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Creating a custom HTML theme

Want to create a custom look for your blog? If you’re comfortable hand-coding HTML, then you’ve come to the right place! If not, choose from hundreds of beautiful themes in the Theme Garden. Introduction Tumblr is built around seven key post types: text, photos, links, quotes, chat, audio, and video. Be sure to customize your theme around these types so that your posts show up beautifully on your blog, on the Dashboards of your followers, and on other blogs when they’re reblogged. Pro-tips Try to avoid posting external images and embedded media in text posts. Get Started Click the name of your blog at the top of the Dashboard or under the list icon at the top.Click “Customize appearance” on the right column.Click “Edit HTML” below the theme thumbnail on the left. Tumblr has two types of special operators used to render content in your HTML. Variables are used to insert dynamic data like your blog's title or description: Example <html><head><title>{Title}</title></head><body> ... Basic Variables

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Pink Valentine's Day Tea Welcome! Since Valentine's Day is this week I am using my most romantic pink china for tea today. As many of you may remember this pretty tea pot and matching heart shaped plate were a gift from my romantic hubby a few years ago. They came from a local gift shop and there are no markings on the bottom in case you were wondering. Pretty pink tea cups for our tea today. Tumblr Guide Advertisement Think of Tumblr as micro-blogging on steroids (technically, it’s called “tumblelogging”). Whereas Twitter and similar services limit posts to 140 characters or less, Tumblr lets you post updates of any length, although it’s best suited to short-format posts.

No right click code, disable copy paste, block right click Handy Hint : There are numerous ways to secure and protect your web site from those who want to steal your content or images. Firstly you can add a no right click code for images. Next adding a no right click javascript to protect your HTML and disabling copy and paste will also go a long way to help website security. Secure your website with JavaScript, NO RIGHT CLICK for Images Have you ever worked really hard on graphics for your site only to find later that someone has stolen them as their own. Tumblr Themes December Theme by Isaac // Live Preview // Code This theme includes: Two ColumnsOptional home, message, archive and submit linksUp to 4 custom links of your choiceA variety of custom coloursReblog and notes on hoverOptional cross cursorCustom title fontAlternate body fontLinks shown on hoverLarge description and links menu on hover Gratitude Theme by Isaac // Live Preview // Code Six ColumnsOptional home, message, archive and submit linksUp to 6 custom links of your choiceA variety of custom coloursReblog button shown on hoverOptional cross cursor

3 Tools to Help You Find the Best Twitter Hashtags Twitter recently came out with Twitter Analytics for Cards, but how good is that for people who are not investing money in their advertisers platform? We need something that can help us reach our hashtag metrics outside of Twitters own infrastructure! This is going to be an updated version of the original Twitter tools for hashtags post that I did a couple of weeks ago. I decided on updating mostly because there have been some changes and extra suggestions to add to the list, but most of all I wanted to point out some of the incredible benefits of using websites that provide hashtag analysis and tracking. In order to be get to the top – you might find yourself investing some money in your business strategies, and these tools are no exception.

50+ Beautifully Designed Free Themes and Widgets to Enhance your Tumblr Experience Apr 14 2011 Tumblr is getting popular day after day because of its flexibility, power and simplicity. Tumblr is a blogging platform through which you can share your content, images and videos with the world even when you are on the go. This is because it empowers bloggers to post and customize their content from a web browser, email or phone. Hack Attack: Host your own photo gallery with Gallery2 There are certainly EASIER ways of doing the same thing-putting a gallery of your photos on the web-but those ways aren't necessarily BETTER. Personally, I use gallery2 and have used it since it was just gallery-no paying flickr for my photos or picasa web albums or anything. I want complete and total control over the number of photos, their sizes, their comments, the code on the back end, the themes and design, and its integration into my other sites, and Gallery provides all of that. Add to that that I can publish straight from my desktop from within Windows and I'm sold. Thanks for the walkthough guys, I've been thinking about updating my copy of Gallery (Dreamhost supports it as a one-click install, if anyone's looking for a webhost familiar with Gallery) and this serves as a great primer for upgrading. :D

Saola Themes Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, No Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Font Size Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, Different Margin For Links, Fixed Font Size One Column, Option Of Captions, Pagination Numbers At Top and Bottom, No Infinite Scrolling, Simplistic/Minimalistic Two/Three Columns, Captions On Photos, Hover For Reblog, Previous Theme on Main Two/Three/Four Columns, Multi-Sized Posts, Underlined Colored Links, Image Opacity Option

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