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TBR June/July 2015

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Spring 3 MVC – Introduction to Spring 3 MVC Framework - [ad name=”AD_INBETWEEN_POST”] Introduction to Spring 3 MVC Framework Spring MVC is the web component of Spring’s framework. It provides a rich functionality for building robust Web Applications. The Spring MVC Framework is architected and designed in such a way that every piece of logic and functionality is highly configurable. In Spring Web MVC you can use any object as a command or form-backing object; you do not need to implement a framework-specific interface or base class. Request Processing Lifecycle Image courtesy: Springsource Spring’s web MVC framework is, like many other web MVC frameworks, request-driven, designed around a central servlet that dispatches requests to controllers and offers other functionality that facilitates the development of web applications.

Following is the Request process lifecycle of Spring 3.0 MVC: Features of Spring 3.0 Spring 3.0 framework supports Java 5. Configuring Spring 3.0 MVC The entry point of Spring 3.0 MVC is the DispatcherServlet. Moving On. UCSF_Fitness__Recreation_Summer_2015. The Tech Industry Is In Denial, But The Bubble Is About To Burst. Euphoric reaction to superstar tech businesses is rampant — so much so that the tech industry is in denial about looming threats. The tech industry is in a bubble, and there are sufficient indicators for those willing to open their eyes.

Rearing unicorns, however, is a distracting fascination. The Perfect Storm Raising funding for tech startups has never been so easy. Some of this flood of money has been because of mutual funds and hedge funds, including Fidelity, T. There are many concerns that valuations for businesses are confounding rationale. Meanwhile, the companies themselves are burning through cash like there is no tomorrow.

Unicorn Season CB Insights publishes information on unicorns (companies with a valuation above $1 billion), which shows that access to the club has become increasingly less exclusive in the last couple of years. Different Experts, Same Conclusion A number of high-profile investors have come out and said what their peers all secretly must know. Conclusion. Mort de Charles Pasqua, un homme qui faisait « peur et rire tout à la fois » Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Raphaëlle Bacqué Il est très rare de rencontrer, dans les milieux du pouvoir, un homme qui fait peur et rire tout à la fois.

Un homme dont on a longtemps craint les réseaux, les dossiers secrets, les coups tordus, mais dont les bons mots, l’accent provençal et une certaine façon d’être, à mille lieues des technocrates de la politique, ont aussi bâti une forme de popularité. Charles Pasqua, qui vient de mourir, lundi 29 juin à l’âge de 88 ans, des suites d’un problème cardiaque, selon un communiqué de sa famille publié dans Le Point, présentait ces deux visages. Celui d’un « parrain », conversant en corse avec certains de ses collaborateurs et traînant dans son sillage un bout de la Françafrique, quelques légendes noires du mouvement gaulliste et bon nombre d’affaires qui défrayèrent la chronique judiciaire.

Lire aussi : Charles Pasqua, un habitué des tribunaux « Sans de Gaulle et Paul Ricard, je ne serais pas ce que je suis » De de Gaulle à Chirac. Who Needs GPS? The Forgotten Story of Etak's Amazing 1985 Car Navigation System. Thirty years ago, a company called Etak released the first commercially available computerized navigation system for automobiles. Spearheaded by an engineer named Stan Honey and bankrolled by Nolan Bushnell, the cofounder of Atari, the company's Navigator was so far ahead of its time that the phrase "ahead of its time" seems like an understatement.

To appreciate just how amazing the concept of car navigation was in 1985, you need to recall that the Global Positioning System—the constellation of satellites operated by the U.S. government—didn't come fully online until a decade later, in 1995. Even then, the feds crippled GPS to be no more accurate than within 100 meters to ensure it wouldn’t help bad guys aim guided missiles. In 2000, that restriction was lifted, allowing a new era of consumer GPS navigational gadgets to flourish. Etak beat modern GPS systems to market by a decade and a half.

Everything about Etak's Navigator had to be conceived from scratch. It Started on a Yacht. Digging the DNA, from Regenesis to Gene Therapy | The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News. Following Dr. George Church’s discussion recently on gene therapy, age reversal and the regenesis of extinct species, one woman in the crowd raised her hand and asked, “What kind of a scientist are you?”

“I’m a bit difficult to pigeon hole,” said Mr. Church over a chorus of laughter. “I think the definition would be interdisciplinary. Or as some of my colleagues call it, anti-disciplinary.” Mr. “George is kind of a 21st century Thomas Edison of biology,” said event organizer Betty Burton in her introduction. A “rock star” of DNA and molecular genetics, Mr. The event last Wednesday was held by the Vineyard Haven Library at the Katharine Cornell Theatre to provide an opportunity for Mr.

