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A lot of people have been asking me how I create my renderings. Since I am finished with grad school, I decided to develop some tutorials that explain techniques I used throughout architecture school. Many of the techniques only require Sketchup and Photoshop. Others later on will be a little more advanced and involve rendering programs that can be downloaded for free. .

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Presentation Board Layout Tips One of the most crucial parts of the design process is the presentation and the selling of your concept. You have worked on your design process for weeks now and your presentation is where you get to showcase the best aspects, features of your design. You want to make sure you put your design in the ‘ Spot Light‘ Organicités Piraeus Tower The cladding of the facade of Soho Shangdu building is made with two main materials: glass panels and metal panels. The glass can be either transparent or opaque. These elements are used both for the towers and the lower base of the building. Kangaroo discussions and examples from GH forum home about us contact PORTFOLIO CREATION - PORTFOLIO CREATION I have developed several architectural portfolios that have each served a specific purpose in both my academic and professional career. My first was to get me into graduate school. I then made a second portfolio of my graduate work to take with me into job interviews and send out to firms. My third was based on experiments through this site and was meant to be a synopsis of my understanding of visualization. In all of these cases, I played up my strengths and built on what I had learned from the previous iterations.

RHINO: GRASSHOPPER DEFINITIONS - RHINO / GH This definition was developed for my final thesis project to generate a louver system based on functional requirements within the building. The performance was then tested in Ecotect. A large part of my thesis design involved invertible arena seating with many moving parts. Apartment: Amazing Evening View Terrace Manhattan Penthouse Apartment Tempered Glass Railing Pavilion Floor Lamps Tile Plants Ideas, Best Interior Design, Barbecue ~ Aureasf Home Manhattan Penthouse Apartment : Amazing Evening View Terrace Manhattan Penthouse Apartment Tempered Glass Railing Pavilion Floor Lamps Tile Plants Ideas Uploaded by Emillia at Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the fascinating Amazing Evening View Terrace Manhattan Penthouse Apartment Tempered Glass Railing Pavilion Floor Lamps Tile Plants Ideas image above is one of the few fascinating photographs that related to the main content Manhattan Penthouse Apartment. If you are searching some of suggestion, I feel this Amazing Evening View Terrace Manhattan Penthouse Apartment Tempered Glass Railing Pavilion Floor Lamps Tile Plants Ideas is a good alternative for your style suggestion future, so don’t forget to checkout the main content Manhattan Penthouse Apartment to read the complete story. We hope these photograph encourage you to be put on in your fabulous family home. Manhattan Penthouse Apartment - excerpt :

Bifurcating Ecologies / Kenneth To – Wendy W Fok Bifurcating Ecologies, designed by Kenneth To (under Design Advisor, Wendy W Fok, and Project Team, Dave Cheung, Marco Chan), is a developmental master planning proposal which traces through humanizing the accessibility of the Hong Kong Wanchai District Waterfront through proposing new branching open landscapes and bifurcation of programs, which introduces new innovative topological energy creation that regenerates and reconnects the community. More images and project description after the break. Acting as an intermediary “connector” and “infiltrator” within four main strands of intertwined organization, between levels of: ecology, pedestrian, vehicular, and infrastructure, Bifurcating Ecologies challenges the visceral and abundantly urbanized Hong Kong waterfront that feeds itself through both land and water. Bifurcating Ecologies is composed of modular straps in an urban scale. It starts as a surface bisecting into multiple layers.

Tree_Columns(Rhino_Grasshopper) video inside 主要利用Grasshopper裡面的Divide Curve功能 從一個點 到一個圓上的等分點 再依等分點畫圓後再等分 類似RECURSIVE的做法 What I've Learnt So Far : Significance of Presentation Layouts Disclaimer: This piece is written primarily for the reference of the author and is non-conclusive. Presentation Techniques The Significance of Graphic Presentation – “When a graph is made, quantitative and categorical information is encoded by a display method. Process Photocell + 8×8 LED Matrix This is an example of using 2 photocells and a variable resistor as analog inputs to control 8×8 LED Matrix with PIC18F452, UDN2981, and ULN2803. The input values of the two photocells are compared. When the values are the same, LED lights up randomly within the entire board. Depending on how much darker a photocell is compared to the other, LED lights up within the range that is more focused towards a corner. The variable resistor controls how fast the LEDs blink.

19 Awesome Custom Wall Graphics Office walls are notoriously boring, but don't panic. One trend in office design seems to be doing an excellent job in preventing the serious disease known as "Boring Wall Syndrome": Custom Wall Graphics. Custom wall graphics are an excellent way to improve the look of your office while giving it a look that no other office is going to have. Here are some reasons I think they are better than traditional wall coverings.

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