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peter vasvari - typo/graphic posters Peter Vasvari works as a freelance designer, and has completed projects in Hungary and wordwide, from U.S.A. to New Zealand. Vasvari works primarily in the field of corporate and visual identities, logotypes and branding. His works have been featured in numerous design publications including: LogoLounge Master Library Vol. 3., U.S.A., LogoLounge Vol. 6., U.S.A., Logonest 01., Serbia, Logo Talks, Hong Kong, iheartlogos Vol. 1., U.S.A., Branding Element – logos, China, International Visual Communication design, China, Logo Trends 2011, Indonesia, 2011 LogoLounge Trends Report, U.S.A., Stone in America, Magazine, U.S.A., Sign Magazine, Hungary, Hungarian Graphics Magazine, Hungary, Print and Publishing Magazine, Hungary, Elitivia Interview, Australia, The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2010, Bronze Award. Vasvari’s studio website is at

Magnolia - Infographics & Data Visualization Elements Pack Magnolia is the biggest pack of Infographic and Data Visualization Elements we offer. It contains more than 150 ready-to-use elements that are perfect for building almost any infographic, from visualizing numbers to tables and charts. This infographic template (PSD) pack contains graphs, charts, diagrams, lines, tables, shapes, icons, arrows, text and more. With this set of elements, you can easily create presentations, reports, websites, ads, brochures, posters or any other type of data visualization. Made for designers, this pack is easy to use and could also benefit analysts, managers, developers and other people working with data, information or statistics. This one of the most complete and comprehensive packs on the market.

5 Common Website Design Mistakes A few weeks ago during an interview for a magazine, I was asked, “what is the number one tactic behind all my business success?” My answer… Design. Quality design is more than pretty pixels. Dyslexia Earlier this year I was asked by the DJ and Promoter Chris Bones to create a logo for a night he was launching called DO NOT SLEEP. The brief was to create something in your face, something that stimulated and something that had not been done before on the island, so I created a Logo with heavily contrasting colours that worked with passive 3D glasses. The Logo is instantly recognisable and remains dominate when placed next to other club graphics. Since the logo was made public in its launch earlier this year it has already been copied by another DJ duo Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas for their night ‘House of Madness.’ Since its creation the logo has been passed on to his in house graphic team and they have applied the logo and created all of the advertising campaign for the season.

How To Pair Fonts Like A Pro Script or cursive fonts are fairly obvious. You can easily identify this category when you see type that is created from handwriting and has strokes that are varied and fluid. I typically recommend choosing no more than 3 fonts per project. If you go overboard with different fonts, your final product can end up a jumbled mess.

Banana font Banana font Backgoround: TransparencyTechnics: PhotoFiles: .PNG1 letter size: 250x 250 mmArchive size: 207 Mb (.ZIP) Don’t break a leg – beware of the real Banana! Oh, we hadn’t eaten so many bananas at one time for years! Interactive Archives - Infographic Design Agency – Hire Expert Infographic Designers Interactive infographics are very powerful, for several reasons. One reason is that it causes your reader/user to engage with the infographic, which means they are spending more time with your content, and are interacting with it in a way that is very powerful for your brand. Secondly, interactive infographics allow you to put a lot of information into 1 infographic without it being overwhelming for the reader. The ability to have layers and sub-layers means you are not throwing too much at someone at once, and therefore not scaring them away. We can create interactive infographics for your web use and tablet use.

555 Footstool The succinct story of a modest little footstool– involving datasheets, cnc routing, laser engraving, plywood, glue, chips, all-thread, angle grinders, mountains of sawdust, dowel rods, spray paint, and a picture of a cat. We wanted a new footstool at the lab, and somehow came across the idea of making it in the shape of our hero above, the 555 timer chip. We started our design by looking at the datasheets, and found a few good dimensional drawings that we could scale up. Our model is roughly 30 times actual size at 12 1/2″ long, compared to 0.4″ for a genuine 555 chip.

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