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Pacific Yurts-Original Modern Yurt Manufacturer

Pacific Yurts-Original Modern Yurt Manufacturer
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Yurt Buildng Here is a free copy of my book Build your own yurt, written in 1995, It has been used by a great many people who have built their own yurts. Our designs have progressed enormously since 1995. For a much more comprehensive guide see The Complete Yurt Handbook or see the rest of our website A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger by P.R. King First edition 1995, Second edition 1997. Third Edition Fully revised and expanded for 1998 Internet Edition Jan 2000 The Yurt The English word Yurt comes from the Russian Yurta describing a circular trellis walled framed tent. The Kirgiz yurt with bent-wood roof poles and crown and a domed overall shape. The two tiered yurt with a pointed roof and two layers of wall section placed one on top of the other. The Mongol or Kalmuk ger with straight roof poles, a heavy timber crown, often supported by two upright poles, and fitted with a wooden door. This proven design is equally well suited to the many uses for moveable dwellings in this country.

Cottages | Rainier Yurts Cottage Features Each Rainier Cottage offers a frame constructed from hand selected and sustainable Douglas Fir which is Machine Stress Rated (MSR) to attain higher wind and snow loads. Our cottages are made with breathable fabric shell made of 100% cotton Army Duck canvas which is water repellent, mildew resistant and flame retardant and in a natural canvas color. Cottage walls are six feet high with varied ridge height per Tent Size (at an average of 11’ tall). Our waterproof rainfly is made out of a 14 oz. reinforced vinyl with an acrylic top coat. Each cottage has one door and three windows (with options available for larger doors and additional windows). Experience Luxury in the Great Outdoors Our new Rainier Cottage is handcrafted with beautiful canvas walls on a durable Douglas Fir frame that can be set up as a permanent or semi permanent structure. They are sturdy enough to be left up year-round in most climates. Cottage Photos Click image below to view slideshow. Cottages

Yurt Living in Upstate New York I discovered Louis Johnson’s yurt on facebook and contacted him and he agreed to let me share some of his photos of his home. Louis will tell you a little bit about living in a yurt in upstate New York. Their yurt is built by the Colorado Yurt Company. This winter has proved to be a cold one as well, but we had a better handle on our wood harvesting this year and are in good shape. Our PV system is small and has a generator plug in to supplement power when needed. This past year we have made a couple of low tec improvements to the yurt. This year we are going to try to tackle a passive solar hot water heater and maybe a solar oven. We continue to have the time of our lives living the way we do, and hope that others will realize the joy that comes with living a smaller, simpler way of life. Our loft design was inspired by pictures we saw online. For kitchen cupboards we use antique fruit crates and our old clothes dresser. Notice the heat shield behind the wood stove. wood opening and well

Yurts for Sale | Rainier Yurts - Seattle, Washington Rainier’s roots go back to the Alaskan Gold Rush. We were founded in 1896, and began building yurts in 2004 after the acquisition of Nesting Bird Yurts. We are the only yurt supplier that has been satisfying customers for over 115 years! Our yurts are the best available on the market. Each of our three yurt models is designed and built with Rainier's commitment to excellence. Our Eagle model is the highest quality, most robust yurt available on the market today. Our Raven model combines form and function, and is priced to match the yurts made by other manufacturers.

Yurt Companies Modern Fabric Yurts Blue Mountain Yurts: Yurt sales and support services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region, with standard yurts in a range of sizes and custom options. Blue Ridge Yurts: Custom fabric yurts adapted to east coast and southern climates; made in Floyd, Virginia. Tel. 540.745.7458 / Blue Spruce Enterprise: Authorized Yurtco dealer for Eastern Canada, also sells alt. energy systems. Buffalo Mountain Yurts: A family owned business located in the mountains of Virginia. Colorado Yurt Company: Building yurts, tipis and cabin tents since 1976 with generous standard features, durable construction and fully engineered designs. Laurel Nest Yurts: Providing canvas covered yurts, support services, and assistance for do-it-yourself yurt builders. Nomad Shelter: Yurts designed for the Alaskan market with Lexan panel skylights, central stove placement and added insulation packages .

Yurts, yurt designs, pacific N. W. yurt maker, yurt plans, yurt kits, yurt makers, yurt for sale, affordable housing, wooden yurt Yurt Info Yurt Lady After working exhaustively with the building department, plans were approved and I started to get to work. Actually, I started spending gross amounts of money to have other people start work. Although I was the official general contractor, I worked very closely with my framer who helped me understand the steps along the way and I took care of all the babysitting/haranguing of subcontractors. My first fatal move was my framer told me I couldn’t pour a round foundation so I had to raise everything up on a framed foundation. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Colorado doesn’t allow gray water systems and this is really unfortunate. Since I was going down the path of a raised foundation, I had to post posts in for the framing. I also learned that you should have your property leveled first before paying several thousand for the survey markers. It gave the framers a headache, but they made it. I had the concrete coming on Wednesday before Labor Day weekend. Finally something I could do!

Nomad Shelter Yurts | Quality Alaskan Yurts | Interior Designs | Used Yurts for Sale | Buy a Yurt | How to Building Yurts | Yurt Manufacturers | Yurts Sales | Blue Ridge Yurts - Home Page Yurt Lady on September 6, 2010 She has been living in a yurt for about 3 years. At 9,300 feet in rural Colorado. She has been writing about her life there for the last few months and showing everyone pictures and videos of what it’s like. When she was getting her construction approved by her local building department the staff there found her to be quite unique so she eventually became known as the yurt lady, hence the name of her blog. Her website has tips for those interested in living in a yurt as well–information on staying warm, insulating, construction time, windows, doors, and dealing with wind. She started out like most of us–tired of cleaning an over-sized home. She’s been living in a 16′ yurt to try things out and she’s currently in the process of constructing her larger 30′ yurt. I love stories like this so I wanted to share it on here. The following two tabs change content below. Alex is a contributor and editor for and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. Related

GoYurt Shelters : Truly Portable Yurts The GoYurt Story The first yurt we spent time in was on a hot, dusty playa at Burning Man. A friend from Oregon brought one he had built using a lot of found materials. About fourteen feet, with hand cut bamboo for the roof poles and an old bicycle wheel for the roof ring, it was a unique take on a yurt. After that my wife and I knew we wanted a yurt of our own. I started looking at yurts for sale. I had also heard a common theme among yurt owners...erecting one can sometimes be difficult. I began to think about how I could use modern materials and engineering to make a yurt that was really easy to setup, pack, and transport. It was with these concepts in mind that I designed and built our first yurt in 2003. We finished the yurt just in time for Burning Man that year. Many people stopped by to look at the yurt. We continued to go camping with our yurt after that trip and we always got really positive feedback from people who stopped by.

Red Sky Shelters : Red Sky Shelters :Home of the Yome