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A Very Public Diary - Yoshi Sodeoka. David McLeod. Conlan Normington. Never Sit Still. Honear - projects. PANDAYOGHURT. Martin Salfity. Freelance Motion Design. Syddharth. Tutku Tetik on Behance. Unbanned — Shane Griffin. SIMON HOLMEDAL. Randomthoughtpattern. The work of mike winkelmann (vj loops, cinema4d, everydays) Ondrej Zunka – 3D Artist & Designer. Elias Klingén – Retouch, 3D & Graphic Design. Thestudiogold. Ari Weinkle – Artist & Designer › Tides. Behance. Susi sie. BEAUXDEEN. Vucko. Adam Brandon. Behance. About Bartosz Druszcz - Bartosz Druszcz. Bartosz Druszcz I’m a London Based motion designer specialising in creating 2D and 3D motion graphics for advertising, web and broadcast.

About Bartosz Druszcz - Bartosz Druszcz

My main area of interest is the exploring the possibilities offered by technology through the use of representation, abstraction and reconfiguration. It is the universal language of geometry that inspires me and drives my creative approach to animation. I’ve been working in the industry since I graduated from university in 2013 and during that time I have built up number of skills in professional compositing, editing and 3D applications. My workflow is based on the use of such applications as Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and RealFlow.

I worked with clients such as Victoria and Albert Museum, Contemporary Art Society, Mental Healthcare, Aspen Insurance, K2 Partnering Solutions. I am always open for collaborations and interesting projects. Adam Rowe. Fred Huergo. Hypoly. TV/Commercial. FERNANDO DOMÍNGUEZ CÓZAR - fernandodominguez. FERNANDO DOMÍNGUEZ CÓZAR Art Director (born in Valencia, April 20, 1980) Since graduating from the Valencia San Carlos fine arts university in 2005, he has pursued a career as a motion graphics designer and art director.

FERNANDO DOMÍNGUEZ CÓZAR - fernandodominguez

First at Prologue films in L.A, where he collaborated on the "Spiderman 3" opening titles and after at Dvein where he produced almost all his recent work. Trying to get the best quality as possible, he consider all the projects that arrive to him as personal ones. This perfeccionism led him to been awarded with a number of honorable awards and his work has been presented in a number of design magazines and film festivals such as Stash, Art Futura, Playgrounds Festival, OFFF, F5, Arts, Cg World. Aside from a heavy dose of self-branding and entrepreneurial networking, Fernando resorts to writing music, playing drums, drawing and looking for textures. Fernando Domínguez currently freelances as art director and 3D artist. XGen cubes rendered with Arnold for Maya on Behance. Joe Ball. Calvin prieto. ◥ ABOUT - Rita Louro.


◥ ABOUT - Rita Louro

I am Rita, a Motion Graphics Designer from Lisbon BUT currently living in London. Co-Founder & Creative Director at TRAJECTORY Currently working full time at DBLG as a Lead Motion Graphics Designer I'm also founder and manager of I ♥ Motion... give it a look ; ) Welikenicethings. GT - Lost In Detail I was asked to take stills and capture some footage of the Ford GT that got squeezed into a small warehouse in Shoreditch for a day of PR.


We were only given a short slot and the brief for the stills and video was to avoid the obvious angles and get as many close ups and abstract shots as possible. I only had 15 min to film on my 5d mkiii (ml raw), edited in Premiere and tidied up and graded in After Effects. STEVE SHAW. Tina Petry / Portfolio. Showreel 2015 - About - Emma Kingsnorth. About Freelance motion designer.

About - Emma Kingsnorth

Photographer. Climber. Snowboarder. Tea drinker. I am an experienced, creative, freelance motion designer working across animation, illustration, motion graphics, visual effects and design. I have worked on a huge range of projects from commercials, interactive advertising, presentations and exhibitions for clients including Burberry, Costa, Nissan Infiniti, Google, Johnnie Walker, BA & Tesco at agencies including Across the Pond, Huge, Ogilvy Healthworld, Razorfish, Elvis and Graphite. Email me. Jamie Wood - Motion & Graphic Design Freelance. The Video Shop. James Doherty // Director & Motion Designer. Motion Graphics Portfolio & Showreel. Christopher Reinke Tofer Illustration Design Portfolio. Ramiro Esteves on Behance. Marcus Punter-Bradshaw Portfolio. Olof Storm. Marlon Thomas. Giedre - Work. Kieran Gee-Finch. Showreel 2014 – Leon Nikoosimaitak's Portfolio. Animation + Visual Mutations - cinema iloobia.

MOTION SHOWREEL — Xavier Pablo. Gareth Phillips. Simon Tibbs, Motion Graphic Designer. Neil Grunshaw - Motion Design, Animation & Direction - London. Mark Lindner - Design . Animation . Direction. Mr Kaplin - Digital Filmmaking & Design. BASIK. Welcome to Anicasklus. Motion graphic designer. London/Barcelona. Studio Tinto.