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2015 Novembre

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Kakkmaddafakka - Forever Alone. Sør-Varanger. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Schöne Plättli für Innen und Aussen . Schweiz. Massive Attack, Ghostpoet - Come Near Me. Koudlam - "Sunny Day" Hypnolove - La piscine (Official Audio) Giles Corey - No one is ever going to want me. NICK DRAKE Essential Songs. Snowmine - Let me in. Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong. Affection - Cigarettes After Sex. Bonobo : Cirrus. POLO & PAN - Plage isolée (official video) POLO & PAN - Dorothy. By Fractal Mathematics by MANDELWERK - Shapeways Shops. Submitted HammUEr, a Hammer/Worldcraft map importer for Unreal Engine. What is it?

Submitted HammUEr, a Hammer/Worldcraft map importer for Unreal Engine

HammUEr is a (currently Windows only) plugin that lets you build your levels with Valve's Hammer Source map editor (VMF), Doom3's DoomEdit (MAP/PROC) or a Quake-based map editor like Radiant, Jackhammer or Trenchbroom (MAP). With just a few simple clicks, you can have them imported into your Unreal Engine project as a collection of meshes placed in your scene the way you want, where you want. Want to change something? Make your edits in your favourite tool, then save, re-import, and you're done.During the importing process you can assign materials already in your project to the original material names, or if you have the source images - (TGA/BMP/PNG/JPG)/VTF&VMT/MTR(D3)/SHADER(Q3)/WAD(Quake1 & Halflife)/WAL(Quake 2) - you can import them into UE as material instances based on a template material of your choice, and let HammUEr automatically find and assign the right ones.

Don't want certain materials to show? With thanks to @JoeWintergreen for the video and screenshots. POLO & PAN - Canopée (audio) Importing Static Meshes. There are many tools within UE4 that can help you create assets for your levels.

Importing Static Meshes

However, there may come a time where you have to create an asset in an exterior application and import it into UE4. In this How-to, we will go over the basics on how to import a Static Mesh that was made in another 3D application into UE4 so that it may be used in your levels. Building Unreal Paris. I first discovered the 3D world through the Hammer map editor that I used mostly for fun.

Building Unreal Paris

I then joined a 3D school focused on architectural visualization for two years. I continued to train myself on realtime technologies and got hired by the studio Arkane as Level-Architect to work on Dishonored (powered by the Unreal Engine 3). A year later, I left the gaming industry to come back to architectural creations, and level design got back to its place: my hobby.

I created the Unreal Paris project because I wanted to combine the knowledge accumulated in these two branches of the computer graphics industry to produce an architectural interactive experience that would appeal to me and my friends! :-) The main purpose of this project was for me to master the incredible UE4 tools and to complete my portfolio. How long did this project take? I worked on this project for seven weeks. What is Unreal Engine 4. Motion Graphics/Film — Morgan Bouttier. KentPress Memo: 2011/09. 新機能の一つビッグサイズレンダリングは、展示会などの作品作りに朗報である。

KentPress Memo: 2011/09

この機能により、高画質で大サイズの作品がつくれます。 ただし、分割レンダリングですので、レンダリング後に画像を統合して一枚にする必要があります。 B1サイズ(B0サイズも可能です)のレンダリングを例に、その仕方を記載する。 1.まずレンダリング結果を保存するフォルダーを作成しておく。 2011年9月20日記載手順と同様に、¥Utilities¥INIDIRSで開いた画面の「Big render projects:」ボタンを押して保存フォルダーのリンクを登録する。 2.レンダリングしたい画像を準備する。 3.高画質大サイズレンダリング用のパラメーターファイルを作成し保存する。 Google-Suche. Lescop - Echo. Juan Fabuel. Feu! Chatterton et Juniore - "L'amour à la plage" (Niagara cover) en live pour Monte Le Son.

Aline - "Je bois et puis je danse" - Clip officiel. Margaux Avril - L'air de rien (Clip officiel) Savages - You're My Chocolate. JIM - La Douche. Neroche - Earth Druid. Pomme - Sans toi. Emily Loizeau - Tyger. Hraach - Dle Yaman. London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet. Paradis - La Ballade de Jim. Fishbach - Mortel (Audio) Fishbach - Béton mouillé. Allah-Las - 'Allah-Las' LP (Full Album Stream) YOU MAN - "BIRDCAGE" La Femme - Où va le monde.

Emily Loizeau - 'Je Suis Jalouse' Music Video. Emily Loizeau - Gigi L'Amoroso. Emily Loizeau - Eaux sombres (clip officiel) Flavien Berger - La Fête Noire. Paradis - Garde Le Pour Toi. Jackie Palmer - Mémoires vives. Architect's Learning Handbook: Las Arboledas by Luis Barragan 1962. Feu! Chatterton - Fou à lier.

