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Simutrans - A freeware transportation simulation game

Simutrans - A freeware transportation simulation game
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Teach with Portals The BlockCAD Home Page 10 WordPress Tutorial Sites To Brush Up Your Blogging Skills What really tilts the scale in favor of WordPress is the incredible knowledge base on WordPress that’s out there. From tips, tricks to hacks, the number of WordPress tutorials mirrors the popularity of this CMS tool. Why only newbies? After the kickstart, these ten websites could be of help for finetuning your WordPress blog and making it gallop like a Ferrari. WordPress TV The video blog is a visual how-to on things that are WordPress. You also get to watch a lot of highlights from WordCamp, the international WordPress event for the WordPress community. WPCandy WPCandy covers WordPress from all possible angles – news, editorials, reviews, podcasts, interviews, and of course WordPress tutorials. WpRecipes This two year old blog is one of the nicest resources you can find on WordPress. Digging Into WordPress A dedicated WordPress blog by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr covers a lot of ground with topics from administration to design. WP Engineer WordPress Tutorials WP Tavern WP Topics SeekWP

LincityWiki Top 10 Sites for Educational Games There's no denying the appeal that online games have on kids. While this might come w/ a negative stigma there are a lot of online educational games that can be found to not only enhance the joy of learning but strengthen skill sets as well. That being said I've decided to create a list of my favorite educational gaming sites on the web. Top 10 Sites for Educational Games Funbrain - One of the most popular educational gaming sites around. Welcome to, the new way to learn programming led color morphing rechargable Join our Community *One gift card per order. Certain brands prohibit discounting and are excluded from this offer: Access Lighting, Currey & Company, Besa Lighting, Corbett, Elk Lighting, George Kovacs, Hinkley, Holtkoetter, Hudson Valley, Kichler, Landmark, Maxim, ET2, Quoizel, Robert Abbey, Sonneman, Troy, Schonbek, Uttermost, Varaluz, Swarovski, Fatboy, Chilewich, Pablo, Kartell, Dwell Studio, Alessi, Modern Fan, Metropolitan, MinkaAire, Minka-Lavery, Hubbardton Forge, Casablanca Fan Company, Gus, Period Arts, Hunter, Fanimation, Foscarini, Blauet, Estliuz, Fine Art Lamps, Blu Dot, Menu. Lumens Low-Price Guarantee In addition to our incredible specials and price promotions, Lumens is committed to offering you the lowest possible price on every product we sell, every day of the year. Lumens Trade Advantage Architects, Lighting & Interior Designers, Contractors & Electricians: Make your job easier and more profitable with Lumens Trade Advantage Program.

Scorched 3D • A free open source strategy game • A 3D Update Of Scorched Earth Web 2.0 Resources for BYOT Programs | A Teacher's Coda As my school district prepares to implement BYOT in the 2012-2013 school, I have collected Web 2.0 tools that students and faculty (grades 7-12) could use. Because of the sheer number of apps for mobile devices, I have not included any apps. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Agriculture: “10 Best Mobile Agriculture Apps For 2012″ Art: Audio: Audacity (Audio editor and recorder)Cepstral Text to SpeechVocaroo (Online voice recording) Blogging: Business: Cloud Storage: Collaboration Tools: Collections of Resources: Communications: (Many uses communications, polling…) NEWCreateDebateGoSaopBoxGroupMe (Send one text message to a group)Make Beliefs Comic (Create a comic strip)Remind 101 (Send mass text messages to students)SkypeTodaysMeet (Create a temporary site to promote discussion)Voki (Create speaking Avatars) Flash Cards: Anki (Also has mobile apps)Cramberry (Also has mobile apps)Evernote Peek (Also has mobile apps)Quizlet (Also has mobile apps)StudyBlue (Also has mobile apps) Wiki:

Beder Bed - Our Beds are Beder! USA's #1 Memory Foam Mattress Liquidator - FREE DELIVERY, 120 DAY TRIAL, FREE OFFERINGS! 0 A.D. :: Wildfire Games With recent games such as Red Dead Redemption, Left 4 Dead 2, and The Last of Us being hugely successful, we have decided to change the overall direction of 0 A.D. so that it can appeal to a wider audience. We have many gameplay changes planned, such as removing the Roman faction and replacing it with an AI controlled horde of zombies. This transformation will probably take a few weeks to complete. The name Apocalypse of the Dead works well with our current title 0 A.D. because it means we don’t have to purchase new domain names. 0 A.D. Wildfire Games, the international group of volunteers developing 0 A.D., is happy to present this week’s 0 A.D. development report. Enrique’s new horses (WIP). Continue reading Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of “0 A.D.

Does the Apple fall far from the tree? – Sharing one iPad among many users 2012 K-12 Horizon Report The 2012 Horizon Report identifies mobile devices and tablet computing as technologies expected to enter mainstream use in education within one year or less. The mobility of these devices, their almost instant accessibility, the ease with which the touch screens promote interaction and the huge range of educational apps available for very reasonable prices appeal to both teachers and students. The flexibility of mobile devices is undeniable. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by flickingerbrad This scenario, of having one iPad shared among multiple users is likely to be far more common that the 1-1 scenario in most schools, as the technology is still relatively new, and education budgets grow increasingly tight. Sharing iPads among whole classes and small groups can still lead to effective learning. Apps such as Futaba, which allow multiple students to play together on the iPad are also terrific options, and the list of these multiplayer apps is growing.

Kuiper-Oort The Kuiper Belt is a disk-shaped region past the orbit of Neptune extending roughly from 30 to 50 AU from the Sun containing many small icy bodies. It is now considered to be the source of the short-period comets. Occasionally the orbit of a Kuiper Belt object will be disturbed by the interactions of the giant planets in such a way as to cause the object to cross the orbit of Neptune. It will then very likely have a close encounter with Neptune sending it out of the solar system or into an orbit crossing those of the other giant planets or even into the inner solar system. There are presently nine known objects orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune (including 2060 Chiron (aka 95 P/Chiron) and 5145 Pholus; see the MPC's list). The IAU has designated this class of objects as Centaurs. Curiously, it seems that the Oort Cloud objects were formed closer to the Sun than the Kuiper Belt objects. Several Kuiper Belt objects have been discovered recently including 1992 QB1 and 1993 SC (above).

Mystic Mine You've never played a game like this before! Guide your gold car through a mine, switching rails with a single button. You can only go down, but thanks to an optic illusion in the levels, you can always reach every point. Play this game alone or invite some friends and play against each other. The game supports up to 6 people on one keyboard. Play over 200 levels with different missions and powerups. Features: Family friendly gameplay for all ages. Various missions: Collect coins Goldcutter Blowup Race Drop the rocks Collect diamonds Collect frenzy Goldrush Hold the lamp Various pickups: Balloon Dynamite Key Torch Oiler Ghost Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Screenshots: "It is not always easy to take a chance and make a new type of game, but Koonsolo has done that." "Mystic Mine is a must buy for one-switch gamers with good tracking skills." This is a virtually unique system and I offer my commendations to Koonsolo for coming up with it! Media/Press Kit