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Colonial America for kids *** 0 A.D. :: Wildfire Games In the interest of transparency, the Wildfire Games team would like to report on the finances of the project as of 2014-04-21. Continue reading With recent games such as Red Dead Redemption, Left 4 Dead 2, and The Last of Us being hugely successful, we have decided to change the overall direction of 0 A.D. so that it can appeal to a wider audience. We have many gameplay changes planned, such as removing the Roman faction and replacing it with an AI controlled horde of zombies. This transformation will probably take a few weeks to complete. The name Apocalypse of the Dead works well with our current title 0 A.D. because it means we don’t have to purchase new domain names. 0 A.D. Wildfire Games, the international group of volunteers developing 0 A.D., is happy to present this week’s 0 A.D. development report. Enrique’s new horses (WIP). Continue reading

hair Secret Henna Diary Index The Henna Page: henna body art Henna for Hair: Mehandi: shop TapDancing Lizard: books Harquus and Indigo Page ICNHA: certification The Reverend Bunny's Secret Henna Diary So you want to henna your hair? Henna has safely colored and conditioned women's hair for at least 6,000 years. I am not a beautician, I'm just a lady who's hennaed her hair for 10 years. This is my hair, in the sunshine. Every woman's hair will come up a bit different with henna, because henna is a natural vegetable tannin, that stains your hair. Totally gray hair may go Bozo the Clown Tangerine if you don't use the best possible henna! You are free to make your own associations; define your own beauty! Henna doesn't really lighten your hair. Henna always leaves my hair silky, easy to brush, thick and well conditioned. You should NOT put henna on hair that has been straightened, permed, dyed or bleached before. Want samples of henna and herbs to try on your hair? Get plain bulk henna powder.

[SEC|SUP - WIN|MAC|LIN] Lincity - A City Simulation Game Early America Games The noun "game" comes from the Old English word "gamen" which means joy, fun and amusement. It also derives from the Old High German word "gaman," meaning joy or glee. And the Gothic "gamann" indicates participation and communion. Because colonial children didn't have television, video games or many books to read they often created their own games. In early America these games taught children skills they would use later in life. Two games are presented here to sharpen your skills. Our Crossword Puzzles also test your knowledge of early America's history.

OpenTTD chkrootkit -- locally checks for signs of a rootkit [PRIM|SEC - WIN|MAC|LIN] ksudoku Bos Wars Henna for Hair How do manufacturers of "henna hair dye" make all those different henna colors? Boxes of commercially produced “henna for hair” come in a range of colors. Henna, itself, DOES NOT come in a range of colors. The only dye molecule in henna (Lawsonia Inermis) in sufficient quantity to stain hair is Lawsone , which is a red-orange molecule. These pre-mixed colors are compound hennas. Compound Henna Dye This is a term that refers to hair dye marketed as henna, and is formulated in different colors. These mixtures may contain additional plant dyes, may contain metallic salts, and may contain para-phenylenedmine. Compond henna may damge your hair. Pure body art quality henna is good for your hair. There is no such plant as "blonde henna", "brown henna" or "black henna". Chemicals, metallic salts or other dye plants must be added to henna to make any color other than red. Some dye plants can be added to alter the color of henna. Metallic salts alter and fix a dye stain. Harvest some of your hair.

[SEC|SUP - WIN|MAC|LIN] OpenCity, another 3D city simulator Converting Color Images to B Text and images Copyright (C) 2002 Eric R. Jeschke and may not be used without permission of the author. Intention In this tutorial I'll show you some different ways to convert color RGB images to B&W: We'll examine each of these in turn. The Procedure Here is an example image, loaded into GIMP. Via Grayscale Here is what I get if I use the standard mode change to grayscale from RGB. Duplicate the original image (Ctrl+D) and right-click on the copy. I suspect GIMP uses a similar formula. Via Desaturate Here is what I get if I use desaturate instead. The result is visually different; note the increased contrast in the scales. Via Decompose RGB A third method is to consider the red/green/blue channels of the image. Here you can see the three channels: red (top), green (middle) and blue (bottom). Very often the green channel contains an excellent B&W version of the image. Via Decompose HSV Via Decompose LAB Yet another decompose option: LAB mode. Via Decompose CMYK Via Channel Mixer Tips Other Examples

[PRIM|SEC - WIN|MAC|LIN] KBlackbox Objective: Use laser beams to deduce the placement of the atomic particles inside the black box. Using lasers and placing balls and markers deduce the position of the hideden atoms inside the black box. The cursor can be moved around the box with the standard cursor movement keys or the mouse. Switching of lasers or marking of black boxes is done with the Left Mouse Button, or by pressing the Return or Enter key. You can also drag and drop the balls and the markers with the mouse. You can mark the fields where you think a ball cannot be, too. When you think the configuration of balls you have placed is correct, press the "Done!" If you placed any balls incorrectly, the right solution will be displayed.