Mr. “If we can think of a way to break the cycle, then it becomes extinct,” said Mr. At the onset of his lecture, Mr. But Mr. “Don’t come away from this thinking all the answers are simple,” said Mr. Indeed, as the talk continued, Mr. Yet Mr. “How many people have seen the movie The Graduate?” Mr. Bernie Sanders’s Revolutionary Roots Were Nurtured in ’60s Vermont. Photo BURLINGTON, Vt. — When he came to Vermont in the late 1960s to help plan the upending of the old social order, the future presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought with him the belief that the United States was starkly divided into two groups: the establishment and the revolutionaries.

He was a revolutionary. “The Revolution Is Life Versus Death,” in fact, was the title of an article he wrote for The Vermont Freeman, an alternative, authority-challenging newspaper published for a few years back then. The piece began with an apocalyptically alarmist account of the unbearable horror of having an office job in New York City, of being among “the mass of hot dazed humanity heading uptown for the 9-5,” sentenced to endless days of “moron work, monotonous work.” “The years come and go,” Mr. Chalk some of this up to being young and unemployed. Mr. Among Mr. Another essay mocked what Mr. People in Mr. Continue reading the main story What Bernie Sanders Would Need to Do to Win Mr. Mr. Mr. Агентство. The Founder And The Inferiority Complex. I’m a serial entrepreneur with an inferiority complex. I was diagnosed by an overly cheerful psychiatrist about a year ago as I was getting help for anxiety and depression, which were a result of this underlying disorder.

This is how I’ve overcome it. To start, there’s a difference between a healthy dose of doubt and an actual inferiority complex. The former is like a wise internal counselor providing you with handy life advice, such as, “That movie star doesn’t know you, and probably doesn’t want you to ask them out while they’re having dinner.” The latter is like having a nervous, yappy dog for an adviser, telling you, “They’re going to hate that report you spent days on, and every comment is actually about your intelligence, or body odor. Or both. Probably both.” An inferiority complex can rob you of healthy relationships and eat away at your accomplishments. A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about taking down my startup Altsie. Yeah …. probably. And that should be enough, right? Firefox Integrates Pocket, Adds Distraction-Free Reader View. Mozilla’s Firefox now features a full integration with the Pocket read-it-later service for saving text and video.

In addition, Reader View now offers users a distraction-free reading mode that’s similar to Apple’s Reader mode in Safari and the functionality of the popular Readability extension and bookmarklets. Integrating third-party services like Pocket is a very unusual step for Mozilla and will likely come as a surprise to Firefox users, especially those who used to use Firefox’s Reading List feature, which has now been removed in favor of a proprietary service. Pocket has integrated Mozilla’s Firefox Accounts for creating new accounts and signing in users and the Pocket button now prominently features in Firefox’s user interface. If you don’t want to use the service or you want to keep using its own add-on or bookmarklet instead, it’s easy enough to hide it (though because it’s not an add-on, completely disabling it is a bit harder).

Can an Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human? Hiring and recruiting might seem like some of the least likely jobs to be automated. The whole process seems to need human skills that computers lack, like making conversation and reading social cues. But people have biases and predilections. They make hiring decisions, often unconsciously, based on similarities that have nothing to do with the job requirements — like whether an applicant has a friend in common, went to the same school or likes the same sports.

That is one reason researchers say traditional job searches are broken. The question is how to make them better. A new wave of start-ups — including Gild, Entelo, Textio, Doxa and GapJumpers — is trying various ways to automate hiring. They say that software can do the job more effectively and efficiently than people can. If they succeed, they say, hiring could become faster and less expensive, and their data could lead recruiters to more highly skilled people who are better matches for their companies.

Photo Mr. Greece, The Euro and Gunboat Diplomacy — Bull Market. Greece, The Euro and Gunboat Diplomacy Original decision to provide a bailout is the source of the current crisis. Time for Europe to share the blame and financial consequences. With everyone talking about Greece being on the verge of exiting the euro after Monday’s summit meeting, it seems to be forgotten that the current crisis is not really about Greece’s currency arrangements at all. The Greek people are not demanding a return to the drachma and few within the country are arguing for the competitive benefits a currency devaluation would entail.

And there are no formal rules that Greece is breaking that must lead to an exit from the euro because, legally, the euro is a fixed and irrevocable currency union. This crisis is about more basic things: Debt and power. Europe’s governments and the IMF made an enormous mistake in bailing out Greece’s private creditors in 2010 and then overseeing a botched debt restructuring in 2012. The No-Bailout Clause Economists In Getting It Wrong Shocker!