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Placemeter Sensor offers a window into activity outside your window Have you ever wondered how many people walk past your shop? Or drive past your adverts? A new device is aimed at giving people that information, which might otherwise remain inaccessible. The Placemeter Sensor sticks to the inside of a window and counts people, vehicles, bicycles and more. Placemeter calls its sensor an "urban measurement tool" and says it can reveal hidden patterns and opportunities in the movement around towns and cities. Port-a-Bach: A Container Getaway Port-a-Bach is a holiday home made from a shipping container. It’s portable, secure, stylish, and can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children. How wonderful it is to just lay there, on the top bunk bed, read a book and enjoy the perfect indoor/outdoor flow. This prefab getaway allows you to use your land without investing in a permanent housing solution; it can be connected to available services or used off the grid; and it has a minimal impact on site and can be easily transported and installed. This portable vacation home is based on a fully enclosed steel shell, positioned on six stable concrete footings.

Rooms which has the Inspiration for Reflection and Imagination Rooms which inspire innovative work, reflection, solitude - Image 01 : Contemporary Architect Drafting Office – Rooms which inspire innovative work, reflection, solitude – Image 01 : Contemporary Architect Drafting Office June 9, 2012. Rooms which inspire innovative work, reflection and solitude. Rooms which inspire innovative work, reflection, solitude – Image 01 : Contemporary Architect Drafting Office Brown Academic Hoodie The Academic Hoodie Do you sometimes yearn to be more thoughtful and erudite — or at least appear so to others? For those occasions, we proudly present our brand-new Brown Academic Hoodie, the latest addition to our West Coast Workwear Collection. Consider this the more contemplative cousin of our hard-charging Executive Hoodies. In place of pinstriped suit wool, we crafted the Academic Hoodie from a wonderful brown herringbone tweed and professorial-grade leather elbow patches.

Rememberthelittleguy & Toypaper - Doodles, Interactive Design and Paper Toys! Once upon a time there was an afternoon project that turned into a weekend project that turned into a website that turned into Toypaper. All that adds up to a HUGE amount of time spent cutting and gluing paper - far too much time if I am honest so it's time to put the cap back on the glue for a while. If you are reading this expecting to find papertoys then don't worry, I have put them all at the bottom this page just for you. Paul Ford: What is Code? A computer is a clock with benefits. They all work the same, doing second-grade math, one step at a time: Tick, take a number and put it in box one. Tick, take another number, put it in box two. Tick, operate (an operation might be addition or subtraction) on those two numbers and put the resulting number in box one. Tick, check if the result is zero, and if it is, go to some other box and follow a new set of instructions.

Touchscreen Landscapes [Image: Screen grab via]. This new, partly digital sand table interface developed for military planning would seem to have some pretty awesome uses in an architecture or landscape design studio. Using 3D terrain data—in the military's case, gathered in real-time from its planetary network of satellites—and a repurposed Kinect sensor, the system can adapt to hand-sculpted transformations in the sand by projecting new landforms and elevations down onto those newly molded forms. You can thus carve a river in real-time through the center of the sandbox, and watch as projected water flows in— [Image: Screen grabs via].

List of Revit Keyboard Shortcuts Professional BIM Services My other online profiles Help Ethiopian Kids Things to know before you arrive in Amsterdam Urban Sketchers Netherlands are proud to host the 10th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in cooperation with the international Urban Sketchers organisation. The local symposium team would like to give you some ideas on how to prepare for the symposium. Welcome to USk Amsterdam 2019! Here are a few things that you need to know before you start packing for the 10th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam.

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