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The Sins of Greenwashing: Home and Family Edition

The Sins of Greenwashing: Home and Family Edition

Green Seal > Green Living As a consumer you have the right to know that the products you buy and the places where you eat, sleep, and work are safe for your health and the environment. Our focus is to create a more sustainable world for you and our family. We motivate companies to develop greener products and services by providing verification of sustainability leadership through our certification. How does sustainability challenge luxury packaging? As consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and are seeking out more sustainable lifestyle choices, there is increasing public and industry pressure on luxury brand owners to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. These implications have meant many luxury packaging companies have obtained Sustainable Packaging Coalition status, and use more environmentally friendly materials such as paperboard, rather than plastics. However, is there such a thing as responsible luxury, or does that defeat the point of products designed to be extravagant and superior? Smithers Pira explores the potential obstacles involved with sustainability for the luxury packaging industry, and how these are being overcome. Why does the idea of "responsible luxury" pose a problem?

Green algae The green algae (singular: green alga) are the large group of algae from which the embryophytes (higher plants) emerged.[1] As such, they form a paraphyletic group, although the group including both green algae and embryophytes is monophyletic (and often just known as kingdom Plantae). The green algae include unicellular and colonial flagellates, most with two flagella per cell, as well as various colonial, coccoid and filamentous forms, and macroscopic seaweeds. In the Charales, the closest relatives of higher plants, full differentiation of tissues occurs. What the industry says Several manufacturers of bottled water have contacted Panorama. This is what they say about their industry. DANONE - Makers of Volvic and Evian Based on an annual UK consumption of bottled water of 36 litres per person, the CO2 equivalent emissions created by this activity represents about 0.06% of the total daily emissions of an average British person. The CO2 equivalent emissions of a litre of bottled water are less than one-thirtieth of that of a kilo of organic chicken.

Beth Greer: 10 Ways To Tell If A Product Is (Or Isn't) Really 'Natural' "Natural," "Nontoxic" or even "Eco-Safe" on the label of your shampoo, deodorant or makeup, makes you think it'd be made with healthy, safety-tested ingredients, right? Well, not always. Unlike drugs, The FDA doesn't review cosmetic or personal care ingredients for safety before they hit the market. Also, manufacturers routinely do something known as greenwashing: using misleading, vague or even false claims about the eco/health benefits of their products. 72 Sustainable Packaging Designs - From Flexible Eco Packaging to Leafy Lighthearted Branding Incorporating eco-friendly features into a product is a great way to help out the environment, and these sustainable packaging designs are showcasing that inventive eco branding can make a significantly bold impact. The packaging of a product is often the best way to visually engage and attract potential consumers, and by infusing eco-friendly methods into the design, retailers are able to creatively distinguish themselves apart from other less eco conscious brands. Showcasing that sustainable materials and eco designs doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or overall appearance, these unique packaging examples will definitely have environmental enthusiasts satisfied by all the unique green touches. From creative cardboard food packages to upcycled soap bottles and organic envelopes, these sustainable packaging designs will certainly stand out amongst any shelf with their detailed environmental touches.

Earthbag Construction EarthBag Homes - you're standing on the building materials... earthbag home Long sandbags are filled on-site and arranged in layers or as compressed coils. Stabilizers such as cement, lime, or sodium carbonate may be added to an ideal mix of 70% sand, 30% clay. Straw may also be added. The earthbags are then plastered over with adobe.

Carlsberg Circular Community formed to rethink packaging Carlsberg and selected global suppliers have joined forces to rethink the design and production of packaging material, to develop the next generation of packaging products that are optimized for recycling and reuse, while at the same time, retaining or improving their quality and value. The approach, says Carlsberg, is increasingly referred to as “up-cycling.” The cooperation has been formalized through the Carlsberg Circular Community as part of the Carlsberg Group’s work on sustainable packaging. The founding companies working together with Carlsberg are: • Rexam: Cans • Arkema: Glass bottle coatings • O-I: Glass packaging • RKW: Shrink Wrap • MWV (MeadWestvaco): Paperboard multipacks • Petainer: PET kegs for draught beer Rethinking the concept of waste In the future, Carlsberg says, we are all facing increasing pressure on natural resources due to the ever-increasing demand for consumer goods. This is creating further demands on businesses to use materials more efficiently.

How to Detect Greenwashing Ads Read labels carefully when shoppingBy Lori Bongiorno How do you know if an ad is telling the truth? It's not always easy, but there are certain clues you can look for to determine if the claims an ad is making are legit or if a marketer is purposely trying to mislead you into thinking a product is healthier, safer, or greener than it truly is. innocent - little tasty drinks Our 250ml smoothie bottle is special. It’s fully recyclable and it also contains recycled plastic. We’ve been pioneering the use of food grade recycled plastic ever since 2003 when we first introduced 25% post consumer recycled content (rPET) to our bottles.

Craig's Picture of the Day WarmDirt Last winter we tried heating our green house without success and large electric bills. This year we tried Warm Dirt. I made a wood box about coffin size. Melanie and I lined the bottom with Electric Heat Cable, poured in 4 inches of sand, then placed her clay pots on the sand. Keep the roots warm (above 40F) and you're good to grow. Sustainable packaging: What’s next? Sustainability in focus supplement Moves towards sustainable packaging designs are welcome, but more can still be done. Chris Sherwin, sustainability consultant at Dragon Rouge, says designers must not ignore their responsibilities A quick Web-trawl of the major UK packaging design consultancies reveals an encouraging amount of material focused on sustainability.