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Pdftohtml / Discussion / Help:Unable to install pdftohtml 0.40a. Pdftohtml - Browse /Experimental Versions at The Freenet Project - /documentation. The documentation on Freenet is forever changing, since this is a project in development.

The Freenet Project - /documentation

However, here under the Documentation menu, you may find usage documents on how to setup Freenet and use the most popular Freenet tools as well as a user driven Wiki and an extensive Frequently Asked Questions department. Install Contains detailed instructions on how to install Freenet using the new installer. Connect How to connect to Freenet. The Freenet Project - /jsite.

jSite is a graphical application that you can use to create, insert and manage your own Freenet sites.

The Freenet Project - /jsite

It was written in Java by Bombe. You can download jSite here. Certificate Patrol - a psyced Firefox/Mozilla add-on. Linux: Howto Make a Directory Command. Can You Make It? Compile C Programs on Linux Using Make Command. When you install any software from source, you typically execute commands like — “make”, “make install”, “make clean”, etc.

Can You Make It? Compile C Programs on Linux Using Make Command

Have you wondered what all these make commands are really making? Sure, we know that it is trying to compile and install the software. UNIX / Linux make Command Examples. What is make?

UNIX / Linux make Command Examples

5 make examplesSyntax and OptionsRelated Commands What is make? While compiling large programs, if some change is done in any of the source/header files then compiling the whole source code again does not make any sense. The ‘make’ utility determines which pieces of the source code need to be recompiled and it issues commands to recompile only those pieces. Configure; make; make install - Linux Gazette. Over and over I have heard people say that you just use the usual configure, make, make install sequence to get a program running.

configure; make; make install - Linux Gazette

Unfortunately, most people using computers today have never used a compiler or written a line of program code. With the advent of graphical user interfaces and applications builders, there are lots of serious programmers who have never done this. What you have are three steps, each of which will use a whole host of programs to get a new program up and running. How to make packages for Fatdog64. Making a package for Fatdog64 consist of 3 (three) steps.

How to make packages for Fatdog64

Building the binaries. Collecting the files that will (or would) be installed. Combining all of these files into a package file. Step 1 - Building the binaries. How Puppy Works. HomePage > Components and HowTos How Puppy Works Latest Information Details.

How Puppy Works

Linux - Convert PDF to HTML. Download for linux. The latest release of calibre is 3.21.0.

Download for linux

What's new. Please do not use your distribution provided calibre package, as those are often buggy/outdated. Instead use the Binary install described below. Binary install calibre has a binary install that includes private versions of all its dependencies. Pdftohtml. PET packages. PAGE UPDATED: Feb 17, 2007, for Puppy v2.14+ only PET (Puppy's Extra Treats) is the unified package system adopted in Puppy version 2.14 and later.

PET packages

If you have compiled an application from source, or downloaded a precompiled binary tarball, and have tested it in Puppy and now you want to make it available for all to use, read on... Puppy's Package Management System. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. <a href=" feed</a> Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, a multidimensional study of one of the biggest business scandals in American history.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

The chronicle takes a look at one of the greatest corporate disasters in history, where top executives from the 7th largest company in this country walked away with over one billion dollars, leaving investors and employees with nothing. The film features insider accounts and rare corporate audio and video tapes that show colossal personal excesses of the Enron hierarchy and the utter moral vacuum that posed as corporate philosophy. Quick Tip: Change Firefox Download File Location. I prefer files being download directly to the desktop, but a lot of other people would prefer to download into a downloads folder, or a directory inside their Documents directory. Changing this option is extremely easy.

Just open Tools \ Options, and you should see the Downloads section right on the very first screen. Click the Browse button to select a new folder. You can also choose to have Firefox always ask you where to save the files, and you can turn off the “Downloads” window (which always annoys the crap out of me, so it’s an instant disable on every Firefox install) How to find the Puppy Version. HomePage > Components and HowTos. Making configure Scripts - Autoconf. The configuration scripts that Autoconf produces are by convention called configure. When run, configure creates several files, replacing configuration parameters in them with appropriate values. The files that configure creates are: one or more Makefile files, usually one in each subdirectory of the package (see Makefile Substitutions); optionally, a C header file, the name of which is configurable, containing #define directives (see Configuration Headers); a shell script called config.status that, when run, recreates the files listed above (see config.status Invocation); an optional shell script normally called config.cache (created when using ‘configure --config-cache’) that saves the results of running many of the tests (see Cache Files); a file called config.log containing any messages produced by compilers, to help debugging if configure makes a mistake.

Here is a diagram showing how the files that can be used in configuration are produced. BREAKING: WikiLeaks Leaks TPP Draft!!! BREAKING: WikiLeaks Leaks TPP Draft!!! Rick Staggenborg 28 mins · Coos Bay, OR,... - Transition Times. ‘No Gays Allowed’ Law Set To Pass In Virginia. The state of Virginia is set to pass a law which would allow anti-LGBT business owners to bar gay people, purely on the basis of their sexuality. Being Liberal - (M) The bigotry from the GOP is...

America’s not a force for good: The truth about our most enduring — and harmful — national myth. We didn’t know who we were till we got here. We thought we were something else. —Robert Stone, Dog Soldiers (1974) “I didn’t know there was a bad war,” George Evans recalled. He grew up in Pittsburgh in the 1950s.

TomDispatch - Christian Appy at Salon on the lie of... Sister/Brother Giant 2015. Dennis Kucinich - Ignite the Change - Phenomenal video.... Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret from the Public. A key section of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has been leaked to the public. Occupy the FDA - #STOPTPP.