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Individuelle Visitenkarten, MiniCards, Postkarten uvm... Typomanie ist unheilbar, aber nicht tödlich. Vintage Classics – Gosia Herba. Home - Peter Schmidt Group. TRIAD Berlin. Kreativ. Erfahren. Neugierig. Zum Goldenen Hirschen. Features & Highlights from the CalArts Graphic Design Community. Geoff McFetridge. Theme Hi-Res the next set of posts...

Geoff McFetridge

Loading... Install theme. Motor Studio – design & drive your brand – marka, branding, identyfikacja wizualna, logo, web design. Web, Papajastudio - identyfikacja wizualna, projektowanie opakowań, branding. Parastudio* Graphic Design //// corporate identity // identyfikacja wizualna // grafika użytkowa // identyfikacja marki. Kolor RGB HEX 3A3431 - sadza angielska - Grynszpan (Persian green) / #00a693 Schematy Barw Hex, Wykresy, Palety, Farby & Konwersja RGB / CMYK / HSL. Trochę czasu do wiedzy-wpis faktów i ciekawostek #3 - Millscape - Nagłówek na bloga w formie napsu w ozdobnej Jak założyć bloga na Bloggerze (blogspot) - darmowy Impressum & Datenschutz. Datenschutz.

Impressum & Datenschutz

Studioelastik. Designer in Action. Start. Spoon Graphics. 10 Free Black Grunge Textures Made From The Ashes of Hell!

Spoon Graphics

My new collection of 10 free black grunge textures feature dark and grimy tones from the ashes of hell, which is really just a metaphor for my bathroom… Although I have to point out, my bathroom is not the kind of filth ridden place you would expect to find such surfaces (nor is it a fiery pit of desolation and eternal suffering), but after lots of adjustment and processing, these close-up photographs of marble tiles produce the kind of surfaces you could only expect to find in the depths of the underworld. These black grunge textures are the perfect asset for creating dark designs. Use them as backgrounds or within layer masks to distress your artwork with harsh effects. 30 Free Magic Bitmap Texture Graphics for Adobe Illustrator I have a new collection of free design resources to share with you this week, and these are MAGIC… Well not really, but kind of!

Homepage - Illustrative. OFL Typeface. Titillium (Free Font) GV / Library. Jonathan Ive. Library. Book by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz. Sprint 1 Challenge In 2002, a clarinet player named James Freeman quit his job as a professional musician and founded . . . a coffee cart.

Book by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz

James was obsessed with freshly roasted coffee. In those days in the San Francisco area, it was nearly impossible to find coffee beans with a roast date printed on the bag. So James decided to do it himself. The Best Interface is No Interface. Kommunikation und Beratung. Design — Thisispaper — What we save, saves us.


Elektronik. Balqoni - Design by Eleonora Weber. Built with Indexhibit Balqoni is Eleonora Weber, a Berlin-based artist and graphic designer.

Balqoni - Design by Eleonora Weber

She studied communication design (Typography, Book, Editorial) at the University of Applied Sciences and graduated with a Diploma in "Communication Design". In 2007 she participated in an exchange program with the Escola d`Art y Superior de Disseny de València. She worked at Panatom and ZEITmagazin and currently as freelancer in Moscow. FURORE-WERBUNG Referenzen. Lacoste L!VE fragrance on Behance. The Apartheid project - Paper design on Behance. Fabian De Smet – Butler – Typeface. Creative by the Sea Wordpress Theme Designers Developers. All freebies p. N2 - download free fonts by PixelBuddha.

DesignHooks. Reinzeichnung und Druckvorstufe mit InDesign. Sarah Le Donne Blog - A blog by German graphic designer Sarah Le Donne about design, art, fashion and spaces. Problem loading page. Architecture and Design students. Snapshot of work - Boxer Brand Design. The Challenge Weber, America’s best-loved barbeque experts needed to expand into more global markets.

Snapshot of work - Boxer Brand Design

Their accessories range provides an opportunity to build the brand and sales beyond the initial purchase of the barbeque grill itself but the packaging lacked brand coherence and in-store presence. Furthermore, the ‘space hungry’ packs were not optimised for either retail efficiency or material usage. What we did. HITRECORD - Main. Leonid Fishman – Designer & Art Director › Mercedes-Benz Icons. Material icons. Horizon on Behance. About The inspiration behind the Horizon project comes from a clumsy everyday experience we have all had before-- that awkward moment when we reflexive… Read More The inspiration behind the Horizon project comes from a clumsy everyday experience we have all had before-- that awkward moment when we reflexively try to push a button on the middle of our computer screen.

