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Simutrans - A freeware transportation simulation game

Simutrans - A freeware transportation simulation game
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Simutrans (Like "Transport Tycoon") Was mit Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon 1990 einst begann, hat bis heute viele Fans und Nachahmer hervorgebracht. So sind vor allem die beiden Spiele "Transport Tycoon" und "Industrie Gigant" zwei erfolgreiche Nachfolger des Klassikers. Die Open-Source-Adaption Simutrans orientiert sich nicht nur optisch am "Transport Tycoon". Wer die Wirtschafts-Simulation von 1994 schon einmal gespielt hat, wird sich sofort zurechtfinden. Ziel des Spieles ist es, durch Transport-Leistungen für Personen oder Güter zum Wirtschafts-Magnat aufzusteigen. Fazit: Simutrans beweist, dass der "Transport Tycoon" bis heute nichts an seiner Faszination verloren hat. Hinweis: Wir bieten Ihnen den Online-Installer zum Download an, der alle nötigen Files auf Ihren Rechner bringt.

Teach with Portals Top 10 Sites for Educational Games There's no denying the appeal that online games have on kids. While this might come w/ a negative stigma there are a lot of online educational games that can be found to not only enhance the joy of learning but strengthen skill sets as well. That being said I've decided to create a list of my favorite educational gaming sites on the web. Top 10 Sites for Educational Games Funbrain - One of the most popular educational gaming sites around.

Widelands (Remake "Die Siedler 2") Wie im Vorbild "Die Siedler 2" starten Sie in Widelands mit nicht mehr als einem Haupthaus. Spielinhalt ist es, Holzfällerhütten, Steinmetze, Jäger, Bergwerke und andere Produktionsstätten errichten. So bildet sich mit der Zeit ein großer Wirtschaftskreislauf, der über ein Wegenetz verbunden ist. Sie müssen keinen Ihrer Siedler direkt steuern. Da Sie Ihr Reich permanent erweitern, werden Sie früher oder später auf Feinde treffen. Alle Neuerungen im aktuellen Build 18 finden Sie in den Release Notes. Fazit: Widelands befindet sich derzeit noch in der Entwicklung und es kommt immer wieder zu Abstürzen.

Web 2.0 Resources for BYOT Programs | A Teacher's Coda As my school district prepares to implement BYOT in the 2012-2013 school, I have collected Web 2.0 tools that students and faculty (grades 7-12) could use. Because of the sheer number of apps for mobile devices, I have not included any apps. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Agriculture: “10 Best Mobile Agriculture Apps For 2012″ Art: Audio: Audacity (Audio editor and recorder)Cepstral Text to SpeechVocaroo (Online voice recording) Blogging: Business: Cloud Storage: Collaboration Tools: Collections of Resources: Communications: (Many uses communications, polling…) NEWCreateDebateGoSaopBoxGroupMe (Send one text message to a group)Make Beliefs Comic (Create a comic strip)Remind 101 (Send mass text messages to students)SkypeTodaysMeet (Create a temporary site to promote discussion)Voki (Create speaking Avatars) Flash Cards: Anki (Also has mobile apps)Cramberry (Also has mobile apps)Evernote Peek (Also has mobile apps)Quizlet (Also has mobile apps)StudyBlue (Also has mobile apps) Wiki:

Don Hopkins | Don Hopkins' Web Site Does the Apple fall far from the tree? – Sharing one iPad among many users 2012 K-12 Horizon Report The 2012 Horizon Report identifies mobile devices and tablet computing as technologies expected to enter mainstream use in education within one year or less. The mobility of these devices, their almost instant accessibility, the ease with which the touch screens promote interaction and the huge range of educational apps available for very reasonable prices appeal to both teachers and students. The flexibility of mobile devices is undeniable. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by flickingerbrad This scenario, of having one iPad shared among multiple users is likely to be far more common that the 1-1 scenario in most schools, as the technology is still relatively new, and education budgets grow increasingly tight. Sharing iPads among whole classes and small groups can still lead to effective learning. Apps such as Futaba, which allow multiple students to play together on the iPad are also terrific options, and the list of these multiplayer apps is growing.

LincityWiki Excellent Resources on BYOD for Teachers Mobile technology is making explosive growth into our schools and classrooms.There is now a growing trend towards taking advantage of mobile devices to inspire learning and promote students engagement, but the problem is that school districts can not cover the costs of these devices and to provide every student with a gadget would be out of their affordability particularly with the shrinking budgets being allocated for high tech materials.However, several initiatives have been taken to counter this financial block facing the implementation of mobile technology in classroom and one of these initiatives is called BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device). BYOD is all about students bringing their Mobile gadgets from home ( like smartphones, tablets. laptops etc ) and use them for educational purposes inside the classroom. In this way students will be learning using the technology they are already familiar with and the shortage of mobile technology will be covered. 1- Getting Started with BYOD

OpenCity, another 3D city simulator The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) PowerSchool Learning: (Previously Haiku Learning.) This is a full learning management system (LMS) that I’m trying to get our school to adopt. It’s multiplatform and robust, which makes it a great fit for our BYOD environment. It also works on top of Google Classroom, so I have all those features too, plus my grade book. Google Classroom: Teachers are moving in droves to Google Classroom. There are many other content-sharing platforms, like Moodle, Canvas, and CourseSites. Screencasting and Capturing What Happens in Class If you’re going to share and interact with your students in the electronic and physical spaces (as you should), you must learn how to screencast. In some exciting news, Apple has announced that iOS 11 (out later this year) will include screen recording capabilities and new screenshot features. Screencast-O-Matic: This is my go-to app. Cloud Syncing Dropbox: If you shoot video and need to get it onto your computer, Dropbox is essential. Expression Blogging Presentations

Secrets of Lost Empires | Medieval Siege | Destroy the Castle by Dennis Gaffney The trebuchet was one of the most devastating weapons of the Middle Ages. During medieval sieges, this destruction machine crushed castle walls. Using trial and error, medieval engineers adjusted the trebuchet to make sure its missile hit the castle wall—and destroyed it. NOVA's science game, "Destroy the Castle," is very much like the real thing. stone ball weight sling length counterweight design distance from the castle whether to add wheels Build it right, and you will crush the wall. Build it wrong, though, and you may have to face some painful consequences. Special thanks to Jim and Fran Sammons for their help in designing "Destroy the Castle." Medieval Arms Race | NOVA Builds a Trebuchet | Life in a Castle Destroy the Castle | Resources | Transcript Medieval Siege | Pharaoh's Obelisk | Easter Island | Roman Bath | China Bridge | Site Map

BYOT? Bring it on | An international forum for all schools seeking to make the best use of BYOT.