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Bjarke Ingels Group Morey Smith a conversation with Bethany Nauert ..."I always knew I was an artist- it just took me 30 years to get it right. Though I was passionate about working in a creative field, I was not sure exactly how to achieve that goal" Bethany Nauert is a Los Angeles based photographer that specializes in interior spaces + architecture + portraits. I called her up, and we eventually had a long conversation one afternoon over lunch about her career path and her quarter life crisis, and her love/hate relationship with the city that finally welcomed her years after she left. Thank you Bethany... - David John Were you always fascinated by design? Yes, as a matter of fact in grade school I thought wanted to be an architect. Talk about your quarter life crisis, and how it led you into your current career as a photographer? I always knew I was an artist- it just took me 30 years to get it right. I got a great job working with a commercial photographer in Petaluma, so I moved my way through Berkeley, Oakland and then finally to Santa Rosa.

Foster + Partners Spaces | Work | Pinkeye designstudio #pinkeyedesign Niko experience store The Niko experience store inspires you on home connectivity. Samsonite retail experience centre For the love of their retail department, Samsonite developed a very first retail experience centre Foon Foon, a brand new hearing centre. De Serre, more than meets the eye De Serre , in the heart of Antwerp, had the ambition of becoming a leading test site for innovative horeca technologies. Hit, not just another sneaker store ! Manhattn's A taste of Manhattn’s in Antwerp The perfect bar for discovering wonderful natural wines and unfamiliar gins. Manmade, clothing made for men Man makes clothing. Den Hof: lobby, bar and meeting centers Contemporary class and elegance Savage Antwerp’s very first lobster bar The new way of working for Mars Belgium Their new way of working needed to be installed in a smart and friendly Mars-proof atmosphere. FERM Bio Restaurant & Food Market Monocle , a unique eyewear boutique Marcolini London Pop-Up store Jeanbon, an artisan feeling TOOP Kids optician

Masala Chai Tea When I moved to New York City almost fifteen years ago, a friend took me on a downtown tour of inexpensive places to fill my belly. One stop was the Lahore Deli, a Pakistani joint on the edge of Soho where for four dollars I could have a little box of rice, dal and veggies plus a hot cup of sweet milky chai. The chai's share of that bill was one dollar; these days it's a buck fifty. It was there, inside Lahore Deli, where my love for chai blossomed and as I made my way farther afield in the city, I scouted out other places for great chai, but I never found one that matches Lahore's and so when the craving comes — and it comes almost daily — I either meander over to Crosby Street, or I make my own. Chai literally means tea to much of the world, but most English speakers think of chai as the spiced tea drink Masala Chai. Play around with the flavors. Masala Chai Tea makes one 8 ounce serving In a small saucepan, combine the water, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon stick and star anise.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson This is a time in which belief is often overwhelmed by exponential change. Even in the most serious architectural circles, intellectual games and superficial dogma can take the place of affirmation, and the mediocrity and deadness of much of our environment continue to spread. Yet, in all of our surroundings there is great richness and power. Belief in the sensuality of place, the emotive qualities of materials, and the ability to give pleasure and insight, to comfort, and to transport, can produce humane and spirited architecture. It is our belief that exceptional architecture comes from the search for solutions which respond to the particular circumstances inherent in each situation. Increasingly, we have come to see that, in a sense, circumstances are infinite and that working within any one set of habits is too limiting.

New Tab massimiliano + doriana fuksas: tbilisi public service hall first image 'tbilisi public service hall' by massimiliano + doriana fuksas, tbilisi, georgia image © moreno maggi all images courtesy of fuksas architects after two years of planning and construction, the 'tbilisi public service hall' designed by italian architects massimiliano and doriana fuksas of fuksas architects has been recently inaugurated in tbilisi, georgia. eleven diversely-shaped petals rise 35 meters above neighboring buildings of the urban and centrally located site to overlook the kura river. beneath the overlapping canopy, seven stacked volumes contain four levels of office space. their positioning envelopes a centralized public square, offering employees upward views to the underside of the roof and tree-columns. the branching pillars are positioned inside and outside the building to majestically support the roof entity, lifting it to be entirely separate from the building beneath. internal footbridges connect each of the levels for ease of circulation. project info: