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Projecting Your iPad Wirelessly - Without an Apple TV

Projecting Your iPad Wirelessly - Without an Apple TV
Important update: May 6, 2012 - Mirror to your Windows PC as well Shortly after the release of Relection a second mirroring solution called AirPlay was released - available at Reflection and Airplay both allow mirroring of an iOS device to a Mac. Many site members had asked about a solution that would allow mirroring to a Windows PC. When iOS 5 was released many of us were thrilled with its ability to allow projection (mirroring) of your iPad to a projector using Airplay and Apple TV. A wonderful new app called Reflection has just been released. Run the Reflection app on your MacBook and then switch to your iPad. Once you select your MacBook, you can now display your iPad on the laptop screen (as seen below ... and please don't remind me how many emails I still need to open...). Reflection is a wonderful solution for any situation where you need to project your iPad screen and don't have an Apple TV. When to use Reflection rather than an Apple TV: Sam Gliksman Related:  iPads in the Classroomwillsman

How To Connect An iPad To A Smartboard It’s really simple–so simple that you’re going to feel silly for not having already known this–and if you tweet this out to a colleague without checking out the stunning simplicity of it all, you’re going to feel crunchy (remember that term?) later when you realize it wasn’t quite the revelation you’d thought it might be. Context If you’ve only got one iPad, or are trying to guide the entire class through an activity, the classroom projector can act as a modeling tool for students to follow along. By displaying the iPad on the projector, you’ve got an easy way to broadcast your screen–or a student’s screen during a presentation–to the entire class. What You Need Process To use the Smartboard as a projection display, you only need an Apple VGA adapter, the same style you’d use for other gadgets including monitors. Sorry it wasn’t more intricate or secretive than that.

AirPlay Mirroring to a Mac (no Apple TV required) Update: Reflection has been renamed Reflector. It is available for Macintosh and for Windows PCs. I am so excited for a new Mac app called Reflection! It shows my iPad's screen live on my computer screen wirelessly! In the past I've used different ways to show iPad's screen on a projector to an audience. I've used a document camera, a Point2View webcam, Apple's VGA adapter with an old-fashioned VGA switch, and an expensive Ephiphan VGA2USB signal grabber. All of these past methods require iPad to be stationary. Wireless mirroring to Apple TV is made possible by AirPlay, a feature of iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. As someone who travels, it's not ideal for me to carry around an Apple TV and VGA adapter and hope that I can set it up on the network at the school or conference. Finally a Mac app has been released that does what I've been wanting. Reflection literally takes less than two minutes to setup. Download Reflection and copy it to your Applications folder. What else might you need to know?

What’s on Your iPad – with Robert Stephens This is the start of what I hope will become a regular series here at iPad Insight – What’s on Your iPad. I love seeing how others get the best out of their iPad, which are their favorite apps, their most-used productivity apps, and more about their iPad usage. I’m very happy and grateful to have Robert Stephens as my first subject for the What’s on Your iPad series. Robert is the founder of the Geek Squad and the Chief Technology Officer for Best Buy. Which iPad model do you use? iPad2 32Gb WiFi only. Do you use any sort of case with the iPad? Only the iPad Smart Cover. What’s on your iPad dock currently? What are some of your other most-used apps / what’s on your first home screen? Top Home screen apps:YouTube – I play lots of vids for meetings and demos. How do you arrange your home screens? Yes, I use folders heavily, but I also prune dormant apps I do not use. What are some of your most used productivity apps on the iPad? Do you read any newspaper or magazine apps on the iPad?

Tuesday Pre Conference Workshop - Integrating iPads into the Curriculum This ticket will give you access to the Integrating iPads into the Curriculum - Pre Conference Workshop, a half day workshop on the afternoon of Tuesday the 2nd of October, at Wesley College. It also includes: Afternoon tea Access to the Opening Keynote AddressTwenty : 20 ChallengeWelcome Reception This workshop will begin at 12.30pm and conclude at 3.15 pm. Afternoon tea will be provided for participants, and, for those book both the morning and afternoon workshops, a 'working lunch' will also be provided. Integrating iPads into the Curriculum This workshop is designed for those who have mastered the basics and would like to explore, and use the iPad to redesign classroom activities. Participants should come with a unit of work that they would like to redesign using the SAMR model. Please indicate when you book your ticket if you will be bringing your own iPad and we will advise you what apps you need to load. We will look at: · Using Ipads to support the Australian National Curriculum Qrafter

