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Sustainable practises

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Experiencias de desarrollo forestal local. Plastic Pollution Coalition. Medio Ambiente y Ecología Social - Casicero. Mide tu huella ecológica. Agencia resiliencia urbana. Video Library - Green Building. Zero Net Water. Healthy Harbor. Climate Impacts Group. The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research group studying the impacts of natural climate variability and global climate change (“global warming”).

Climate Impacts Group

Research at the CIG considers climate impacts at spatial scales ranging from local communities to the entire western U.S. region, with most work focused on the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Through research and interaction with stakeholders, the CIG works to increase community and ecosystem resilience to fluctuations in climate. The CIG focuses on the intersection of climate science and public policy/resource management. We perform fundamental research on climate and climate impacts and work with planners and policy makers to apply this information to regional decision making processes. The CIG is part of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. Pacific Northwest. Puget Sound Partnership - Vital Signs. Puget Sound Partnership Dashboard of Vital Signs: Charting our Course and Measuring Our Progress Puget Sound, while one of the most vibrant and complex regions in the nation, is at the same time one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world.

Puget Sound Partnership - Vital Signs

It is a place of beauty and wonder that we want to protect now and for generations to come. The Sound covers some 2,500 square miles, larger than the states of Delaware or Rhode Island, and is the drainage basin for more than 16,000 square miles. The Sound includes thousands of rivers and streams, rich forests, numerous plantlife, and numerous wildlife species including the iconic wild salmon and Orca whale.

Our actions, past and present have taken their toll However, our region faces many severe challenges. Other challenges These challenges are not merely aesthetic. The role of the Puget Sound Partnership. CACITA - Página 3 de 5 - Tecnologías apropiadas convivenciales. Lista la pagina Caravana para el Burn Vivir Visitanos: Galería de bicimáquinas Pequeña muestra de las diferentes bicimaquinas realizadas en Colectivo CACITA.

CACITA - Página 3 de 5 - Tecnologías apropiadas convivenciales

Project Design Lab (for Educators) | Shared Resources. Green Building Standards. Green Building (for Educators) | Shared Resources. CANNABRIC. Building Design. Shared Resources. CIUDADANÍA. Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change. We are at the most critical moment in the history of our species, as man-made changes to the climate threaten humanity’s security on Earth.

Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

But there is a technology for massive planetary geo-engineering that is tried and tested and available for widespread dissemination right now. It costs little and is adaptable to local contexts the world over. It can be rolled out tomorrow providing multiple benefits beyond climate stabilization. The solution is farming. Simply put, we could sequester more than 100% of current annual CO2 emissions with a switch to widely available and inexpensive organic management practices, which we term “regenerative organic agriculture.” Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (pdf) Reversing Climate Change Achievable by Farming Organically Tom Newmark, co-founder of the new non-profit the Carbon Underground as well as the co-owner of organic farm Finca Luena Nueva and co-founder of Sacred Seeds, talks to Thom Hartmann about the white paper. News. Berlin Farm Lab. Some visual input from the first day of the gardening season.

Berlin Farm Lab

Thank you, Melina Daphne Papageorgiou for the beautiful photos! If you want to garden, come and find us every saturday at the Beilsteinerstrasse 51, in Berlin-Marzahn. more to come! Fiber-Optic Solar Toilet Turns Sewage To Plant Friend txchnologist: by Michael KellerWorld Water Day is coming up this Saturday. EvolveEA Sustainable Architecture & Consulting Firm in Pittsburgh. Destino Sustentável. Contacto. Reutilización y Reciclaje Creativos - SENDA NATURA. Pallet Furniture Plans, DIY Pallet Projects, Recycled Pallet Ideas. ECOLAB CanNova.

HOME - Ecological Footprint - Ecological Sustainability. Welcome To Redefining Progress.


Benvinguts a la web de la Fundació. Open Energy: hacia el Internet de la energía. Salva el Ártico - Greenpeace. Knowledge. CO2, birth & death rates by country, simulated real-time. El medio ambiente no debe pagar los platos rotos. Estoy a punto de partir hacia el Congreso de los Diputados junto con Esteban, director de Amnistía Internacional y José María, Director de Intermon Oxfam.

El medio ambiente no debe pagar los platos rotos

Vamos a entregar al presidente Rajoy y a los portavoces de los Grupos Parlamentarios un decálogo frente a la crisis. La sociedad está ya cansada de ver cómo siempre son los mismos, los más débiles, quienes pagan por las crisis que generan los más poderosos. Amnistía Internacional, Intermon Oxfam y Greenpeace llevan muchos años trabajando conjuntamente para denunciar y poner coto a los desmanes que, con la excusa de la crisis, se están cometiendo y de poner las bases para iniciar un nuevo ciclo donde los derechos de las personas, la igualdad social y el medio ambiente sean la piedra angular para ganar el futuro. Nos encontramos ante una encrucijada histórica.

Y esta vez, el medio ambiente no debe pagar los platos rotos porque no tenga ni madre ni padre que cuide de él. Biblioteca online completa sobre permacultura, bioconstrucción, agricultura ecológica y más. Apreciados lectores, Parece un contrasentido, crear un método en la Apicultura del “no hacer” (Wu Wei, como lo denominó su creador), cuando precisamente esta “cultura” estudia a las abejas, que conforman uno de los modelos asociativos más complejos, organizadas y trabajadoras que se conocen de los seres vivos.

Biblioteca online completa sobre permacultura, bioconstrucción, agricultura ecológica y más

Sin embargo, si juntamos las técnicas… En "CSA ENTRANSICIÓN 2.0"