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Bonobo : Cirrus

Bonobo : Cirrus

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ARGUS Surveillance Camera: 1 million terabytes a day saved forever By Cindi on Feb 05, 2013 in Technology, Videos ARGUS is the worlds highest resolution camera. 1 million terabytes a day saved forever. Five thousand hours of video surveillance. Saved. All funded by DARPA. YouTube Description: Joel-Peter Witkin photography - Joel-Peter Witkin One of the most renowned American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin was cursed as a Satanist for his work, his exhibitions have repeatedly tried to close, and yet, for the fourth time he is awarded for his contribution to British fine art. In Witkin’s early childhood right in front of his house a little girl was decapitated in a car accident which he saw. This nightmare affected all his life. Submitted HammUEr, a Hammer/Worldcraft map importer for Unreal Engine What is it?HammUEr is a (currently Windows only) plugin that lets you build your levels with Valve's Hammer Source map editor (VMF), Doom3's DoomEdit (MAP/PROC) or a Quake-based map editor like Radiant, Jackhammer or Trenchbroom (MAP). With just a few simple clicks, you can have them imported into your Unreal Engine project as a collection of meshes placed in your scene the way you want, where you want.

GORILLA VS. BEAR’S SONGS OF 2015 Following last week’s Albums of 2015 list, here are our favorite songs of the year: we went deeper than ever this time out, and while 111 tracks might seem like a lot to love in any given 12 month span, I feel like the list is a pretty accurate representation of just how unreal 2015 has been for new music. Featuring multiple entries from Grimes, Jamie xx, Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, Chromatics, Erykah Badu, Beach House, TOPS, and Cindy Lee, and spanning from underground Russian dance music and soaring Norwegian pop to incendiary west coast rap and inspired Texas soul, and just about everywhere in between. Check out the full list below, right after you hit play on that nearly 7-hour-long Spotify playlist: 100 QUILTLAND | Detach 99 2 8 1 4 | 恢复 98 ANA CAPRIX | Perthro 97 MORLY | And Sooner Than We Know It… 96 LAURA CLOCK | Fantasy 95 PLASTIXX | Goodbye 94 FOUR TET | Morning 93 SKYLAR SPENCE | Can’t You See 92 SKEPTA | Shutdown 91 DOMENIQUE DUMONT | L’Esprit de L’Escalier 25 TOPS | Anything

MTRC On the left: image re-created from contours. On the right: contours representing the video. Right-click-View or -Save the image to view at high definition Researchers launching a new vector-based video codec this week are claiming their work will lead to the death of the pixel within the next five years Read the full story in the News Release December 11th 2012. Adrain Chesser Photographs Of The Reactions Of Loved Ones The Moment He Tells Them He Has Aids In his latest series, “I Have Something To Tell You”, Adrain Chesser uses his own illness, AIDS, in order to catalogue the pure, raw emotional reactions of his friends and family as they are told the terrible news . The Florida-born photographer, snapped portraits of his loved ones moments after he shared this life-changing information. “When I thought about having to disclose my illness to my friends I would panic, which didn’t make sense, because I have an amazing group of friends who are all very loving and supportive”

Importing Static Meshes There are many tools within UE4 that can help you create assets for your levels. However, there may come a time where you have to create an asset in an exterior application and import it into UE4. In this How-to, we will go over the basics on how to import a Static Mesh that was made in another 3D application into UE4 so that it may be used in your levels. Set Up If you are creating a level in UE4, chances are that you have made some 3D models in another application and now you are ready to put that model into UE4.

The 107 Best Songs Of 2015 To conquer pop, making friends in public is a proven strategy. Drake—the facilitator of co-signs, the director of movies, the manufacturer of memes—knows this, and Taylor Swift does too. Diplo was not the first person to use alliances to make his own brand stronger, but he’s certainly been loyal to that model for a long time—from his early collaborations with M.I.A., to his rotating-cast reggae project Major Lazer, to Jack Ü, a recent partnership with Skrillex. For their debut album, released as a surprise in February, Diplo and Skrillex recruited a wide range of vocalists (Kiesza, Bunji Garlin) including Justin Bieber, the singer who was then doing time in satisfying R&B purgatory, awaiting his chance to make a big public apology.

Building Unreal Paris I first discovered the 3D world through the Hammer map editor that I used mostly for fun. I then joined a 3D school focused on architectural visualization for two years. I continued to train myself on realtime technologies and got hired by the studio Arkane as Level-Architect to work on Dishonored (powered by the Unreal Engine 3). A year later, I left the gaming industry to come back to architectural creations, and level design got back to its place: my hobby. I created the Unreal Paris project because I wanted to combine the knowledge accumulated in these two branches of the computer graphics industry to produce an architectural interactive experience that would appeal to me and my friends!

Konbini's official 2015 soundtrack in 100 tracks 364 days have passed since January 1 2015, providing us with some thousands of hours to fill our ears. With that in mind, it’s no easy task to select the best tracks of the past year; this becomes almost impossible when you have tastes as eclectic as the Konbini team. Instead of claiming to gather a universal top 100, we’ve simply selected the 100 tunes that have accompanied us through the year: ones that we’ve listened to walking, dancing, cooking and for sexy time. It’s a subjective list, not an exhaustive one, and we hope it will inspire. There’s a bit of everything in this soundtrack from unmissable hits to musical offerings from lesser-known groups.

Fun with Fractals Not the Mandelbrot Set Okay, there's only so many times you can look at a Mandelbrot Set without getting bored. After a while, you think, is that all there is? Thursday Music News Moby // photo by Christopher Nelson (view set) Need to chill? Moby‘s got you covered with this four hour mix titled Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep. Chocolate Tree Books: Book List Relativity theory is usually considered to consist of two main parts: a restricted theory that assumes flat spacetime ("special relativity"), and a more ambitious model (Einstein's "general theory of relativity") that allows curved spacetime. The general theory is assumed to reduce to the "special" theory over small regions of spacetime. However, towards the end of his life, Einstein seemed to have lost confidence in this two-stage approach, and appeared to be presenting the adoption of special relativity as a historical fluke, and suggesting that he no longer believed that it was valid to model physics in the absence of curvature "" (Scientific American, April 1950). Adopting a ground-up approach, the book makes heavy use of illustrations to explain some basic principles of relativity theory, and also has chapters on black holes, wormholes, cosmology and warp drive theory.

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