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Themes by viventi. Opcion themes. Premium Tumblr Themes. My teeth hurt. Opcion themes. Ville Noire Themes. Cindie; Level82. Wild themes. Themes by skyl-ght :) Theme redirect. Adaryble whispered: thank you so much for all the help!

I'm sure i am gettin gon your nerves /runs away THAANK YOUUU (also your profile picture is kawaiiii) you’re welcome :) & thanks! Heavenlyhaute whispered: I feel like this is a hassle to ask you to do but I was wondering if it is possible to make codes for blogrolls to correspond with your existing themes. I just think it would be very helpful because I don't think that I am the only person who wants their themes to match. Thanks so much and I understand if you can't do it or don't want to :) you can try putting the following in your blogroll page. however, instead of making “custom page”, leave it as it is, click on html and paste the following below. try if that work or not. pasuteru-momo whispered: hii~ I feel pretty rude asking this due to you recently requesting not to >< However I'm not sure if this is a bug or tweak.

Sorry for not being clear >< Tumblr Themes. Lucas Makes Themes. Lucas —— makes —— Themes I don't update this lol Atticus Theme — Preview / Download Exclamation — Preview / Download.

Lucas Makes Themes

Morbide Themes. Themes by wank-r. Faq/ask i love your themes, they're perfect, etc. i looove getting these messages and i try to reply to all of them. if i don't reply to yours, please know i do read and appreciate all of them!

themes by wank-r

Themes by Vikki. Themes. Edited Theme I edited the theme on my theme blog.


Click here to see it. Does it look ok? Anonymous: I have theme 24 and i don't know how to change the picture on the left side with "(logs off tumblr) - eww, peasants" there’s a tutorial here ( Notice Currently, most of the links for the previews don’t work. I am in the middle of fixing it. Str-wrs themes. Wєℓcomє ℓove. Anonymous: Is there any way I could make Theme 36 have 3 columns instead of 2?

wєℓcomє ℓove

Find #post and make the number higher. The higher the number the more columns. Anonymous: hey can i tweak your themes? :)I will give you credit. I promise. thankyou :) x of course! THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE SENDING ME A MESSAGE.If you do not know how to use pop up links DO NOT use the themes with them, or search how to use it.Do not ask me to use a theme. Bruken themes by judy. Themes by Jessica. Doctor who???!!1. Plain Themes. Themes by hateable. Theme Static- Free grid and column themes for Tumblr. Grid layoutInfinite scroll (optional)Grayscale photo filter (optional)Simple designCustomize colors, images, and moreSidebar modeHover over posts for reblog, like and permalink Retrospective is powered with an unobtrusive, pixel-perfect aligned grid plus a choice of either infinite scroll or pagination.

Theme Static- Free grid and column themes for Tumblr

Retrospective’s design is a natural fit for photo blogs. Post permalinks and sharing features are pushed away until the post is hovered over, your content takes center stage. We’ve built in options to better control your photos. You can hide photo captions from the index page, round images, and even filter photos so they’re grayscale without any software (great for black and white blogs).

Customization can be found throughout Retrospective for colors, masthead features, as well as a special sidebar mode. Try out Retrospective. Atonals Themes. Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll.

Atonals Themes

The description is at the top of the page, if there is one. The blog title and links are on the right side of the posts. All posts are 500px. Themes By d4fuk. Perfect themes. Themes by lucy. Faggiestthemes. Theme 44 this is a cool quality theme uh yeah 2 or 3 columns and theres a gradient background for the navigation and the first gradient color is the post border which looks really cool. yeah i really like this theme. it can be used for more than quality but idk i made it with a quality blog in mind Theme 43 ok so i made another one column bc i get so many requests but this one can be 2 columns also. optional sidebar pic and simple links and permalinks with like/reblog and notes :) idk i really like it :) Theme 42 this isnt a v customizable theme like my others but its a 1 col and and ya its good for txt post blogs/ humor or w.e ya Theme 41 2 or 3 columns pop up links, optional sidebar pic the popup faded background is the background color you have set or if you upload a background picture, that becomes the fade background too its pretty cool idk enjoy!!


Tumblr Themes. Radiation Theme preview / code features: 3 columnssidebar that doesn’t move when you scrolloptional sidebar picture sidebar titleup to 3 custom linksreblog and notes buttons on picturesinfinite scroll i actually love this theme ok remove the credit and i’ll remove your head comprende?

Tumblr Themes

Themes by skye. Caskade themes. Questions Do not remove the credit, unless you move it to your FAQ/links page, just as long as it's somewhere on your blog Do not use my themes as a base; if I can code my themes myself, so can you. Themes by kelly. New old Q: How do I install the theme?

themes by kelly

A: You click the link called "code", copy the code, then you go to customize, click "Edit HTML" delete the code that you have there, then paste the code you just copied and click save! Q: Can we remove the credit? A: Would be appreciated if you didn't, but if you do make sure you credit me in your FAQ or anywhere else. I Love themes - Themes disponibilizados.

Themes By Helen. So my computer crashed and i lost all the themes i was going to upload and all the ideas i had were erased so if you have an idea for a theme just leave it in my ask. New theme should be up by Saturday afternoon/evening pst time. my great grandma had recently passed away so i will not be posting new themes until October 5th, 2013.

Thank you for understanding. if there are any suggestions on what the next theme should have let me know! There have been some minor set backs so the new theme will be uploaded on Thursday. Lust themes. ワンダース. Tumblr Themes - Free Tumblr Layout. Hobakjeon (≧∇≦)/ RYUUSEIU themes. /// Dyafitri-themes. Theme addicted. Scattered Themes. Hashtagharsh Themes! Tumblr Theme Generator. Statistics. Synical Themes. Darthfox-Themes. Theme Blog. ♡ 4-15-12 ♡ Greta's Themes. Hover For Code Theme 22 By Preachfood live preview | code Special Features: this is my first quality theme in a while.. i really like it. it’s simple but not simple. i really like the links ok so enjoy. Theme 21 By Preachfood live preview | code | alternative code Special Features: this theme is almost exactly the same as my current one, but I really really like the links & the title bar.

Theme 18 By Preachfood live preview | code | alternative code Special Features: Two sidebar backgrounds, optional title font, unique slide-down links, etc. Theme 17 By Preachfood live preview | code | alternative code Special Features: Choice of title font, unique links. No Fear Themes By Melissa. Before the text put <marquee> After the text put in </marquee> ex. <marquee> TEXT HERE </marquee> Paste after the <head> tag in your theme code. NOTE: Won’t work unless you retype all the quotation marks. Discarded Themes By Doxx. Home· New Themes · Tutorials· Disclaimer (read) Read the disclaimer first, and then click on a theme for download instructions.

Theme blog. Themes by Mia. Themes da tah [] Seja bem vindo(a) a minha página de themes! Não copie plagio é crime, se pegar avise. Avise se pegar algum theme, não custa nada e a ask tá bem ali do lado, e eu não coloquei de enfeite, então avise por favor. Não retire os créditos. Você pode adaptar, mas apenas para uso próprio. Se você pegar detalhes e por no seu theme, credite. Themes by taylor. Oficina de Html. Jolly themes♡ Click the words below (its a link) How to Disable Right Click How to Put Drop Down Network Menu How to Put Moving Title on your Tab *new *adding more.

I AM BACK!! WAVE THEMES. Ghoulish Themes. Themes by brooke.