Horizon on Behance

Suddenly, we realize that with that tiny desperate ‘push’ we have just sullied our untouchable laptop screen. We live in a temporary era among touchable and untouchable screens. Visual Country Brand Identity on Behance. Foodies on Behance. Typographische Gesellschaft München. Evgeniya Gertsovskaya on Behance. QVED 2016. Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards. Sagmeister & Walsh - Work.

Makerbook - The best sites to get free quality stock videos. STGU » Aktualności » The Polish poster, hereafter. Across Realities : FONTARTE. ACROSS REALITIES.

Across Realities : FONTARTE

WOJCIECH BRUSZEWSKI The book is an attempt to review and re-interpretation of the works of Polish artist Wojciech Bruszewski (1947-2009). Hipopotam Studio. - NOWOŚCI. Banana font. Banana font Backgoround: TransparencyTechnics: PhotoFiles: .PNG1 letter size: 250x 250 mmArchive size: 207 Mb (.ZIP) Don’t break a leg – beware of the real Banana!

Banana font

Products. Dyslexia. Earlier this year I was asked by the DJ and Promoter Chris Bones to create a logo for a night he was launching called DO NOT SLEEP.


The brief was to create something in your face, something that stimulated and something that had not been done before on the island, so I created a Logo with heavily contrasting colours that worked with passive 3D glasses. The Logo is instantly recognisable and remains dominate when placed next to other club graphics. Since the logo was made public in its launch earlier this year it has already been copied by another DJ duo Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas for their night ‘House of Madness.’

Since its creation the logo has been passed on to his in house graphic team and they have applied the logo and created all of the advertising campaign for the season. Trend List. Peter vasvari - typo/graphic posters. Peter Vasvari works as a freelance designer, and has completed projects in Hungary and wordwide, from U.S.A. to New Zealand. Vasvari works primarily in the field of corporate and visual identities, logotypes and branding.

His works have been featured in numerous design publications including: LogoLounge Master Library Vol. 3., U.S.A., LogoLounge Vol. 6., U.S.A., Logonest 01., Serbia, Logo Talks, Hong Kong, iheartlogos Vol. 1., U.S.A., Branding Element – logos, China, International Visual Communication design, China, Logo Trends 2011, Indonesia, 2011 LogoLounge Trends Report, U.S.A., Stone in America, Magazine, U.S.A., Sign Magazine, Hungary, Hungarian Graphics Magazine, Hungary, Print and Publishing Magazine, Hungary, Elitivia Interview, Australia, The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2010, Bronze Award.

Brut Magazin #4. Michal Batory. Nature Colors Palettes. Fubiz Media. Baubauhaus. Visit Berlin – Golden Section Graphics. C3 - Creative Code and Content - Home. Gestalten. Design Tagebuch. Designspiration — Design Inspiration. Woodland Critter Kunst für Kinder-die Agile Rabbit von johnwgolden.

TYPE HYPE Berlin - Your Personal Character. @serdecznosci. Quadratische Visitenkarten. ‘Grüne’ quadratische Visitenkarten: Der Umwelt zuliebe Machen Sie gleich den richtigen Eindruck, wenn Sie sich vorstellen – ‘grüne‘ quadratische Visitenkarten sind ideal, wenn Sie eine umweltfreundliche Karte suchen, die nichts an Qualität einbüßt. Hergestellt aus 100% wiederverwerteten Fasern und noch dazu 100% chlorfrei - perfekt für Menschen, denen unser Planet genauso am Herzen liegt wie die Vermarktung ihrer Geschäftsaktivitäten.

Verwenden Sie Instagram-Fotos, um Ihr Geschäft oder Ihren Blog zu promoten? Mit nahtloser Instagram-Integrierung ist es schnell und einfach, Ihr Showreel zu veröffentlichen und mit Printfinity können Sie auf jede Karte im Päckchen ein anderes Bild drucken. Allegro infographics on Behance. Banaszek. Adam Banaszek on Behance. Christoph Niemann. Jean Jullien. My awesome agent Handsome Frank made a film about my work, directed by Pal. production: A few Halloween costume suggestions. I covered a book about books, for Pushkin I did a mood changing mug (with big ears) at Matthew Raw's ceramic workshop! In the Guardian. thanks to Chris Clarke and Andrew Stocks. Adam Banaszek on Pinterest.

Log in Home Categories There’s more to see... Come take a look at what else is here! Futu Magazine 03-04 on Behance.