The Knife - Bird. The Knife - Marble House. Amon Tobin 'Esther's' Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess. Is the fibonacci sequence a fractal, or is it a 'related concept' that's different in some way? - Quora. Music Matters - Sigur Rós. Future Shorts. Peaches - 'Show Stopper'

The Shoes - 'Time To Dance' Von Sell - 'I Insist' (Official Music Video) PASS THIS ON. Mr. President - Coco Jambo (1920 x 1080p HD) videoclip. Izia - La vague. Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park. Femme fatale - Velvet underground. Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes. CHVRCHES - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) The Dø - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) HÆLOS - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) London Grammar - Live Montreux Jazz Festival 2014 ( Full Set ) Nu - Amor (Original) Noir & Haze - Around [Solomun Vox Mix] - NMB037. Bonga - mona ki ngi xica (Synapson remix) RATATAT - SHEMPI. Fun with Fractals. Not the Mandelbrot Set Okay, there's only so many times you can look at a Mandelbrot Set without getting bored.

Fun with Fractals

After a while, you think, is that all there is? Seen that, done that. So I figured that I'd try to come up with a few variations and alternatives. Here's a good one: It looks a bit like one of those three-sided boomerangs, and it's listed as a "Mandelbar", or "tricorn" fractal.

To demonstrate that this is a genuine fractal and not just something that's been "photoshopped" up from pieces of Mandelbrot set, here's a “zoom” on one of the little three-pointed islands (just visible on the left), to demonstrate the thing's recursive nature. Okay, so it's a bit like a Mandelbrot set (the two are related), but it's different to the old “bum and a ball” shape. The "proper" Mandelbrot set is also closely related to the Julia set, but there's a range of similar sets and combinations of sets that we can use.

An evolving fractal sequence, "Zero Time" Chocolate Tree Books: Book List. Relativity theory is usually considered to consist of two main parts: a restricted theory that assumes flat spacetime ("special relativity"), and a more ambitious model (Einstein's "general theory of relativity") that allows curved spacetime.

Chocolate Tree Books: Book List

The general theory is assumed to reduce to the "special" theory over small regions of spacetime. However, towards the end of his life, Einstein seemed to have lost confidence in this two-stage approach, and appeared to be presenting the adoption of special relativity as a historical fluke, and suggesting that he no longer believed that it was valid to model physics in the absence of curvature "" (Scientific American, April 1950). Adopting a ground-up approach, the book makes heavy use of illustrations to explain some basic principles of relativity theory, and also has chapters on black holes, wormholes, cosmology and warp drive theory. AURORA - Runaway. BIRDY + RHODES - Let It All Go [Official] Croisiere week end Normandie Aurigny. Amber Run - I Found. Shura - White Light. Rone - Bye Bye Macadam. S A Y C E T - MIRAGES Live Acoustic feat Juliette Armanet.

Poom − Les Voiles. Techniques. Here at SketchUpArtists we have always been fascinated in experimentation with SketchUp alone or in combination with other different applications in developing unique and visually attractive styles of presentation.


We have witnessed some great styles and techniques that have evolved over time and here we are presenting some off site and on site links to them. The Painted Look by Alex Hogrefe With this technique Alex does things manually giving him better control with where and how he creates his brush strokes. This is a superb painterly effect that will really impress and add a new dimension to your images. Don’t forget to check out Alex’s website….excellent tutorials and tips! Click on image to view technique Digital NPR Technique by Jeremy Kay Superb NPR technique by designer and architectural illustrator Jeremy Kay from studioJDK based in Aspen, Colorado. Illustrating SketchUp in Photoshop by Liam Here is a short tutorial on how I illustrate my models in Photoshop. L'Impératrice — PARFUM THÉRÉMINE. Paradis - Garde Le Pour Toi. Papooz - Ann Wants to Dance - (official video)

Juliette Armanet - Manque d'amour. Alle Farben - She Moves (Far Away) feat. Graham Candy (Street Video) Global Constraint Catalog: Ksmallest_square_for_packing_rectangles_with_distinct_sizes. Astrokettle Algorithms: 1D/2D/3D Cutting, Packing and Loading Optimization Software. Lightmapping nightmare. I'm guessing that you're used to working in gamma space lighting (aka this-math-makes-no-sense lighting) vs linear and here you're using linear.

Lightmapping nightmare

Please try a point light over a plane in both modes. In gamma space it's quite wrong and it falls off waaaay to quickly. In linear space it's correct. That's certainly not by design. Could you submit a bug report with steps on how to reproduce it and (possibly) a repro? TeXgraph - Forum. Global Constraint Catalog: Ksmallest_square_for_packing_rectangles_with_distinct_sizes. Tiling by Squares. A square or rectangle is said to be 'squared' into n squares if it is tiled into n squares of sizes s1,s2,s3,

Tiling by Squares

A rectangle can be squared if its sides are commensurable (in rational proportion, both being integral mutiples of the same quantity) The sizes of the squares si are shown as integers and the number of squares n is called the order. Squared squares and squared rectangles are called simple if they do not contain a smaller squared square or rectangle, and compound if they do. Squared squares and squared rectangles are called perfect if the squares in the tiling are all of different sizes and imperfect if they are not. Most of the square tilings we are familiar with in our everyday lives use repeating squares of the same size, such as fly screens, square floor tiles, square umbrella base or stands square graph paper and the like. These repeating grid square tilings can be described using this terminology as 'imperfect' and 'compound'. Algebraic Method Figure 71; Algebraic Method.

Tiled Map Editor. Substitution tiling fractal. Pixx - Baboo. Le Trio Joubran - Douja.