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Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design
Japanese Poster: Hiroshima Appeals. Kenya Hara, Yoshitaka Mizutani. 2017 Started in 1983, Hiroshima Appeals is a yearly poster project in observation of the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945 with the goal of promoting peace at home and abroad. Designer Kenya Hara writes: “This is an illustration drawn from the perspective of looking up from below a mushroom cloud. The embodiment of the worst evil in human history explodes just overhead of the people of Hiroshima and of Japan. I am filled with despair with the reality that nuclear weapons are being stockpiled in quantities that can destroy the Earth several times over while being called ‘deterrence.’

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information is beautiful Been getting a ton of requests for ‘how to’s and guides for creating decent visualizations and information designs. Made me think: maybe I could do some workshops in this area. I like developing ideas and working with people. Could be fun! So if you think you’d like to attend a workshop on visualization or organize one for your organisation, please fill in this quick form (30 seconds). In the meantime, you might be interested in a section I’ve been building in a far-flung corner of the site.

repos actif dans la ville Active rest in the Semaine de la Contact-e . Thank you all the participants ! 100 micro siestas. diagnosisbastard: We’re going on tour with our friends from Pyramido in April!See you there!Facebook event (Source: diagnosisbastard) retrofutureground: Danny Haas Crafts Magnificent 'Star Wars' and Superhero Prints [Art Until the day comes when Shepard Fairey starts making Star Wars posters, Danny Haas’ Darth Vader and Boba Fett prints will have to tide you over. He’s got some pretty rad designs, though, and his Yoda, Luke and Han prints would all be transferable to t-shirts in a perfect world. Haas takes a handful of different approaches to his work, which he shares on his own website and sells through his Society6 page. A few of his other pieces are available on shirts and iPhone covers there, including a Fairey-ish series of secret identity hero works featuring Superman, Batman and Iron Man. All this set seems to be missing is a Composite Superman iPhone skin and a Lando Calrissian print (and it should go without saying that a Lando T-shirt done in Haas’ style would blow up multiple Death Stars with its awesomeness).

Graffitecture ISELP The ISELP (Scientific Institute for the Study of Plastic Language ) had selected my Graffitecture project for the open call Hors d’oeuvre 2012. I was invited to make installation and interventions in the entrance hall of the institute as well as in their restaurant. The works were to be visible for one year.

Crazy4Cult Art Immortalizes Cult Movies inShare0 Billy Perkins' mushroom-cloud-layin' M.F. pays tribute to Pulp Fiction and makes an eye-grabbing cover for the Crazy4Cult: Cult Movie Art book. Shepard Fairey's Obey Billboard echoes sci-fi flick They Live's theme. Joe Faux's Citizens of Mongo poster pays tribute to Flash Gordon. Jeff McMillan's We're Going to Need a Bigger Bunny takes a bite out of Jaws. N.C. MODELS © by V / Photography Sebastian Faena / Styling Julia von Boehm / Make-Up Jeanine Lobell at Tim Howard Mgmt / Hair Didier Malige at Art Partner / Models Kate Upton at IMG, Liam Dean at Red NY, Kremi Otashliyska at Ford NY / Manicure Honey at Exposure NY / Light Design Chris Bisagni / Prop Styling Anthony Bornstein, Clare Joan Byrne, Michael Gleeson / Make-Up Assistance Chisa / Hair Assistance Takashi Yusa / Production Helena Martel / Production Assistance Alberto M. Colombo / Prop Styling Assistance Sam White / Light Design Assistance Carlos Ruiz / Location The Waldorf Astoria, New York / Location Equipment Root / Retouching Smooch NYC / Special Thanks Martin Andersen V MAGAZINE Website

Art of the Menu About Art of the Menu, is a division of UnderConsideration, cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world. Art of the Menu uses Typekit to render Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson and Adelle by Type Together. Spatial Design « Inspiration Lab Confetti System I am WAYYYYY behind on posting. But still here! Just working super hard. Akiyoshi's illusion pages Akiyoshi's illusion pages Akiyoshi KITAOKA, Professor, Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan studying visual perception, visual illusion, optical illusion, trompe l'oeil, 3D, etc. Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob 5th Apr 2014 | 1 note A few days ago the Insane Clown Posse came out with a video that is a shot for shot homage to David Shadi Perez’s original video for House of Pain. I thought it only fitting to put them side by side.

Images by Circos in Publications: Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Journals Report on Business makes the connection between companies and perks in their January 2011 issue. Is your resume ready? What about your visualization? Stephens report on a phenomenon by which a cell accumulates a large number of rearrangements in a single catastrophic event.

**Gurafiku Japanese Graphic Design A collection of visual research that encompasses the history of Japanese graphic design. Conducted by the designer, Ryan Hageman. by agnesdelmotte Apr 2