transferring-worksheets-to-your-ipad Transferring worksheets to your iPad Recently I shared a photo with all of you with my daughter using printables I created on the iPad. Several people emailed me and asked how I did that. So, today I am giving a tutorial on how to do that. By putting worksheets on your iPad, you not only save tons of ink and paper.. But you also make worksheets a bit more fun. Step 1: Have a PDF file of the worksheets you want to put on your iPad. Today I have a simple Fall Worksheet printable to share with you to get you started. To download, please read and agree to my terms of use: To download, click here: Step 2: Once you have a file, make sure you have Dropbox installed on your computer. Step 3: Locate the file you want to put on to your iPad. Then right click on it to copy the file. Step 4: Open up the Dropbox folder. Then right click in the folder and click “paste” Step 4: The file will then appear in the dropbox folder. or Step 6: Open the Good Notes APP on your iPad. Then click on dropbox. Thanks!

Implanted LED Tattoos May Become The Next Big Trend While it may seem like tattoos are the norm now, no one has ink like this. A team from the University of Illinois led by John Rogers has devised a method to actually install LED lights under the skin. The research, published today in Nature Materials, saw the team develop flexible arrays 2.5 μm thick and 100 x 100 μm square which are currently smaller than any commercially available array. In their research, the team printed circuits “directly onto a rigid glass substrate and then transferred them to an inexpensive biocompatible polymer called poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) to create a mesh-like array of LEDs and photodetectors.” In short, the university team has allowed LEDs to be placed under the skin while allowing for stretching and twisting by as much as 75 percent. Rogers said of his team’s research that commercializing the technology was “incredibly appealing” and he couldn’t wait to see the impact it has. + University of Illinois Via DVICE via PhysOrg

Could obesity be cured by injecting our guts with fecal bacteria from ancient mummies? It sounds outrageous, but King Tut's stomach bacteria might hold the cure for obesity. Researchers have recently discovered that modern use of antibiotics has wreaked havoc on the health and content of our gut bacteria. In turn, these changes have altered how our metabolisms work, possibly making us more prone to getting fat. Now scientists from the University of Oklahoma have proposed an unexpected solution: Why not replenish our gut flora using fecal bacteria from ancient mummies as a guide? Since ancient mummies lived in an era before antibiotics, it's worth a look to see how their intestinal bacteria differed from modern gut flora, to discover what has changed. "[Ancient gut flora] do appear to be different," said Cecil Lewis of the University of Oklahoma. Interestingly, researchers found that ancient human gut bacteria is more akin to what is found in the guts of non-human primates, such as chimpanzees.

The iPad – What it should and shouldn’t be for Education This blog originally started as a reflection journal as I begun a pilot program for using iPads at my school. My early posts ( check January and February posts ) were discussions of the pros and cons of iPads. As the year has gone by and I have more time to research, read other iPad articles and experiment more with apps and with the students using them more frequently, I’ve had time to reflect on what iPads are offering schools. I’m not going to debate what model of iPad program to commit to – 1:1 or shared. What you should use iPads for in schools Multimedia content creation I am so sick of the tech press misrepresenting the iPad purely as a content consumption device and complaining that it is not for content creation. What the iPad offers to children is the ability to capture, develop and publish their learning in the creative, engaging, multimedia way they experience the world. Other The iPad, however, is not perfect by any means and does have limitations to consider.

How To Setup Parental Controls (Restrictions) on the iPad The iPad is a wonderfully easy and intuitive device to use. This is generally nothing but a major advantage – but at times it can cause issues if you have children who share your iPad or are allowed to use it from time to time. Problems you might encounter range from a child inadvertently deleting a frequently-used app to discovering that your child’s favorite new iPad game has allowed them to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of charges to your credit card via In-App purchases. Fortunately, the iPad (and iOS) comes with a strong set of parental controls that you can choose to apply to reduce the chances of seeing any problems when you allow your kids to use an iPad, it’s a shared one or one of their own. You’ll find these controls in the iPad’s Settings app – under Settings > General > Restrictions. To get started you tap the ‘Enable Restrictions’ button at the top of the page – when you do you’ll be asked to set a passcode and confirm it. Allow Allow Changes Allowed Content Game Center