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Minimally Minimal

Minimally Minimal

MELBORP | THINK COMMUNITY The Fox Is Black Mary Faber's Portfolio A typographic wine label design.Typography, Branding, Print Design2011 MASH is a self-titled typographic collaboration from the MASH team. During June & July 2012, each member submitted a letterform daily until the alphabet was complete.Print Design, Typography2012 Branding for local free-range eggs.Branding, Packaging, Typography2012 MASH typographic Christmas cards, 2012.Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography2012 A series of mini letterpress projects designed by Mary Faber.Print Design, Typography2012 Chalkboard typography by the MASH team.Animation, Motion Graphics, Typography2013 An educational exhibition by MASH on letterforms and type.Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Typography2014 Mainline is a typeface design based on historical New Zealand printing of the late 1900s.Typography, Graphic Design2011 Letterpress Posters by Mary FaberPrint Design, Typography2012 A 2011 typeface design from Mary Faber.Graphic Design, Typography2011

the impossible cool. beta knowledge Nevolution: Network - Twin Cities The typographic system Twin Cities is a family of typefaces that exists as a result of the networked society that shapes our current cultural and social era. This new era posits a change away from the mechanic and electronic logic of yesteryear, towards a worldview that realises all forms of identity are a result of connections to neighbours in the network. It represents a shift in moving away from using semantic values as a marker of design, using the context of the broader environment as a means of justifying the alteration of form. In departing from a focus on historical styles that has become dominant in recent typographic trends, Twin Cities approaches the concept of identity from another angle. The typeface acts as a dynamic weather vane, updated every five minutes to reflect the temperature or wind strength of the area in which the data is taken. The competition was commissioned as an experiment to understand the relationship between urban identity and typography. 1.

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