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3d full body scan

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Heavy Duty Lazy Susan for Full Body Scanning by fredini. Coney Island Scan-A-Rama: A 3D scanning turntable capable of supporting the weight of a human being.

Heavy Duty Lazy Susan for Full Body Scanning by fredini

Since discovering ReconstructMe, I've been looking for a suitable turntable setup for creating full body scans of people. Most of the plans out there are for tabletop photo or scanning setups that won't handle a lot of weight. Lo and behold, I found these plans for using the front wheel hub assembly from a car as the rotation bearing and an electric drill to power turning it. My implementation can be built for around $100.

This device is the centerpiece of my Coney Island Scan-A-Rama Project- a next generation photo booth in which subjects are scanned and printed. Update 10/16/2012 I have added a 12volt 4RPM high torque rotisserie motor with a 3D printed pulley driving a bicycle inner tube belt drive. Update 7/21/2013 Added a new pulley in two parts that can be printed on a Replicator build platform, then glued afterwards. Update 8/3/2013. Kinect full body scanner. KINECT Turntable and Mount for 3D Scanning : First Ever TinkerCAD Design ! by Welle417. **March 21th, 2013** UPDATE I have had a couple days to experiment with the Kinect "Reconstruct Me" software, testing scannable area, optimal distance, etc.

KINECT Turntable and Mount for 3D Scanning : First Ever TinkerCAD Design ! by Welle417

As I suspected, a distance range from 2-5 feet is the only real "scannable" area. This sort of 3d modeling would be ideal for larger objects for the purpose of miniaturization. Kids toys shrunk down, etc. It does not pick up finer detail on smaller objects however. I will eventually seperate my files on here when I find a suitable program and system for using the turntable, with a different camera. That's all I have at the moment - keep checking back for more updates about my search for the best FREE or Economy-priced 3D Scanning/Modeling software. Until next time. March 19th, 2013 Version 2.0 Available I have simplified and smoothed the design quite a bit today...

Until tomorrow - Live Long and The Force be with You, This thing was made with Tinkercad. ________________________________ March 18th, 2013: Greetings Thingiverse! Coney Island Scan-A-Rama by fredini. Make Your Own Products with 3D Printing. All Scans. Full body scan of a semi nude male perfect reference for anatomy reference Dataset includes :: .. £20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00 Full Body Full colour female model scanned using our state of the art photogrammetry capture system .. £25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00 Full Body Full colour male model scanned using our state of the art photogrammetry capture system .. 9 x full body female scans Dataset includes :: :: Decimated OBJ (750K triangles) .. £120.00 Ex Tax: £120.00 A set of 6 full colour male life model scans Dataset includes :: :: High resolution Zbrush.. £120.00£80.00Ex Tax: £80.00 A full colour 3D hand scan captured in perfect detail using our state of the art photogrammetry ..

All Scans

A set of 4 male torso scans with varying arm positions Data Set includes ::High resolution.. Full body scanning with Artec 3D scanners.

3d body scan

[TC]² - 3D Body Scanning. 3D Body Scanning [TC]² is the world leader in 3D body scanning hardware and software with over 150 scanners installed worldwide.

[TC]² - 3D Body Scanning

[TC]² provides 3D body scanning solutions in apparel, virtual fashion, health/fitness, medical, gaming, and online virtual worlds applications. [TC]²’s scanning technology scans the whole body in seconds and rapidly produces a true-to-scale 3D body model. The included automatic body measurement software can extract over 400 unique measurements many of which can be user customized.

The 3D scanner is world leading in terms of price, small size (3.75 x 5.5 feet), ease of use, subject privacy and safety. High-fidelity, accurate, realistic avatars can be created from body scan data, or through the use of [TC]²’s avatar engine with the input of a few basic measurements. [TC]² 3D Body Scanning Customer Activity around the World For more information, please use our contact form.