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Can Universal Screening Increase the Representation of Low Income and Minority Students in Gifted Education? NBER Working Paper No. 21519Issued in September 2015NBER Program(s): ED LS Low income and minority students are under-represented in gifted education programs.

Can Universal Screening Increase the Representation of Low Income and Minority Students in Gifted Education?

One explanation for this pattern is that the usual process for identifying gifted students, through parent and teacher referrals, systematically misses many potentially qualified disadvantaged students. We use the experiences in a large urban school district following the introduction of a universal screening program for second grade students to study this hypothesis. The Easiest Way to Frame Big Posters and Prints. Turn average posters into gallery-worthy pieces with just two sheets of plexiglass and four bolts.

The Easiest Way to Frame Big Posters and Prints

When the quote I received to frame James Ransom's poster-sized photographs for the new Food52 office was in the thousands of dollars, I started trying to think how it could be done for less. Much less. I love the minimalist look of frameless glass, which doesn't feel heavy and lets the photography stand out. Influence of Black Masculinity Game Exemplars on Social Judgments. The Effects of the Sexualization of Female Video Game Characters on Gender Stereotyping and Female Self-Concept. The insidious (and ironic) effects of positive stereotypes.

A Duke University, USAb Princeton University, USAc University of Waterloo, Canadad University of Chicago, USA Received 8 August 2012, Revised 31 October 2012, Available online 3 December 2012.

The insidious (and ironic) effects of positive stereotypes

Interpretative Theories as Roadmaps to American Identity by Or Bassok. European University Institute - Department of Law (LAW)September 10, 2015 Global Constitutionalism (Forthcoming) Abstract: As long as the American Constitution serves as the focal point of American identity, many constitutional interpretative theories also serve as roadmaps to various visions of American constitutional identity.

Interpretative Theories as Roadmaps to American Identity by Or Bassok

Using the debate over the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, I expose the identity dimension of various interpretative theories and analyze the differences between the roadmaps offered by them. I argue that according to each of these roadmaps, courts’ authority to review legislation is required in order to protect a certain vision of American constitutional identity even at the price of thwarting Americans’ freedom to pursue their current desires.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 44 Keywords: constitutional identity; interpretative theories; living constitutionalism; originalism; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 5-Mile-Long Bridge Transitions into a Tunnel That Connects Denmark with Sweden. The Øresund has made it easier than ever before to travel between countries that are separated by water.

5-Mile-Long Bridge Transitions into a Tunnel That Connects Denmark with Sweden

This unique passageway connects the cities of Copenhagen, Denmark with Malmö, Sweden, doing so in two ways: a cable-stayed bridge runs five miles to an artificial island, where it then transitions into a tunnel that extends an additional two and a half miles. A motorway occupies the upper level while the railway line runs below. The man-made island that connects bridge and tunnel is called Peberholm, and it’s had an unexpectedly positive impact for the local flora and fauna. Species have been allowed to freely develop, and it’s since become a haven for biologists— as a popular breeding ground for birds in addition to a habitat for the rare green toad. The responsibility of operating the bridge falls on both countries, and its neighboring states help keep the structure running.

Photo credit: Koosha Paridel Øresund Bridge: Website via [Twisted Sifter] Snake Bites in Costa Rica Peak with El Niño Cycling. Parts of the planet warm and cool during El Niño and La Niña.

Snake Bites in Costa Rica Peak with El Niño Cycling

And infectious diseases also wax and wane in step with the climate cycle. Take malaria—shown to spike in northern Venezuela during cool, La Niña conditions. Or flu pandemics, which often follow months after La Niña sets in. Now researchers have linked another public health risk to El Niño climate cycling: poisonous viper bites. Their study area was Costa Rica—where health centers keep rigorous records on snakebites. 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' Has 17 Men and Two Women On Its Writing Staff. Well, this is sad.

'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' Has 17 Men and Two Women On Its Writing Staff

Splitsider reports that Stephen Colbert's new show—the one that premiered delightfully earlier this week, the one that seems to be trying to bring a new kind of intellectualism to late-night network comedy—has a writing staff that includes 17 men. And only two women. And: All 19 of those writers are white. Tatsuya Tanaka (@tanaka_tatsuya) Unlike Tinder and OKCupid, LinkedIn Is Not a Dating Site.

LinkedIn is a lot of things: a convenient place to upload your resume online, a weird portal for “thinkfluencers” to post inspirational screeds about leadership à la, a site that indulges the 2008 Facebook dream by telling you (albeit in very limited ways) who’s been checking out your profile.

Unlike Tinder and OKCupid, LinkedIn Is Not a Dating Site

But it is also, indisputably, the social network of choice among older men. Murders among romantic partners on rise in South Korea, AsiaOne Asia News. In May, the discovery of a young woman's body packed into a suitcase buried under cement in the hills in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, left South Korea in shock and horror.

Murders among romantic partners on rise in South Korea, AsiaOne Asia News

The 26-year-old, surnamed Kim, was murdered by her 24-year-old boyfriend, who allegedly killed her while drunk after she tried to break up with him. The boyfriend, only identified by his surname Lee, impersonated Kim on social media for two weeks after killing her and disposing of her body. According to Rep. Contracting with Unruly Words—and Numbers - Concurring Opinions. Lawyers learn drafting lessons from previous cases involving disputes over the meaning of language.

Contracting with Unruly Words—and Numbers - Concurring Opinions

The result is often contracts with denser detail, attempting greater specificity to delineate intention using language. Yet words can be unruly and open to interpretation—well illustrated by a series of contemporary examples that also happened to involve numbers: Color-Blindness and White Identity Politics. Donald Trump and the disaffected white people who make up his base of support have got me thinking about race in America. “Trump presents a choice for the Republican Party about which path to follow––” Ben Domenech writes in an insightful piece at The Federalist, “a path toward a coalition that is broad, classically liberal, and consistent with the party’s history, or a path toward a coalition that is reduced to the narrow interests of identity politics for white people.”

When I was growing up in Republican Orange County during the Reagan and Bush Administrations, lots of white parents sat their kids in front of The Cosby Show, explained that black people are just like white people, and inveighed against judging anyone by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. The approach didn’t convey the full reality of race as minorities experience it. The Link Between Religion and Terrorism isn’t as Strong as Some Atheists Believe.

How it Works. Lorn - Acid Rain. Tropical Tidbits. Women rule Pakistan’s med schools, but few practice. Men want M.D. 'trophy wives.' Twenty fourth-year medical students are learning how to examine a patient with a throat infection. Today's lesson is as much about patient care as it is the anatomy of the throat. The patient is real, a woman, and the instructor invites several of the female students to examine her, since cultural sensitivities dictate that she does not want to be inspected by a man.

The instructor has his pick, since there are 17 women and three men in this group of students. It is almost as if men are an endangered species in Pakistan's medical colleges. Glogin?URI= Chilling Effects of the Ashley Madison Scarlet Letter. This post is co-authored by CDT’s own Alex Bradshaw and Jake Laperruque of Open Technology Institute (OTI). It’s been a little over a week since massive amounts of data from the popular cheating website, Ashley Madison, were published online. Impact Team, the group behind the breach, released everything from email and home addresses of Ashley Madison’s users to their credit card and bank account information.

Firefighter’s death highlights a hazard: hoarders’ junk. Modafinil Really Is a 'Smart Drug,' Study Says. If you could take a pill that will make you better at your job, with few or no negative consequences, would you do it? Out of all cognitive processes, modafinil was found to improve decision-making and planning the most in the 24 studies the authors reviewed. Some of the studies also showed gains in flexible thinking, combining information, or coping with novelty. The drug didn’t seem to influence creativity either way. Gender and the Analytical Jurisprudential Mind by Leslie Green. University of Oxford - Faculty of Law; Queen's University - Faculty of LawAugust 25, 2015 Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper No. 46/2015. Brian Nosek's Reproducibility Project Finds Many Psychology Studies Unreliable. How many national anthems are plagiarized? Police body and dashboard cameras: How camera perspective bias can limit the objectivity of jurors. Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images.

Geometric Rainbow – Kona Hexies Quilt. To Be Young, Gifted, Black and Female: A Meditation on the Cultural Politics at Play in Representations of Venus and Serena Wi. Sense and 'Sensitivity': Epistemic and Instrumental Approaches to Statistical Evidence by David Enoch, Talia Fisher. David Enoch Hebrew University - The Philosophy Department and the Law School. Bespoke furniture. GLASS. No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day.

Automated analysis of free speech predicts psychosis onset in high-risk youths : npj Schizophrenia. Participants. Data.bishopmuseum. BLAIR LAUREN BROWN - Blair Lauren Brown - Raw & Refined Jewelry.