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C sharp wordle and tree map

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Chrisdavies/Sparc.TagCloud. The tag cloud - Home. Source Code Word Cloud Generator - Home. Cloud Control for ASP.NET. Download source code - 13.4 KB Introduction Web sites such as, Technorati, and Flickr, which allow tagging of their content, depict the popularity of tags using a tag cloud.

Cloud Control for ASP.NET

The popular items have larger font sizes. This concept can be applied to any list of items where each item has an associated weight. For example, a list of products can be displayed in a cloud weighed by the cost of a product. Using the Control This control works only with ASP.NET 2.0. Hide Copy Code This will allow you to use the control in the page using the following declaration: Now, you need to add items to the control. Text - The text of the hyperlink. You can add the items declaratively, as shown: You can also add the items programmatically: c1.Items.Add(new CloudItem("Item1", 4, "Default.aspx? You can also use data binding to add items. You need to indicate to the cloud control that it needs to use the ItemsSource data source control by specifying its DataSourceID. How the Control Works? History. Word Cloud (Tag Cloud) Generator Control for .NET Windows.Forms in C#

Background This control is inspired by the free web-based word cloud generator called Wordle.

Word Cloud (Tag Cloud) Generator Control for .NET Windows.Forms in C#

In fact, the control is a screw-out product of my project at I really loved the visualizations produced by Wordle, but my goal was to write a non web based local solution to process large amounts of sensible data. There were a number of components I found on the web, but most of them had either very pure performance when processing text and the visualization or the layout was not what I expected. Architecture and usage There are four phases when visualizing the word cloud: Processing data like text, HTML, or source code, and extracting the relevant words while ignoring others. To tap your own data source, just implement the IEnumerable<string> interface or derive from BaseExtractor. Counting words and ignoring ones from blacklist.

The result is an enumeration with pairs of terms (words) and integers representing the number of occurrences of this word in a text. Hide Copy Code Use different colours: WordCloud - A Squarified Treemap of Word Frequency. Introduction WordCloud is a visual depiction of how many times a word is used, or its frequency if you will, within a given set of words.

WordCloud - A Squarified Treemap of Word Frequency

It does this by: reading in plain text, filtering out "stop words", counting how many times a word is used, and displaying results in a Squarified Treemap. (In the images above, the larger a node and more saturated the color, the more frequent its use.) Background I was really impressed, and inspired, by Chirag Mehta's cool web-based tag cloud generator of US Presidential Speeches. At best, I'm a hobbyist with the technologies used in this example, so I'm defaulting to various articles I read that lead to creating WordCloud.

Squarified Treemaps in XAML & C# using Microsoft Longhorn. Introduction After that strange title, I'd better kick off with an explanation of what this article is all about.

Squarified Treemaps in XAML & C# using Microsoft Longhorn

One of my favourite 'pet' topics is data visualisation and how graphically displaying data you can often see trends, patterns & anomalies and often improve the 'user experience (UX)'. This article is going to be in three main parts; firstly I'll discuss what Treemaps are, how they can help you interpret data and how they are built. But briefly, they provide a graphical representation of information enabling users to compare items by size and changing attributes, often used to view hierarchical data.

Secondly, digressing slightly off topic, I will discuss why I hope & think Longhorn and XAML will bring about important changes to desktop computing. Because I appreciate most people won't have the PDC bits installed, I have also put together a little video demo for people to download in the style of the Longhorn Concept Videos. Background Squarified Treemaps Or graphically as a chart: