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FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise

FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise

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ARC / BERNASKONI Architects: BERNASKONI Location: Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga Oblast, Russia Project Team: Boris Bernaskoni, Alexander Schamenkov, Stas Subbotin, Ksenia Trofimova Contractor : Alexey Kleymenichev, Srub fm Area: 72.0 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: BERNASKONI / Yuri Palmin From the architect. ARC is an architectural and spatial research; it is built on the border between forest and field. It’s a hybrid that performs several functions: a portal, a triumphal arch, an observation deck, a bar, and a well. You can climb up the spiral staircase. MMX news September 18th, 2012 Immersed in one of the existing naves of the building for the National Library in Mexico City, the project plays with the strong ambiguity between exterior and interior that is present in the existing space. The proposal inserts a system based on varying wooden frames, generating a new interface between interior and exterior, thus creating a multiplicity of different conditions with one single module. El proyecto se desarrolla en una de las crujías del edificio de la Biblioteca Nacional de México y toma como partida la clara ambigüedad entre exterior e interior que presenta el espacio existente. La propuesta inserta un sistema creado a partir de marcos de madera que genera una nueva interface entre el interior y el exterior del sitio creando una multiplicidad de condiciones distintas a partir de un modulo único. September 10th, 2012

Colegios de Calidad para Medellín CLIENTE: Alcaldía de Medellín - Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano ARQUITECTOS: Arq. Marco Aurelio Baquero, Arq. Carlos Julio Calle, Arq. Marcela Holguín COLABORADORES: Arq. Contacts-rat[LAB] Looking for Visionaries, Designers, Researchers, Programmers & Collaborators to join our team rat[LAB] is looking for people with a creative and futuristic outset who would like to be associated with a multi-national and specialized group of designers, researchers and programmers from various parts of the world. We are also accepting potential research proposals in design and computation for collaborations and workshops. Looking for Research & Workshop Collaborators Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum / Kengo Kuma & Associates Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates Location: 3799-3 Taro-gawa Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan Client: Tomio Yano, Town Mayor of Yusuhara Area: 14736.47 sqm Project Year: 2011 Photographs: Takumi Ota Photography From the architect. This is a plan to link two public buildings with a bridge-typed facility, which had been long separated by the road in between. The museum technically bridges communications in this area. It functions not only as a passage between the two facilities but also as an accommodation and workshop, ideal location for artist-in-residence programs. In this project, we challenged a structural system which composes of small parts, referring to cantilever structure often employed in traditional architecture in Japan and China.

Metal Fabrics - Omega 1510 / GKD Metal Fabrics With a wide variety of options available, together with our fabric swatch sample shipment program and knowledgeable sales representatives, we can help determine the right solution for your design. Start by ordering a sampling of any of our weaves in either a made-to-order sample box containing just the swatches that interest you the most, or choose our signature sample box which contains our most popular weaves. GKD Metal Fabrics' Omega 1510 at Piper High School, by DLR Group From concept to installation, we believe in an efficient, design-to-build process that utilizes collaborative project engineering to anticipate and exceed your metal fabric needs. Surreal Renderings of Disaster-Resistant Structures The following article by Priscilla Frank originally appeared in The Huffington Post as "Artist Designs Surreal Futuristic Forts That Can Withstand Natural Disaster." Dauphin Island, located off the coast of Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico, is known for experiencing perpetual and catastrophic hurricanes. When a storm hits the small island of around 1,200 people, it often washes away much of the coastline with it, leaving residents to rebuild their homes again and again following every big storm. Artist Dionisio González became fascinated by this society's ability to endure creation and destruction in such rapid succession, willingly succumbing to the whims of nature's cycles time and time again.

The 20 Most Popular Projects of 2015 If there's one word that sums up our most popular projects of 2015, it's "diversity." The list features architects ranging from old favorites such as SANAA, Diller Scofidio + Renfro and OMA down to newer names like Sculp[IT] and Tropical Space; it also includes everything from museums to multi-family housing and spa retreats to chapels - along with the usual smattering of private residences. Interestingly, this year's list also shows the symbiosis between great architecture and great photography, with no less than 4 projects also appearing in our most bookmarked images from this year's World Photo Day. But despite their diversity, there's one thing all of these 20 projects have in common: great architecture. So settle in, relax and read on - here's our 20 most popular projects of 2015.

archdaily Student Thesis Project Turns Bus Into Tiny House Like many architecture students, Hank Butitta was frustrated. Frustrated that the projects he and his fellow classmates were painstakingly, time-consumingly crafting at architecture school resulted—almost always—in nothing. But Hank Butitta, unlike many architecture students, decided that, for his thesis, he would buy an old school bus and turn it into a flexible living space.