ expectations into unlimited possibilities. Why Teach Spanish Through Songs? Words are easy to memorize with context Students learn grammar implicitly Interview

Convertir voz en texto, las 8 mejores aplicaciones web Convertir voz en texto es una solución muy interesante que nos puede ayudar a ser más productivos, es más rápido dictar que escribir, y también son muchas las ocasiones en que nos puede interesar realizar una transcripción. Por eso he preparado esta selección, espero que la encontréis tan útil como deseo, con las 8 mejores aplicaciones web para convertir voz a texto o realizar transcripciones. Todas estas herramientas son de uso gratuito, así que ya no tienes excusa para tomar anotaciones y transcribir textos usando tu propia voz. Estas son las mejores herramientas online gratuitas para convertir voz a texto, no importa el orden, quédate con la que más te guste o te resulte más completa para tu trabajo. Speechnotes Una de las opciones más completas para tomar anotaciones dictadas con nuestra voz, es compatible numerosos idiomas incluyendo el español. Podemos utilizar comandos de voz para insertar signos de puntuación, comas, guiones, saltos de línea o párrafo, etc. Dictation Speechlogger

Canciones españolas ¡Vale! En esta página los servicios de Google Analytics y de Google Adsense hacen uso de cookies. Más información Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law Canciones Ejercicios de escucha con canciones en español A Dios le pido **Juanes Amanda **Víctor Jara Amores **Mari Trini Baile de la tabacalera (flamenco) **Del filme Carmen Burbujas de amor ***Juan Luis Guerra Clandestino **Manu Chao Cruz de navajas ***Mecano El talismán ***Rosana Eres tú *Mocedades Eres un enfermo **Las Supremas de Móstoles Frío, frío ***Juan Luis Guerra Gracias a la vida **Tania Libertad Guantanamera */**Celia Cruz Hasta siempre ***Carlos Puebla Hijo de la luna ***Mecano La bamba *Ritchie Valens La camisa negra **Juanes La colegiala **Walter León La frontera **Lhasa de Sela La gota fría ***Carlos Vives La tortura **Shakira Libertad sin ira **Jarcha Llegará la tormenta **Amaral Macarena **Los Del Río Malagueña salerosa **Chingón Mediterráneo ***Serrat Me gustas tú *Manu Chao Me llaman calle */**Manu Chao Me muero por ella **Bordon-4 Privacidad

Roll the Dice for Popular Spanish to English Phrases and Sayings Want to learn some Spanish sayings? Here is a cool tool created by don Quijote Spanish Courses that I though is worth sharing with you. It is a sayings generator that features random popular Spanish to English phrases. Every time you click to roll the dice you will get a random Spanish saying with the English translation and the explanation in Spanish. From a native Spanish speaker’s perspective, this simple widget is an excellent learning tool. Las 7 mejores películas para aprender español real - Revista Habla Muchas veces en clase, los alumnos me piden sugerencias de películas para ver. Y, bueno, he encontrado esta lista y quiero compartirla con todos vosotros. ¿Cuál es el error más común del estudiante de español? Aprender sólo desde los libros de texto. Y sí, los libros de texto son muy útiles. Pero no consiguen transmitir los matices del español y su cultura. Una buena manera de superar esta barrer es aprender español con música. Una película te ofrece un contexto a través del lenguaje corporal, expresiones y contexto. ¿Y cómo saber qué películas ver? Aquí tienes 7 sugerencias. 1. La película nos cuenta la historia de Hugo “H” Olivera, recorriendo las calles de España, ejecutando venganza y rompiendo corazones. “Tres metros sobre el cielo” es una película divertida y de ritmo rápido pero predecible y los estudiantes de español podrán seguir el argumento con facilidad. 2. Esta película es una historia sobre familia, tradición, amor, vida y muerte. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Jukebox Language Learning: Music Can Make You Multilingual By Susanna ZarayskyPhoto Credit:Jackie Bucci Do you want your kids to naturally pick up various languages? Great! How about turning on the stereo? It will be much easier. I know this from experience. How did I do it? Answer: Music and other media! Yes, I did study grammar, but I got into the groove of my target languages by passively and actively listening to lyrical music in those languages. You can do the same to help get your kids learn a language while having fun at the same time. Why Use Music? Music is fun. It is one of the easiest ways for children to learn. Music sticks. 1. Think of your target language like music. Children seem to remember musical tunes and jingles quite well. When you find the English translation of the foreign language lyrics, talk to your kids about what the songs or lyrics are about. 2. There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth. Don’t rush your kids into speaking. It does not matter if at first they do not understand the lyrics. 3. 4. Lyrics websites: 5.

