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FEIXEN: Design by Felix Pfäffli

FEIXEN: Design by Felix Pfäffli

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The joy of build scripts When writing software, there is a big difference between the human readable code, and the compiled machine readable code. The human readable code is easy to edit, while the machine readable code can only be read by complete psycos, and even there with lots of effort. In order to get from human to computer readable, there is a step called compiling. I've found this to be a useful paradigm with type design as well. The source files are my FontLab files. There are a lot of things that need to happen between my easy to edit source files and the finished exported fonts.

Lisa Guedel Dolle You studied at Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), what's the course like there and what have you taken from it? ECAL seems to be the perfect school for those who want to learn the essence of graphic design – typography, grids, typesetting, etc. It remains a small public art school where you can easily interact with students of all disciplines. During three intense years you learn almost all the basic design rules that allow you to develop your own practice and personal interests. I believe ECAL owes its reputation to its professors.

Think Positive Designer Prints We are international leaders in direct to fabric digital printing and textile design and our passion for colour has driven us to provide unparalleled quality colour reproduction. Our art room can create design originals and translate and develop your creative concepts into a printable format. We’re even able to take iconic old screen-prints and digitally remaster the colour and design to produce exquisite new digital silks or add a new dimension to a golden oldie. Designers need to be able to depend on a reproducible colour palette. In digital, we dare to think red not orange and we think blue not purple. Download RoboFab Select the RoboFab installer in the archive format of choice. (updated October 27, 2011). For your convenience we've included packages for dependencies in some archives. These packages can have different licenses.

Uehara & Watanabe may 15, 2012 yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe: kigi exhibition ‘kiwi exhibition’ by yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe installation view all images courtesy of yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe Modern World Does the subject matter present any particular challenges, and if so how did you get around these? I knew I wanted to work with letterpress and wood type to give the identity a lo-fi raw quality. This was informed by the printed material in the band’s archive, because it was from the seventies it had a handmade analogue feel. Production Type Products Trianon type specimen Binder + all specimens OpenType Font Features The OpenType font format is an extension of the TrueType® font format, adding support for PostScript font data. The OpenType font format was developed jointly by Microsoft and Adobe Corporation. OpenType fonts and the operating system services which support OpenType fonts provide users with a simple way to install and use fonts, whether the fonts contain TrueType outlines or CFF (PostScript) outlines. The OpenType font format addresses the following developer challenges: