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The Nomad Yurt by EcoShack. *notcot in home+decor , 00:44 The Nomad Yurt by EcoShack.

The Nomad Yurt by EcoShack

I try to settle down, i try to find a “home” and stay put, but i seldom last more than a year. I’m a socal girl who’s home is in her car, on the road, or bouncing between hotel rooms and friends’ places around the world… I suppose i’m a modern day digital nomad. Quality Alaskan Yurts. Fabricant de yourtes contemporaines.

Freedom Yurt Cabins and the Tiny House Blog. In my experience writing about Tiny Houses over the last decade, I have seen hundreds of beautifully crafted and elegantly designed tiny houses.

Freedom Yurt Cabins and the Tiny House Blog

The Tiny House movement has succeeded in grabbing the attention of millions in this country and around the world. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that, while their appeal is widespread, tiny houses on wheels may only ever be a reality to a small percentage of the population. If there were a structure that offered people a bit more space, flexibility of design, and was affordable for the masses, the Tiny House Movement could finally have a legitimate way to appeal, realistically, to the average American.

I have found that structure in the Freedom Yurt Cabin. Construction écologique. Eko Jurty – Natura na okrągło Eko Jurty - Jurta mongolska. FamWest natural tents. accueil, Biome. Yurts. Based on the Mongolian Yurt (or Ger), my Yurts are constructed from clear treated timber (Redwood) and 2oz Poly Cotton canvas.


This is Rot Proofed and Fire Retardant, and is Waterproofed to a Hydrostatic Head of 60cm. Yurt Shop - Prices. Standard Turkmen Yurt Prices Standard Turkmen Yurt prices include a complete Ash frame, a standard panelled wooden door and a three piece poly cotton canvas cover.

Yurt Shop - Prices

Canvas covers are Poly Cotton as standard which is twice as strong as cotton canvas. Covers are fire retardant, water & rot proof to the following British Standards: Tensile Strength: BS 2576, Tear: BS 4303, Cone: BS 3408, Rot BS 2087, Flame BS7837. Make a Yurt Your Second Home - Rainier Yurts. Rainier’s roots go back to the Alaskan Gold Rush.

Make a Yurt Your Second Home - Rainier Yurts

We were founded in 1896, and began building yurts in 2004 after the acquisition of Nesting Bird Yurts. We are the only yurt supplier that has been satisfying customers for over 115 years! Our yurts are the best available on the market. Yurts have been around for about two thousand years, and we have improved upon this time honored structure. Our yurts are built with engineering to withstand harsh weather conditions, the highest quality materials we can find, and skilled craftsmanship. Yurts.

Freedome- החברה הגדולה והוותיקה בארץ להקמת יורט אוהל מונגולי. Smiling Wood Yurts. Yurts of America. YURTCO - Yurt Manufacturer, BC Canada - Hand-crafted yurts. Yurt, Yurts, Woodland Yurts. Peak Yurts. Buy Yurts, Peak Yurts. La yourte en images photos de yourte contemporaine le spécialiste de la yourte moderne: World Tents - World Tents. Yurts / gers products & services. Construction écologique. Yourte pliable projet à suivre. Publié le samedi 19 mai 2012 à 10:16 par Christian MEAS. .

yourte pliable projet à suivre

Matthieu Houzé, 30 ans, est un architecte originaire de Torfou (Maine et Loire). Il vient de remporter le grand prix du concours d'inventions Lépine, grâce à son abri pliable et transportable. Le déclic C'était il y a un an et demi. Matthieu Houzé, jeune architecte de 30 ans, natif de Torfou, passe quelques jours dans le Massif Central. La conception Les yourtes démontables, ce n'est pas nouveau. Le concours Pour participer au concours Lépine, Thomas Houzé fabrique une maquette. L'utilisation Volontairement, Thomas Houzé a refusé d'appeler yourte son « abri » pliable : « Car l'usage n'est pas restreint à l'habitation.

Le potentiel Des étapes importantes restent encore à franchir. Christian MEAS. Quelques modèles de yourtes contemporaines. Habitat écologique par excellence, la yourte l'est d'abord par la faible quantité de matériaux nécessaire à sa réalisation.

Quelques modèles de yourtes contemporaines

Les matériaux choisis pour construire ces yourtes contemporaines sont fabriqués au plus proche (bois et isolant issus de filières régionales, tissu et la plus grande partie des autres matériaux fabriqués en France), sains pour l'homme et l'environnement, recyclables et durables. Vous trouverez ici un guide vous permettant de définir les caractéristiques de votre yourte. Tous les modèles ont certaines caractéristiques communes : Ossature en mélèze et douglas exploité par la filière bois d'Auvergne. Pacific Yurts Time-Lapse Setup. Yourte : garanties. Aspects écologiques de la yourte habitat. Ma démarche environnementale Les aspects écologiques d'une yourte habitat de La Maison Voyageuse Un habitat économe en matériaux.

Aspects écologiques de la yourte habitat

Jero - Wood/Canvas - Trakke. Flat pack 129 sq. ft. yurt is digitally fabricated for modern nomads. As people who've ever had the chance to visit or assemble a traditional Mongolian yurt may know, they are heavy things.

Flat pack 129 sq. ft. yurt is digitally fabricated for modern nomads

Trakke Transforms Ancient Yurt into a Packable Round House That Pops Up Anywhere for the Everyday Adventurer. Created by Trakke in collaboration with eponymous designer Uula Jero and rapid prototyping workshop Maklab, the final design for Jero Yurt took years of research and development.

Trakke Transforms Ancient Yurt into a Packable Round House That Pops Up Anywhere for the Everyday Adventurer

The collaboration kicked off in 2010 after Trakke founder Alec Farmer, who was living in an 8′ Microhouse in Glasgow, met Uula, who had previously lived in a basic prototype of the packable yurt concept. Designed for easy assembly without additional tools, the lightweight and portable Jero structure offers over 130 square feet of space beneath a 15-ounce cotton canvas cover. Related: A Firsthand Look at the Magnolia 2300 Yurt – the First Energy Star Home in British Columbia “To minimize the weight while maintaining the structural integrity of the yurt we looked to nature for solutions – the unique telescopic roof struts are held together using a block designed to replicate the strength and durability of a vertebrae,” says Uula. Pacific Yurts-Original Modern Yurt Manufacturer.

Rainier Yurts. Cottage Features Each Rainier Cottage offers a frame constructed from hand selected and sustainable Douglas Fir which is Machine Stress Rated (MSR) to attain higher wind and snow loads. Our cottages are made with breathable fabric shell made of 100% cotton Army Duck canvas which is water repellent, mildew resistant and flame retardant and in a natural canvas color. Cottage walls are six feet high with varied ridge height per Tent Size (at an average of 11’ tall).

Our waterproof rainfly is made out of a 14 oz. reinforced vinyl with an acrylic top coat. Each cottage has one door and three windows (with options available for larger doors and additional windows). Experience Luxury in the Great Outdoors. SunTime Yurts — SunTime Yurts. Rainier Yurts. Quality Alaskan Yurts. This section is intended for those who chose to handcraft or build their own yurts.

For information on platform plans, go to our FAQs section and visit the yurt company websites. Geo Lite Cabin Cottage Yurt Kit Plans. GoYurt Shelters : Truly Portable Yurts. The GoYurt Story The first yurt we spent time in was on a hot, dusty playa at Burning Man. A friend from Oregon brought one he had built using a lot of found materials. About fourteen feet, with hand cut bamboo for the roof poles and an old bicycle wheel for the roof ring, it was a unique take on a yurt.

We spent a good bit of time that week relaxing there with friends. I was amazed at how it felt being inside a yurt. After that my wife and I knew we wanted a yurt of our own. I started looking at yurts for sale. Yurts, yurt designs, pacific N. W. yurt maker, yurt plans, yurt kits, yurt makers, yurt for sale, affordable housing, wooden yurt. Yurt Plans - The yurt: Seventeen foot diameter.