Spanish Alfabeto Worksheets and Powerpoints, Alfabeto Worksheet (elementary) handout with each letter of the Spanish alphabet and the corresponding pronunciation.Spanish Alphabet and Spelling Worksheet (elementary/middle school) to practice the alphabet and spelling in SpanishSpanish El Alfabeto (elementary). Printable handouts of the Spanish alphabet to have the students color them.El Alfabeto Espanol Handout (middle/high school) handout with the Spanish letters, their sound and words in English that use the sound. This Spanish Alphabet Page is divided into 3 sections, Lesson Plans, PowerPoints & Worksheets, all containing specific resources for teaching Spanish Alphabet. Each resource is categorized as elementary, middle or high (School). Teachers please feel free to use these Spanish teaching resources, but we ask that you respect the copyright and footer information of all of them. Spanish Alpabet Lesson Plans: Spanish Alphabet Powerpoint Presentations: Spanish Alphabet Videos: Our blog!

Mis Clases Locas: Gran Hotel in Spanish Class I finally just finished my first series on Netflix in Spanish, Gran Hotel. It was stretched over months, since I started during the school year. I only watched little chunks, sneaking in part of an episode, if baby boy decided to take an after school nap. It was worth the wait and a really great show. I picked it knowing I could continue to watch Iván from my beloved El Internado, Yon González, now as Julie Espinosa. Gran Hotel starts in 1905 Spain and focuses around a wealthy family who owns a lavish hotel. Family Relationships There is an awesome guia interactiva from the Antena 3 website shows how all of the characters are related, but beware of spoilers telling who dies! Travel The show was filmed at the actual Palacio de la Magdelena in Santander, Spain. More Gran Hotel resources for class

Dia de los Muertos is all about crafts Sugar Skull Art Apron Supplies: • 1 piece of lightweight canvas or heavy cotton fabric, 12x24" • Pencil, eraser • Acrylic paints • 1 piece of fabric, 20x30" • 28" of red fringe • 1 piece of heavy cotton fabric for the waistband, 4x18" • 24" of fabric to use as apron ties • Water-based polyurethane • Sewing machine or fabric adhesive Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Tips and variations: You can use one big piece of fabric and paint it for the bottom portion. Extra en Español #01 ►A. Answer these questions in complete sentences in SPANISH. ►►01. ►B. ►►06. Wordplay - Spanish Vocabulary Game

Spanish KS3 | Resources and ideas for language teachers | Page 3 Los protegidos, demonstrative adjectives, QUEDAR and clothes! The resources in this post relate to language within the topic of fashion. By this point I will have taught clothes, colours, etc. POWERPOINT: ME QUEDA BIEN WORKSHEETS: Qué ropa te queda mejor This and that VIDEO worksheet SER o ESTAR …. esa es la cuestión I have been putting together resources to teach about character / describing people. POWERPOINT: descripciones carácter WORKSHEETS: Descripciones WORDGAMES Descripciones XWORD listos WORDS Mi mejor amigo READING higher version SER worksheet Ser y Estar ¿Qué hará el gato? Trying to predict what happens next in a video can be a fun and creative way to get students to practise the future tense. POWERPOINT: mis-planes-para-el-futuro WORKSHEET: IMMEDIATE FUTURE use of the verb IR worksheet El futuro WORKSHEET I thought that I should share some of the links that I love + from which I get loads of ideas. Another favourite is which has some beautiful resources.

PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class!! PowerPoint Presentationsfor Spanish Class!!Click here to get out of someone else's frame... Welcome! I am a high school Spanish teacher in Massachusetts. I teach at a place called St. John's High School. Sample Tests | ECL WritingLevel A2Level B1Level B2Level C1 ReadingLevel A2 I KeyLevel B1 I KeyLevel B2 I KeyLevel C1 I Key ListeningLevel A2 I Audio 1 2 I KeyLevel B1 I Audio 1 2 I KeyLevel B2 I Audio 1 2 I KeyLevel C1 I Audio 1 2 I Key